Scar Correction

If a person has scars caused by surgeries, traumas or even acne, ointments against scars and masking cosmetic products can give unsatisfactory results. In this case, scar correction may come in handy. There are different treatment ways that depend on scar’s type, size and appearance.

There’s a wide spectrum of treatment methods starting from chemical peeling, acupuncture, and laser treatment finishing by surgical invasion that allows eliminating scar tissue totally. The would gets unnoticeable after that. Depending on the scar, preliminary treatment can be necessary.

  • Treatment From 0,5 to 1 hour (depends on method).
  • Anesthesia Without anesthesia or local anesthesia (depends on method).
  • Post-surgery treatment Depends on treatment type.
  • Recovery Return to daily activities - within 1-3 days (depends on method).

Minor surface scars are often successfully treated with chemical peeling. Skin is renewed from the inside efficiently. Depending on peeling method, several or one visit can be enough to reach desired results. The main advantage is that a patient can divide the course on several visits – there’ll be no temporary incapacity for working. A person can easily continue performing routine tasks.

The next treatment stage is acupuncture (needle therapy).

Goog results for minor and middle-size scars can be achieved with laser treatment when strong impulses influence skin positively. It activates skin regeneration processes. However, even in this case several treatment cycles can be required.

When a person has big and kelloid scars caused by accidents and surgeries, excess tissue can be removed during surgery when the wound closes again. Preliminary treatment can be required. After the surgery, a person should wear protectives and use ointments.

Correction lasts for 0,5-1 hour depending on scar state and the chosen method. It’s performed without anesthesia, or under local anesthesia. In special cases, general anesthesia is required.

Postsurgery treatment mostly depends on scar treatment approach, but in most cases, no restrictions or postoperative treatment is required. After surgical scar treatment, they should be controlled regularly, and bandages should be worn. A person should avoid physical load and sports within 4-6 weeks. Shower and bathing are allowed after total recovery of external wounds. Scarring takes several months, so skin surface should be protected from sunlight within at least 6 months. Later on, special ointments are used to make scars unnoticeable. Use products recommended by your doctor.

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The degree of improvement that can be achieved with scar correction will depend on the severity of your scarring, and the type, size and location of the scar. 2019-04-09 Scar Correction
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