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Before dental implantation

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Dental prosthetics include the full spectrum of technologies aimed at restoration of dental row with the help of movable and non-movable constructions. As any other operation, it requires preparation; in some cases, surgical invasion is made right after tooth removal. One stage implantation takes less time for execution and recovery, it can be done in patients older than 18: at this age, jaw structure forms fully, and the risk of deformations caused by bone growth is lower.

One stage prosthetics is performed in the following cases:

  • damage of dental root;
  • injuries (chipping, huge cracks);
  • destruction of the crown (complication of periodontitis, deformation caused by mechanical load);
  • chronic periodontitis, absence of treatment or an incorrectly used method.

A doctor can define whether one stage prosthetics is possible. He evaluates all indications, contraindications, and individual peculiarities of patient’s body. After installation, the dentist will evaluate the possibility to put load on the new implant. If there are any absolute contraindications, prosthesis won’t be installed.

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