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Liposuction in Germany

Many people count calories and do sports to keep fit, but adipose deposits may still exist in the body. These can be fat deposits on abdomen, hips or shoulders. Adipose tissue is differently distributed in people. When conservative treatment doesn’t help, you should consider fast body correction methods, e.g. liposuction.

Liposuction in Germany is combined with lipofilling – when person’s own fat is moved to the soft tissues of face and hands to make them look younger. Prior to liposuction, German clinics consult every patient to define the level of surgical invasion. Depending on person’s initial state, liposuction may serve to remove fat from legs, buttocks, abdomen, neck, chest and arms.

  • Local or general anesthesia.
  • Duration of liposuction is 1-2,5 hours.
  • Liposuction is made on outpatient basis, or a person can spend a day in a clinic.
  • A person can get back to work within 2-4 days after liposuction.
  • Recovery period after liposuction – 6 weeks.

German plastic surgery clinics offer space liposuction – you won’t find such procedure as standard dry liposuction. Instead, clinics use:

  • tumescent liposuction;
  • ultrasound liposuction;
  • 3D-liposuction;
  • water-jet liposuction;
  • laser liposuction.

Liposuction is performed the following way: adipose tissue is destroyed and removed through small incisions with special cannulas. Methods differ by the volume of removed fat. The extent to which this or that procedure is sparing is defined by the volume of blood loss and nervous system destruction.

If you have resolved to go through liposuction in Germany, you need to find a qualified doctor who whill figure out an optimal method of fat removal. German doctors are the ones whom you can trust your health and appearance.

Tumescent Liposuction

To perform tumescent liposuction, a doctor will soak subcutaneous tissue with a special liquid before aspiration. Tumescent liquid tightens blood vessels and makes adipose cells swell. It also blocks transfer of nervous impulses, which eliminates the need of anesthesia. Tumescent liposuction allows removing up to 6 liters of adipose tissue.

Ultrasound liposuction

To perform this operation, a doctor also injects tumescent liquid under skin. Then adipose tissue is destroyed with ultrasound. Fat cells are destroyed and emulsified, which makes up for better aspiration of destroyed components with a lower aspirating effort. It diminishes the risk that connective tissue colony-formings and vessels will get into cannula.

Ultrasound liposuction in Germany allows removing up to 10-15 liters of fat. The main advantage of this method is that ultrasound improves skin and prevents sagging after liposuction.


3D-liposuction implies vibration and rotation of canula 3-5 mm in diameter injected in fat lobule. During the procedure, vessels and nerves are minimally affected, and adipose cells stay undamaged. Therefore, aspirated fat can be used for lipofilling.

Waterjet liposuction

Cannula is injected in subcutaneous tissue, and liquid under pressure is injected inside it to wash out fall cells without damaging elastic vessels and nerves. In case of waterjet liposuction, a fewer amount of anesthesia is required which makes this procedure less harmful for patient. Removed fat cells can be used for lipofilling.

In case of waterjet liposuction, any amount of fat can be removed, and rehabilitation period is shorter.

Laser liposuction

In case of laser liposuction, a laser waveguide is injected under skin: it destroys adipose tissue with the energy of light. Since hypodermic vessels are coagulated, this kind of liposuction doesn’t cause blood loss. Laser liposuction improves skin and helps to diminish its amount.

Note that laser liposuction in Germany can be used to destroy a few grams of fat – this method is suitable for correcting minor areas of body.

After liposuction, a person should avoid physical exercises and sports for 3-6 weeks. A person should wear compression garments day and night. Showering is allowed 2 days after the operation, and bathing is allowed when scars cure totally.

To improve regeneration of scars after liposuction, a person should use ointments boosting epithelialization and curing. Scars after liposuction should not be exposed to direct sunlight within 6 months. Final result after liposuction will be visible within 3-6 months.

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