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Alternative medicine

We’re pleased to present you the leading alternative medicine clinics in Germany.

Alternative medicine in the hyperthermia clinic

Dr. scient. med. Peter Wolf
Dr. scient. med.
Peter Wolf

Dr. scient. med. Peter Wolf is a specialist in areas of complimentary oncology and alternative medicine. He specializes in internal medicine, homeopathy, phytotherapy, acupuncture and psychosomatic medicine. Peter Wolf has been working for 20 years in the area of alternative medicine. He is known worldwide for his publications about alternative cancer treatments. Peter Wolf is a member of following medical associations:

  • Institute of Biological Cancer Prevention
  • Institute of Complementary Medicine Research
  • Hyperthermia Association Germany
  • German Central Union of Homeopathic Physicians

The hyperthermia center first opened in 1992 in Hannover, Germany. Its main focus lies on cancer treatments. The therapeutic methods are applied for cancer treatment or used as additional procedures that accomplish conventional medicine’s effects. The hyperthermia center provides a wide range of alternative medicine services. We use febrile hyperthermia, galvanotherapeutics, gene therapy according to the Dr. Niper and insulin potentiation therapy (IPT).

Alternative medicine according to Dr. Wolf includes low-dose rate chemotherapy, the so-called potentiation therapy. Such a treatment methods shows good results notably for patients with breast cancer, prostate cancer, lungs cancer, bladder cancer and liver metastasis. At our hyperthermia center you will be treated individually by using the methods of alternative medicine of proven effectiveness.

Alternative medicine in the clinic Urologicum

Dr. Meisse
Dr. Meisse

Dr. Friedmann Meisse is an experienced, highly skilled urologist, Head of the low-dose rate (permanent) brachytherapy department. Dr. Meisse provides treatments and preventive services of urogenital system’s pathologies. In the Urologicum clinic in Munich he goes into the matter of alternative medicine particularly brachytherapy of prostate cancer. The urological center Urologicum Munich in Germany first opened in 2007. Today this center is the biggest one located in the area.

Besides the alternative medicine our center offers following medical services:

  • minimal invasive cancer surgery
  • endoscopy
  • treatment of bladder stone disease
  • treatment of involuntary urination
  • infertility treatment and a host of other things

Alternative medicine at INAKARB-clinic

One of our top specialists is Enrico Edinger, a Candidate of Medicine, Doctor of Science and a Professor, whose main field of interest lies in such innovative methods as bio-energy and space medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, hypnosis, sexology, acupuncture as well regulatory medicine. Besides Prof. Edinger is a neurologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. The alternative medicine is his main field of expertise, which streamlines the whole profile of the INAKARB-clinic.

In 1995 Enrico Edinger started his specialization in alternative medicine. Prof. Edinger is honorary member of the International Interacademic Union in areas of hydrotherapy, regulatory and restorative medicine.

2011 witnessed the foundation of INAKARB-clinic. Since then we have been implementing medical service at the top level. In our medical setting we combine alternative and conservative medicine, paying special attention to quality and efficiency.

The main target of our healthcare staff is to apply maximally efficient alternative methods, based on cosmic technologies, i.e. to adjust them to clinical and restorative practice. The alternative medicine at our German clinic focuses on heart and blood vessel diseases, low immune function, diseases of the nervous system, oncopathology, sexual disorders and age-related changes. In our clinic in Germany we provide treatments to slow down ageing and help to improve physical fitness.

Our range of services includes proton therapy, matrix therapy, diagnostics and control of homeostasis, nutritional advices, SCIO-therapy and SCENAR-therapy.

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