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Short Info About Dental Treatment

Dental treatment

Germany is the country that provides high-quality dental services. This is the main destination for those who seek for the right treatment, meticulous approach at all stages of treatment and medical education.

What makes German dentistry perfect? First, future doctors educate in special dental colleges and schools where they can work in dental offices and clinics providing free medical education services. The most hardworking students are given scholarship and various privileges. With such a great motivation, they approach educational process with all responsibility.

Classrooms in educational centers are not only equipped with multimedia systems (which is an obligatory element in German colleges and universities), but also feature special dental units, including intraoral cameras to show the procedures and make students as close to the reality as possible.

During educational process, German dentists view real operations that are broadcast via TV from operational rooms. They can also communicate with specialists online.

Many educational centers for dental specialists are equipped with dental technical labs, there are different practical tasks performed on simulators to develop the skills of implantation and prosthetics.

German students get into medicine starting their way from modern and efficient educational process. They get experience under control of leading specialists and learn to work on advanced dental equipment.

This is why treatment in Germany is highly effective, and choice of German clinics is wise: it means that you will have spare approach, which is important for every patient.

Price of services depends on the clinic, specialist and complexity of dental problem. Here you can see average prices.

Consultation / Diagnostics / Creation of therapeutic plan 100€ – 150€
Digital X-ray 100€ – 150€
3D diagnostics from 255 €
Dental filling, depends on workload and complexity of the procedure from 155 €
Tooth decay treatment without drilling, depends on workload from 80 €
Perio dentistry from 150 €
Endodontic therapy from 400 €
Emergency tooth removal from 200 €
Laser therapy, for each canal from 150 €
Use of nyponitrous oxide 75 €
Dental treatment under general anesthesia per hour 300 € – 500 €
Dental implants 1.500€ – 3.000€
Prophylactic dental cleaning 120 €
Bleaching, professional dental whitening from 450 €

Modern dental clinics put focus on saving patient’s natural teeth, when possible. To restore and sustain normal functionality, they use therapeutic methods that help to refuse from implantation and dental prosthetics.

If it’s impossible to save patient’s own teeth, or there’s no point in that, implantation is performed. Most clinics are equipped with their own dental laboratories and use high-quality products of such brands as AlfaBio, Nobel Biocare, Medical Implant System and other market leaders for dental implantation.

Help to international patients

German Medical Group helps to select specialists and dental treatment options in Germany. Choose a dentist, and we will organize the trip and solve all documentary issues for you.

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