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Dental treatment

Dental treatment

Looking for dentistry in Germany? We will ease this task for you: here you will find a choice of first-class German dental clinics and doctors and a lot of useful information about dental treatment in Germany. Take your time to study it carefully to choose “the right” doctor. But we will tell you a secret: all of German dentists are right.

Dental treatment in Germany today is nothing about medieval doctors with big forceps dangerously extracting your tooth without any anesthesia. Dental technologies have been developing year after year and now 50% of successful treatment is based on equipment quality, but another 50% remains on the side of doctors’ skills. Germany is a country with a long tradition of dental work.

Premium Dental Treatment in Germany: Components of Success

The label “premium” is widely used in promotion; however, in dentistry, the “premium” often means a certain level of technical advances and medical services. High range dental treatment today includes the following fundamentals.

Dental Technologies

All in modern dentistry is about technologies, so any dental treatment in Germany involves a variety of equipment:

  1. Diagnostic devices:
  2. 3D Computer imaging systems
  3. X-Rays machines
  4. Chair-side diagnosis tools
  5. Hand pieces with Intraoral Cameras
  6. Cancer screening systems
  7. Radiology equipment
  8. Cone beam computer topography scanners
  9. Endodontic equipment for root canal treatment
  10. Dental lasers
  11. CAD/CAM systems as CEREC and NobelGuide.

Dentistry now is an exact science, and a dentist now is not only a doctor but a technician too. The good news for you is that all of German dental clinics have up-to-date equipment for dental treatment.

High Qualification of Dentists

German dental experts have both knowledge and highly developed professional skills to do their job perfectly. There is no difference in dentists’ qualification in state and private dental clinics, thanks to German dental care standards.

Sparing Dentistry

Using of sparing techniques in dental treatment aims to preserve natural patients’ teeth. Modern restoration methods in Germany allow to keep a tooth if, at least, 1/3 of it remains, while microsurgery and non-invasive endodontic treatments make it possible to treat dentinal tubules without removing the tooth.


Dentists in Germany are committed to the idea of prevention, as it is the best way to have a beautiful smile without sophisticated dental treatment and spending much money.

The Quality of Materials

Dental centers in Germany use only quality materials of trusted manufactures produced in the EU or in some other countries with high safety standards as Israel.

Comprehensive approach

One of the main current trends in dental treatment in Germany is high specialization and comprehensive approach, which allows doctors to reach higher skills in their subspecialties. Patient’s wishes, when choosing treatment options, is the top priority, and you will always be advised a treatment that is good for you but not for your doctor.

Facilities and amenities

Coming for dental treatment to Germany you may expect service in a pleasant atmosphere. Many clinics are designed to give patients a feeling of comfort and relaxations. You may watch a TV while a doctor does his job and enjoy the smiles of assisting staff in between.

Prices You Will Like

Dental treatment in Germany is too good to be cheap, but it is affordable comparing with many EU countries and overseas prices.

Dental Services in Germany

You should not fear dentists if you are going to have a dental treatment to Germany. The service will include not only dental procedures, but also attentive care of clinics’ staff to comfort you. And, sure, you will be given anesthesia. Here please find a list of services you can receive in dental clinics in Germany:

Dental treatment
  • Examination and diagnosis
  • Endodontic treatment (ultrasonic or laser)
  • Treatment of periodontal diseases
  • Tooth restoration
  • Dental implantation
  • Dental prosthetics
  • One visit tooth implantation (CEREC)
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Professional tooth cleaning
  • Tooth whitening
  • Pain management

Diagnosis at German Dental Centers

Efficient dental treatment starts from accurate diagnosis. Depending on your problem, you may go through the following procedures during your visit:

  • Visual chekup
  • Periodontal diagnostics
  • Low dose digital X-rays
  • Computer imaging
  • Jaw joint and muscular problems diagnostics
  • Bite problems diagnostics
  • Examination of mucous membranes
  • Salivary diagnostics
  • Cancer screening

X-rays scan is possible either with a stationary X-rays machine or by an intraoral camera. The latter enables examination of difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth. Special computer software converts images from the camera into panoramic or 3-D model and a dentist can demonstrate and explain you your oral situation immediately after the screening.

Laser Dental Treatment in Germany

Dental care

Apart from traditional decay removing and filling job, laser dentistry is growing popular. The main reason why lasers are not used widely is the high cost of the laser devices, which prevents many dental offices from buying them. Currently, the situation has been changed and more and more dental clinics in Germany start using dental lasers.

Lasers in dentistry are used both for soft and hard tissues. With the help of a high-energy laser beam a dentist removes decay or treats periodontal disease gently. The laser reduces a risk of inflammations; the entire procedure takes less time and – the main thing! – laser treatment is painless.

Endodontics in Germany

Root canal treatment in modern dentistry involves a number of endodontic equipment for treating dental tubular with sparing methods to preserve teeth and gums.

Tooth Pain Management in German Dental Clinics

If you ever had toothache, you will agree: this is one of the worst kinds of pains. You feel like your whole head hurts. And that is a reason why every dental center in Germany has emergency dental care to relieve acute tooth pain.

First of all, if you experience a moderate tooth pain after dental treatment, you should tolerate it and it will pass in a next few days. But if you have an increasing pain, you should see a doctor. About 30% of people have recurrent pain after dental procedures and, mostly, it is a result of complications or wrong treatment. Pain could return shortly after taking pain killers and cause much discomfort. Below you will find what can cause toothache and how to cope with it.

Toothache after pulpitis is often the result of poor quality of previous endodontic treatment. If besides pain you also have swelling and fever, it may be another indication that your tooth was not cured properly. You need professional help; otherwise, you will stay with your pain for long and may get a number of complications. If you have inflammation inside, it is not enough to relieve pain. You will receive another treatment in accordance with standards of dental care in Germany, which means quality and accuracy.

After removal of the wisdom teeth you may feel pain for a few days and this is normally as your jaw had a trauma, but if your pain does not go after three days, you are better to visit a dentist, especially if your pain is accompanied with tumidity. Post-operation complications develop in 5% of wisdom tooth removals.

To decrease risk of possible complications, alternative methods of wisdom tooth extraction are used in German dental centers, such as removal with a laser and piezosurgery. These painless and atraumatic techniques together with other benefits of dental treatment in Germany provide safe surgery without tissues damage and following inflammation.

You will hardly feel much pain after tooth filling, if a procedure was done skillfully. Your tooth may hurt a little after anesthesia ceasing, but this is not a lasting effect. But if you have a toothache or sensitivity of the tooth enamel after caries treatment, it may be a result of improper dental treatment. To avoid recurrent caries with a following tooth extraction, please contact your doctor in Germany. And remember that the best way to help toothache is a proper diagnosis and quality treatment.

Laser dentistry

Computerized Dentistry in Germany

There are a few computerized systems for planning and guiding a dental restoration applied in modern dental treatment that many German dental clinics use for tooth implantation.


NobelGuide™ by Nobel Biocare is a computer guided implantation system. An implant is a device that compensates a tooth root function and is used to mount a false tooth or removable denture. Materials used for dental implants are fully biocompatible and provide excellent stability. It is a safe and comfortable replacement of natural teeth with a success rate 95-98%.

Implantation with NobelGuide™ is a complex dental treatment, including computer diagnosis, planning and guided surgery for implant placement. Both immediate and delayed implantation is possible. Many dental centers in Germany are benefited by using NobelGuide technology offering to the patients quick and accurate tooth replacement.

CEREC by Sirona

CEREC is another digital system for in-office tooth restorations. In-office means that a dental center does not need to produce a restoration in own lab or order it at third parties. Actually, CEREC is what is called “teeth in one hour”. Probably, it could take more than an hour, but you will have your restoration in one visit to a dentist, unless you have any contraindications, such as oral infections or root problems. In this case, restoration will be possible after curing your mouth.

Restoration with CEREC includes 3-D modeling of all the elements of restoration as implant placement, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and whatever you may need. CEREC standard is widely used in dental treatment in Germany. With CEREC it is possible to produce teeth replacement immediately after modeling. The advantages of CEREC are:

  • A tailored method: your restoration will sit perfectly
  • High aesthetic result
  • Excellent functionality
  • Material tolerance. No allergy risks

Have a Treatment by Dental Experts

If you are looking for quality dental treatment at affordable price, come to Germany. German experts in dentistry will provide you the best service you can imagine. Please contact the clinics or call us to have a quotation.

Example Dentist Costs in the USA, in Great Britain and in Germany

Here are some example costs from the comparative analysis of the USA, GB and Germany costs for dental services

Dental service (treatment) requiered Average cost in the USA (calculated in EUR) In Great Britain(calculated in EUR) Average cost in Germany, EUR
Dental implantation cost (min.) from 1 300 EUR from 1 500 EUR from 697EUR
Bridge cost from 1 200 EUR from 1 600 EUR about 800-1 000 EUR
Dental Crown, Composite from 800 EUR from 950 EUR about 597 EUR
Dental Crown, Gold about 900 EUR about 800 EUR from 598 EUR
Dental Crown, Porcelain about 1 800 EUR about 1 800 EUR about 1100 EUR
Dentures, Full (one tooth) about 2 000 EUR about 2 000 EUR from 1 000 EUR
Dentures, Partial about 1 200 EUR about 1 200 EUR from 416 EUR
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