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Dental treatment

Dental treatment

The company German Medical Group provides you with all the necessary information about the dental treatment and the best dental doctors in Germany. We have collected valuable data about the highly skilled specialists and would like to share it with you. The cutting edge equipment, vast experience, an interdisciplinary and scientific approach– these are the key factors for successful dental procedures at the German dental offices.

The German Medical Group cooperates with the world known German dentists and dental labs that endeavor excellence in providing the services both to the German and to the overseas patients. The later ones fall into the category “private patient”, which implies the premium level of services and only the top quality dental materials.

The premium dentistry: treatment at affordable price

The dental care in Germany ranges from the preventive care and treatment of caries up to the most complex cases of maxillofacial surgery, implant surgery and root canal treatment. The facts speak better than words: Germany ranks first on the global list of dental service providers. The dental health of its citizens is really good: Due to the preventive dentistry 70% of the German adolescents have a perfect smile. The reputation of German dentists attracts thousands of patients from different countries of the world. Premium dental procedures are not cheap, but affordable.

The dental care in Germany. Your benefits at a glance:

  • The services from excellent dental experts
  • Precise diagnostics measures
  • In-depth consultation and discussion of treatment options
  • Modern methods of microsurgical (keyhole) interventions (sparing the tooth substance)
  • Laser and ultrasound techniques for therapeutic and aesthetic manipulations
  • High level of pediatric dentistry
  • No pain or discomfort
  • Modern methods of sedation
  • Safe general anesthesia
  • Modern materials for dental implants
  • Highly aesthetic fillings and teeth veneers
  • Affordable prices for dental treatment
  • The procedures are conducted without pain!
  • Innovations that meet the needs of the most demanding patients

Dental procedures in Germany. The major services

An unpleasant feeling that occurs before going to the dentist is familiar to anyone. Many people, especially children, suffer from panic fear when coming to the dentist clinic. Due to the modern achievements of the German dentistry and innovative dental laser systems now you can forget about pain during the drilling or other dental manipulations. If you still hesitate, where to come or not to Germany for treatment, here is a short list of major benefits:

Dental treatment
  • Precise diagnostics
  • High quality dentures/ Dental prosthetics
  • Root canal treatment
  • Restoration of the dental surface with the application of lumineers and veneers;
  • Dental implants/ Dental implantation/ Dental implants surgery
  • Express impantation: new teeth in one visit.
  • Root canal treatment with laser and ultrasound
  • Prevention and treatment of gum diseases with the application of laser technology;
  • Modern orthodontic treatment
  • Experienced oral surgeons

Dental diagnostics at German dental offices

Thorough and complete examination is the first step, which determines the efficiency of treatmen. The following diagnostic procedures will be performed during your visit:

  • Caries prevention and diagnostics
  • Perodiontal diagnostics
  • Oral cavity and mucous membranes
  • Early detection of malignancies and infections
  • Jaw joint functionality diagnostics
  • Muscular system diagnostics
  • Orthodontic diagnostics

The visualization procedures (X-ray or CT) are performed with a minimum exposure to radiation. The intraoral cameras enables the German dentists to examine the areas in your mouth, which are normally difficult to reach for a human eye. Furthermore due to computel modeling programs you can see your teeth and discuss the possible problems with your dentist. The German dental centers carry out the whole spectrum of diagnostic measures prior to treatment. High quality photos allow the localization of the pathologic process and help to determine anatomic peculiarities in each specific case. Among the most efficient diagnostic tools there are the following:

  • Modern imaging systems (suitable for for panoramic and 3D images)
  • Cone-beam computerized tomography (CBCT) scanners
  • Versatile options for manipulating images
  • Nobel Guide System: Software service for full control of treatment parameters
  • Bite functionality control systems

New teeth: Biocompatibility – Stability – Aesthetic effect

The German dentists seek the treatment methods, which are as sparing as possible.Dental implants in Germany – is the most effective, fast and reliable way to restore your lost tooth or teeth. A dental implant – is made of a biocompatible material and provide a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) or removable dentures, which match your natural teeth. This operation is carried out in highly professional and hygienic surrounding, using a computer guiding system («Nobel Guide»). The implants fully compensate for the natural function of the tooth root. In 3-4 months the implanted implant firmly fuses with the jawbone tissue, forming a strong bond. The German implant success rate is the highest in the world, making up unprecedented 98%.

You think about implantation, but don’t want to wait long? At present, the German clinics widely introduce the «Teeth in an Hour» method in dental treatment, which can be characterized as “New teeth in an hour”, providing patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants in 1-2 hours. The design of zirconium dioxide material ensures excellent stability. The materials used for dental implantation are fully compatible with the human body.

The digital dentistry

The Cerec system: digital system for modern tooth restorations: inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers modelling

Have you ever heard of digital implantation? This is a new standard for dental treatment in Germany. The CEREC method allows creating non-veneered full anatomical dental bridges or dental crowns just in one sitting. Additionally, the ceramic is very smooth, which prevents the pathogenic flora and thereby helps to maintain optimal oral hygiene. The main specialization of the German clinics is non-metallic teeth replacement. The most commonly used materials: one-piece ceramics / zirconia ceramics. With the help of modern virtual system CEREC 3D tooth replacement (installation of inlays and crowns) is made in one session – without tedious waiting and discomfort!

  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Excellent functionality
  • Exact dimensions of the crowns or bridges
  • Excellent tolerance. No allergy risks
  • CEREC methods are perfectly tailored to the patient needs.

Laser dentistry. Forget about pain and fear!

Laser dentistry

With the help of high-energy light rays, your dentist in Germany will carry out the gentlest treatment of teeth, gums and soft tissues of the oral cavity. Advanced laser equipment replaced the drill console. With the help of laser beams dentist in Germany can treat tooth decay (caries) much more gentle than a couple of years ago.

The innovative laser dentistry at German hospitals is absolutely painless and much more efficient than it was 10 years ago. Pain relief is a brand new feature in dentistry, which will no doubt be appreciated by the patients of all ages. Laser dentistry also offers special advantages to those, being under time pressure, since treatment with laser beams occurs much faster than in those cases, when the conventional method is applied.


We believe you deserve the best level of treatment! Please get in touch with us and learn more about the dental treatment, the modern methods, best specialists and treatment cost.

Way to help a toothache

If you suffer from toothache and nothing helps, explore Germany for innovative dental diagnostic procedures. The German dentists would definitely find the reason and eliminate it. Acute dental pain is an inevitable companion of many dental diseases, such as tooth decay, pulpitis, endodontitis, etc. The main cause of toothache is poor oral hygiene. But what to do if a tooth has already been treated, and it still aches? About 35% of all the patients coming to Germany for treatment report about such a problem. In some cases, the slight pain after the treatment should, actually, be tolerated. In some cases the toothache is, however, a signal of a disguised problem.

In this article you will learn about the reasons of toothache after treatment and modern methods of dental treatment at German dental centers.

Toothache after pulpitis or endodontitis treatment

There are plenty of ways to help, if you have pulpitis. However, only the professional ones would help to eliminate the problem.

The German specialists are often confronted with cases of incorrect treatment of pulpitis or endodontitis. Sometimes, the aching tooth after pulpitis or endodontitis treatment is a result of poor quality of dental services. If the tooth gets not fully cured, this may result in serious problems up to the loss of the tooth. The pain after treatment of pulpitis is often associated with the development of secondary inflammation. The pain and swelling of the gums in the extended area of ​​the treatment is another sign, stating for the poor quality of the pulpitis treatment.

The German oral health care providers aim not only at eliminating or relieving the pain syndrome, but do their best to treat the cause and to prevent the tooth decay. After the treatment of pulpitis, the dental team will certainly do a controlling X-ray picture, to make sure that the treatment result corresponds to the standards of modern German dentistry. Due to the modern methods of diagnostic visualization, the patient himself controls the quality of the therapy.

Tooth pain after the extraction of wisdom tooth. What can help?

Dental care

The removal of wisdom teeth is a serious surgical procedure, so you’d better plan a day off for this treatment. The slight pain and swelling after the extraction of wisdom teeth cannot be excluded. About 2 days are needed for healing wounds and inflammation reduction. The lasting pain (more than 3 days) may, however, point out at some severe complications. If the area, where the tooth was removed, is still painful, the cheek grows in size, it could be an “alarm sign”. In 5% of all cases it comes to the development of post-traumatic inflammation, i.e. alveolitis.

The German specialists perform the tooth extraction operations on the top level of the European dentistry. The procedure lasts for about 30 minutes and is absolutely painless. To minimize the post-operative bleeding the laser techniques are widely applied. The atraumatic tooth extraction is also achieved due to dental piezo-surgery. This ultrasound technique enables the dental surgeon to extract an affected tooth without damaging the soft tissue. To sum up, the main benefits of having tooth extraction done in Germany are:

  • Comfortable and highly hygienic environment of the German dental centers
  • Accurate diagnostics prior to tooth extraction
  • Vast experience of the German dentists
  • Treatment in compliance with high standards of German dentistry
  • Accurate tooth extraction without damaging soft tissues
  • 70% lower risk of complications
  • Modern technologies (dental laser, piezo-technology)
  • Reasonable price
  • Modern anesthetics and sedation (The patient falls asleep and is completely unaware of the procedure being performed.)

Dental pain after treatment as a result of poor dental fillings

What can help toothache? Tooth pain or sensitivity after the placement of a filling is a common case. If such a problem gets untreated, it may result in tooth extraction. If the tooth under a filling gets sensitive, this means that the tooth is not fully cured. The specialists speak in this case of a recurrence of dental caries. A damaged filling is another reason for tooth decay. The space between the filling and the tooth gets exposed to the pathological bacteria. In this case, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible to avoid the final destruction of tooth substance and try to save the tooth.

What can help a toothache? The answer is simple: accurate diagnostics and treatment. The modern composite fillings, applied at German clinics are tooth-colored fillings that are perfectly matched to your teeth. The modern fillings are made with a mixture of ceramics and glass, which creates a strong, tight, solid and aesthetically pleasing filling.

If you suffer from tooth pain and modern methods of tooth treatment, please, ask us about the best solution

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