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Short Info About Alopecia Treatment in Germany

Alopecia treatment

Our company, being a leader among the health providers, will help you to find the best German clinic and regain your health and beauty. Alopecia treatment is a complex task. An experienced specialist, dealing with alopecia tries to find the cause of the problem and not only eliminate the signs. The German clinics offer the whole scope of successful treatment methods of alopecia. The term alopecia stands for balding or hair loss resulting in the appearance of completely bald spots on the scalp and/or other parts of the body.

Androgenic alopecia is the most common form of hair loss observed in both men and women.

So called non-androgenic hair loss types (alopecia) are also common, such as:

  1. Telogen effluvium (alopecia type)
  2. Alopecia areata (alopecia type)
  3. Bald ringworm (alopecia)
  4. Cicatrical alopecia (alopecia)
  5. Hair loss due to uncontrolled use of cosmetics (alopecia treatment)

Alopecia can be caused by a vast number of underlying conditions requiring specific diagnosis. These types of alopecia are referred to as alopecia aerata, cicatrical alopecia and telogen effluvium.

Other factors, such as genetic disorders and use of medicines, can also contribute to balding. Hair loss can be a manifestation of a broad spectrum of diseases.

Therefore, the choice of treatment strategy in Germany depends on the exact cause of balding.

Treatment and diagnosis of alopecia in Germany

Patients dealing with rare types of hair loss should go through a handful of consultations and tests, as well as invest a good amount of time to see a highly trained doctor who can diagnose it properly and suggest the most suitable alopecia treatment method. There are alopecia types so rare that far not all physicians qualify to diagnose them. It takes a precise diagnosis of the disorder causing the disease to perform treatment effectively.

Usually, diagnosis includes the following procedures:

  1. Trichologist’s (alopecia specialist) consultation
  2. Spectral hair mineral analysis (also called mineralogram) comprises a laboratory study of hairs taken from the back of the head. The study is aimed at estmating hair mineral content.
  3. Micro-video diagnostic with follicles or the affected spot displayed on a TV screen for further detailed study.

Also, treatment requires examinations by a number of specialists capable of discovering internal causes of balding. For instance, it takes a liver examination and a blood test to diagnose anemia-related hair loss.

It is imperative that women consult a gynecologist and endocrinologist and have lower pelvic organs ultrasound-screened. Men must undergo a urological test for possible infections prior to treatment.

Alopecia treatment in Germany

As long as there are lots of factors contributing to hair loss, alopecia treatment in Germany exercises a complex approach to eliminate the underlying disease causing it, rebuild bodily functions and restore hair.

Today, treatment of hair diseases in Germany includes follicular unit transplantation – a method, which ensures complete hair restoration. With the help of microtweezers, follicles are placed in tiny cuts that are made in certain areas of the body. The operation uses high profile equipment, which minimizes the risk of post-surgery aggravations and eliminates pain.

In Germany, every patient receives individual treatment aimed at rebuilding chemical balance in the body, which was lost due to the disease.
Not infrequently, alopecia treatment in Germany embraces physiotherapeutic procedures, such as laser treatment, cryomassage, etc.

Normally, doctors provide lists of prescribed hair-care products to minimize the risk of recurrence.

Tremendous background and advanced medical solutions allow dermatologists in Germany to treat other conditions as well, such as vitiligo and/or childhood eczema.

The FUE- Hairtransplant center in Hamburg is an innovative clinic, which in 2005 pioneered in the highly modern and non-invasive FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) treatment method, which requires no stitching and does not entail scarring.

The center was founded in 2005. At that time, there was not a single clinic in Germany to implement the FUE treatment method; therefore, prior to 2005, patients seeking this kind of treatment had to look for clinics abroad. There were only two types of hair transplant surgery available in Germany: strip excision and the punch method, which is the oldest one.

Our key goal is to make the innovative and minimally invasive FUE treatment method affordable for a broader range of patients in Germany. Besides, the FUE/Hairtransplant center in Hamburg offers permanent assistant services from highly experienced FUE specialists.

The FUE- Hairtransplant Center in Hamburg offers a spectrum of services, such as:

  • Treatment of partial and complete hair loss in men and women
  • Transplantation of hair follicles to scarred areas resulting from previously done plugged transplantation
  • Eyebrow restoration
  • Eyebrow shaping (eg. eyebrow bend shaping)
  • Correction of asymmetry (eg. moustache correction)
  • hair line and/or eyebrow correction

Alopecia treatment in Germany is a complex procedure, and hair transplantation is just one of the methods allowing your hair to regain good shape. We are happy to share all sorts of information concerning treatment of hair problems Germany.

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