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Stages of dental implantation

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Installation of artificial teeth is a complicated process that requires preparation, and post-surgery manipulations even in case of one stage procedures. Every stage has its own peculiarities, it requires doctor’s attention and strict following to doctor’s recommendations. If a doctor has implemented stages of dental implantation correctly, it guarantees fast recovery, and reduces the risk of side effects and complications.

This process is obligatory regardless of treatment method, and it lasts up to 2 months.

The doctor does the following:

  • collection of medical background and information to get the complete clinical presentation;
  • definition of indications and absolute and relative contraindications for the surgery;
  • visual examination of mouth cavity, X-ray, tomography, professional cleaning and removal of tartar and calculus;
  • complete physical examination of body systems to define abnormalities preventing surgical invasion;
  • analyses (general blood analysis, blood sugar, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, hormonal content).

If a patient has chronic diseases, he or she will have to go through additional examinations made by specialists and, probably, treat these conditions. If any of the above mentioned analyses show abnormalities, they should be eliminated first. At the same time, a doctor will define the stages of surgical invasion and appoint dates of surgeries.

An oral surgeon/dentist performs the following manipulations:

  • Installation of implant – the element that serves as artificial foundation. A dental post can look like a real root; technologies of installation differ. Prior to installation, anesthesia is administered, and the area is disinfected. Then a special site is made in bone tissue. The implant is installed, and a cap is fixed above. The mucous membrane of gums is stitched. Installation lasts for 30-50 minutes, and total adhesion finishes within 12 months maximum.
  • Installation of abutment – a special superstructure that is located in the middle of an artificial tooth. The process is performed only when an implant takes. The doctor cuts the gums, opens an artificial element and installs a forming detail to shape gum tissues. After 2-3 days, the forming detail is put off, and abutment is installed.
  • Installation of dental implant (prosthesis). A doctor makes a pickup impression of patient’s jaws, and models of artificial crowns are formed in laboratory. Later on, they are installed on the abutment.

If bone tissue is too thin, it is built up before surgical invasion: a doctor puts synthetic/natural bone tissue up on it, which helps to make the layer thicker and strengthen the structure. The surgery lasts for 4-5 hours, and tissue recovery takes 1-3 months.

Dental implantation finishes with a post-surgery stage. Swelling and minor bleeding can take place in the first days after the surgery. In case of severe inflammation, doctors recommend using pain-killers (pills and ointments). Initial stage takes up to 10 days, and a patient should clean prostheses daily. After 10 days, a dentist should be visited: the doctor will check oral hygiene, evaluate prostheses. If there are no side effects and complications, a doctor will remove stain and plaque and give recommendations concerning oral care.

Patients should visit dentist every six months. If the specialist reveals some side effects (inflammation, hematomas, gap in stitches), patient is administered drugs, mouthwash and compresses. In rare cases, implants can be rejected. Depending on the level of tissue damage, the doctor will define the way to treat the problem (artificial tooth can be removed). If there are no problems, implants take within 2-3 months after operation.

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