Otoplasty (surgery aimed to correct otapostasis or protruding ear) is one of the most common plastic surgical interventions. In German clinics of plastic surgery, these types of procedures are conducted at a high quality level.

Protruding ears are not only a physiological problem: such a defect can cause an inferiority complex in children and adolescents. While the normal shape of the ears is determined by the spatial bending of the auricular cartilage, the protruding ears (in some cases) are caused by genetically determined deviations. For example, parts of the cartilage may be too large. In some cases the bend of the auricle is too little expressed causing the auricles to grow laterally from the head.

Correction of the ears shape or otoplasty, may also be required after an injury or to eliminate marks after wearing earrings and plugs.The protruding ears can be a reason for offensive teasing in the kindergarten or school causing the child to have mental and social problems. To avoid this, the correction of the ears shape, or otoplasty, is often performed in early childhood. After the age of five, the growth of the ears is considered complete. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out the "otoplasty" procedure in the preschool age. If the surgical intervention was not carried out in childhood, it can be done at a young and even adult age.

Depending on the initial state of the patient, the clinics in Germany offer different techniques for conducting the operation. Above this, with the help of a small surgical intervention - otoplasty in Germany, it is possible to correct the torn or too long lobes, as well as the holes in the ears, left by massive earrings.

  • Treatment Around 1-2 hours (depending on the method).
  • Anaesthesia Depending on the method local or general anesthesia can be used or no anesthesia.
  • Postoperative care 3 weeks after the correction, it is necessary to wear a frontal bandage around the clock, which contributes to the healing process. After small surgical interventions only regular control over a condition of the wound surface is required.
  • Recovery Outpatient, return to daily life after 1-3 days. With small corrections, there is no period of temporary disability.

The purpose of the ears shape correcting, or otoplasty, is to give the ear or lobes their natural shape and size. In the course of otoplasty in Germany, various methods are used to form cartilage, remove excess skin. There are also different stitching techniques. All those methods can be combined with each other if necessary.


When correcting the protruding ears without bending of the auricular cartilage (antihelix), the cartilage is opened through the incision on the back surface of the ear. To make it easier to form a correct bend, the cartilage must be weakened. Then it is given a new shape. The natural curve is fixed for a long period with a continuous seam of the cartilage (the Mustardé suturing technique). If the angle between the auricular cartilage and the head is very large, the remaining suture is used to guide the auricle back. It also may be necessary to remove excess tissue. A special technique, studied abroad, helps the doctor remove the continuous seam from the cartilage.

If the patient has a greatly enlarged cartilage (hyperplastic deformation) and (or) too large earlobe, it is possible to get a new attractive shape by removing the cartilage or displacing a part of the perichondrium.

Torn or enlarged lobes (for example, as a result of wearing earrings) can be returned to a normal size and be given natural appearance by removing the scar or the excess part of the lobes.

At the end of the otoplasty, the incision is sutured, and a soft bandage is applied to prevent secondary bleeding and bruising, as well as to give the ear stability. After otoplasty in Germany, a simple plaster bandage is usually enough.

Conducting regular monitoring after the correction of ear shape, otoplasty in Germany, or of the lobes will provide a quick recovery.

If you need to have an otoplasty, contact the plastic surgery clinics in Germany!

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Otoplasty is surgical reshaping of the outer ear, to either correct deformities or improve appearance. It can solve the problem of prominent ears. 2019-04-09 Otoplasty
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