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Coronary Heart Disease Treatment

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Coronary heart disease treatment

The German cardiologists are real specialists in coronary heart disease treatment. Due to the innovative methods more than 200 000 patients annually get relieved from the coronary heart disease syndrome.

According to statistics, heart diseases cause the most number of deaths. For that reason, a great deal of attention is paid to heart diseases; it is also important that the same attention to this problem should be paid not only by doctors and scientists, but also by people themselves. Myocardial infarction alone kills 330 men and 154 women in 100000 annually; 204 men and 151 women die of a stroke.

In view of the results of November, 2004 survey among almost 600 cardiologists, pediatrician cardiologists and cardiac surgeons from Germany and also basing on 2000 recommendations and personal interviews, 34 cardiac surgeons have been chosen and particularly noted by their colleagues, as well as by representatives of communities created by patients with vessel diseases. You can find information about some of these experts on our website.

Today the following methods for ischemia treatment are used in cardiosurgery in Germany:

  • Сoronary artery bypass surgery (standard procedure)
  • Angioplasty
  • Atherectomy
  • Brachytherapy
  • TMLR
  • Minimally invasive heart bypass surgery

Bypass surgery is a rather complex and very expensive operation requiring long postoperative rehabilitation period. That is why cardiac surgeons are always looking for new alternative ways of surgical treatment. There has already been found a method which does not require the heart to be stopped – it is called revasculization. During the surgery heart rate is slowed by special medication. This technique is recommended to patients, in which even short-term cardiac arrest may cause serious problems.

Another method of conducting surgeries without stopping the heart is minimally invasive operation. It reduces injury risk and considerably shortens rehabilitation period.

A particular technique also widely used by German cardiologists is indirect myocardial bypass. The aim of this method is to create the canals of aortic ventricle into the thickness of heart muscle. Effect of this surgery may continue up to three years.

Surgical treatment of vessel diseases, including coronary disease, has been considered standard in cardiac surgery centres of Germany for many years. Latest technologies and methods, modern diagnostic and medical equipment, high-skilled experts and high-quality rehabilitation system allow performing top-level coronary heart disease surgeries up to the world standards. Risk of complications either during the surgery or rehabilitation period is also minimal. German cardiosurgery is by right leading, when it comes to the number of patients who returned to their usual lifestyle thanks to quality treatment.

To detect a pathology, we recommend that our patients undergo special diagnostic programmes. The cost of each programme includes services of a professional interpreter escorting the patient during all the examinations, as well as transfer from and to the airport.

Quick diagnostics: (ambulatory heart diagnostics)

2 hours Price: 850 € Heart performance monitoring

Comprehensive diagnostics (ambulatory diagnostics of coronary heart disease and heart attack risk)

Up to 8 hours 2100 €

Openness to scientific achievements and global experience of cardiosurgery, as well as great expertise of our German experts helps our patients to quickly overcome the disease and return to everyday life.

If you are willing to undergo heart pathology diagnostics in Germany, we recommend that you pay attention to the following diagnostic centres in Germany:

Heart diagnostics in Rhein-Main RMMC diagnostic and treatment centre

Professor Lutz Lehmann MD
Professor Lutz Lehmann

Medical Rhein-Main centre is the largest diagnostic and treatment institution in the State of Hesse aimed at rendering qualified ambulatory and in-patient medical care.

Wiesbaden institute (centre) of preventive medicine offers diagnostics in all branches of medicine. RMMC centre provides several kinds of complex diagnostics: basic check-up, complex check-up, full check-up.

Detailed diagnostics of all types of cardiovascular diseases.

Culminasceum diagnostic and treatment centre

Dr. B. Regenbogen
Dr. B. Regenbogen

The clinic was founded in 2010 and has been one of the most modern diagnostic centres of Germany for the past 4 years. Culminasceum centre uses interdisciplinary approach to diagnostics of all pathology types. In addition to physical condition evaluation, experienced specialists also consult patients on their diet, evaluate bioenergetic state of the body, conduct complete blood count, cardiac and viscera ultrasound, duplex vessel scan, diagnostics of respiratory function.

Our long-term experience of collaboration with diagnostic centres of Germany and Switzerland helps us to find a cardiology or diagnostic centre which will be the most suitable for you. Feel free to contact us.

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