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Indications for dental implantation

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Implantation is a popular method of dental regeneration that allows restoring normal appearance and functionality of jaw. This technology allows restoring teeth quickly and painlessly, no matter what caused tooth loss (aging, injury, disease). As many other procedures, dental implantation has some indications and contra-indications similar for most techniques and materials. To avoid risks and side effects, a patient should get doctor’s recommendations.

Such operation should be made in the following cases:

  • Local tooth defects that can be eliminated with prosthetics. Doctors recommend this procedure when implantation helps to save adjacent teeth and avoid damage of the weakened root.
  • Included defects that can be eliminated without installation of movable implants.
  • Problems with edge teeth that can be solved with the help of non-movable construction.
  • Absence of teeth when prosthetics helps to restore a dental row quickly and accurately. Such indications for dental implantation are typical of the elderly people and those who suffered from serious injuries.

It’s not always possible to reach optimal results. There are many aspects that matter.

  1. Research of every individual case. A doctor checks smile line, gum edges, defines biotype of the soft tissues (it can be thin or thick), looks for defects on bone tissues and atrophic processes. The result also depends on absence/presence of the tooth, whether it should be deleted before prosthetics and aesthetic aspects.
  2. Orthodontic and surgical standpoints. It’s crucial to evaluate all pros and cons of prosthetics and define the type of construction, materials, sizes of devices, quantity of implants and the method of their installation.

Indications for implantation matter, but there are many contraindications, as well. These include:

  • Chronic diseases of inner organs at the stage of depletion.
  • Problems with hemostasis process.
  • HIV.
  • Conditions with psychic system.
  • Rejection of movable prostheses.
  • Allergic reactions to most materials.

Relative contraindications also pose risks at some certain conditions. These can be:

  • Inflammatory processed of inner organs, acute viral infections.
  • Chronic diseases caused by infections (tuberculosis and other conditions), onset of malaise.
  • Bacteraemia, or a high risk of development.
  • Heart strokes and brain strokes that have appeared within the last 6 months.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Hormonal therapy and immunodepressants.

Dental implantation is not performed in patients with osteopathy, central nervous system affliction, alcohol or drug addiction, blood diseases, problems affecting connective tissue function and those who use antibiotics. Before the surgery, complete physical examination is performed to define whether a person is a good candidate for it. If some contraindications haven’t been revealed before the procedure, it can lead to complications in a post-surgery period, high risk of rejection and other negative outcomes.

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