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Methods of hair transplantation

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Modern medicine allows solving many aesthetic problems, including lack or absence of hair on scalp. The most efficient method is hair transplantation. Modern surgical technologies allow making the results of such procedure highly aesthetic and leave almost unnoticeable scars.

The following methods of head hair transplantation exist:

  • Transplantation of follicular units (FUT).
  • Extraction of follicular units (FUE).
  • Transplantation of donor’s hair.

In recent years, hair transplantation with artificial materials is performed rarely. Doctors prefer methods when donor follicles are taken in the patient himself. These transplantation methods ensure natural results.

German clinics practice modern methods of FUT and FUE hair transplantation. In both cases, patient’s hair is transplanted in balding zone. For this purpose, patient’s donor follicles can be taken from certain head zones and other body parts. For instance, transplantation of hair from beard to head can be performed.

FUT method of hair transplantation

This method has been practiced for decades, and it proved to be reliable and safe. Modern technologies and innovations allow improving such operations, making them minimally invasive and achieving the best aesthetic results.

The technology of hair transplantation implies cutting of donor tissue in the lower part of the occipital region. For this purpose, a doctor administers local anesthesia and cuts a small strip with hair follicles. After that, the donor area in the place of the cut is closed with a cosmetic stitch that stays almost invisible. A patient can have any hairstyle with short or long hair.

After extraction, the flap is divided into separate grafts containing a few hair follicles. For this procedure, special high resolution microscopes are used. FUT methods of hair transplantation are performed by large groups of specialists which allows reducing the time required for the procedure.

Prepared follicles are put in a special solution that optimized further growth of hairs. They stay there until the operation.

After that, the recipient zone is prepared for transplanting donor hair. A doctor makes tiny incisions in the skin, and hair follicles are put there with the help of special instruments.

FUE method of hair transplantation

This method of hair transplantation has its own peculiarities concerning the choice of donor follicle extraction. To extract the follicles, doctors use special instruments and make thousands of microscopic cuts around every follicle and extract it. This process is repeated until the required amount of donor units is gathered.

FUE hair transplantation technology

FUE technology is indicated in cases when hair transplantation from head to body is made. For instance, in case of complete baldness, surgeons transplant hair from breast or beard. However, specialists don’t recommend transplantation of hair from follicles taken from arms or legs, because such hair have completely different characteristics.

Although more state-of-art instruments are used for this procedure than in the case with FUT transplantation, this method has a high risk of damage of hair follicles and complications after surgery. It usually happens when follicles are located close to each other.

How hair transplantation is performed?

Depending on the method used, hair transplantation takes from 3 to 7 hours. A patient will have pauses to have rest. Hair follicle transplantation consists of the following stages:

  • Preliminary examination during which the doctor examines the front line and direction of hair growth and selects the method of hair transplantation;
  • Extraction of donor follicles (different methods require special technologies);
  • Preparation of donor follicles, separation into grafts and input in a nutrient solution (FUT method);
  • Transplantation of donor hair on the selected places (FUT and FUE transplantation methods);
  • Some methods of hair transplantation imply using a special product that promotes fast follicle regeneration.

Right after treatment, a patient can go home. 2 days after the operation, a patient can wash hair as usual. During 4-6 weeks hair follicles will stay in cell dormancy, and then new hair will start growing. The results of operation will be visible in 8-12 months when hair grows for several centimeters.

How to choose a German clinic for hair transplantation

If you’re searching for the best clinic for hair transplantation, we recommend using offers of German Medical Group website. Here you can find specialists who practice different methods of hair transplantation including robotized methods. Ask your questions, and experts will make preliminary diagnostics with photos and calculate the cost of procedure depending on transplantation method.

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