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Short Info About Face Surgeries

We make the first visual impression about a person by looking at their face. A pretty face, shining with happiness, immediately speaks of a positive character. And, conversely, the condition expressed on the face, often inadvertently emits negative signals. For example, deep wrinkles between brows, or so-called "wrinkles of anger", as well as sunken facial features can be the reason why our interlocutor develops a negative or strident impression about us.

The face aging process is characterized by the occurrence of fine wrinkles and lines. Here you can add a decrease in the face volume and the loss of tissue elasticity. Subsequently cheekbones lose their expressiveness, the lower third of the face becomes flaccid, the outline of the lips becomes shapeless and their volume reduces. However, regardless of the aging process, changes in the face can occur under the influence of living conditions or habits.

For example, the face can lose much of its volume and cheeks can become sunken as a result of a body weight loss or a past disease,. Even habits (eg, smoking) can cause the so-called smoker's wrinkles, i.e. thin curved lines around the mouth.

Other important types of aesthetic and surgical procedures include refinement, correction and improvement of facial features. Numerous interventions are carried out to achieve this, that include correction of protruding ears, nose, upper and lower eyelids.

Depending on the patient's initial condition, treatment of face wrinkles and of volume loss can be performed using conservative, i.e., non-operative, methods. The use of hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin is a good alternative to surgery.

At the same time, our goal is always the aesthetic rejuvenation of the face, and not the creation of its artificial mask. Whether it is possible to do without an operation, as the patient wishes can be clarified during a personal consultation.

The transplantation of the patient's own fat tissue is an alternative solution to form the face volume. Among other things, the loss of structural fat is caused by the aging process, it makes the face look tired and fatigued, which, for the most part, does not correspond to the person's idea of themselves. By transplanting your own fat, we can achieve face rejuvenation in just one short surgical intervention. The face becomes again voluminous where it is necessary. By implanting patient's own fat tissue, it is possible to treat wrinkles, circles and hollows under the eyes.

Transplantation of the patient‘s own fat is carried out in accordance with special, ultramodern technology, which we have learned from our world-famous colleagues. Liposuction, preparation and transplantation of the fat are carried out in a special way, allowing us to achieve excellent results and, moreover, are as safe as possible for the patient. There is also an opportunity to enrich the fat with stem cells, which will have an additional positive effect on the skin condition.

Depending on the face changes and the wishes of the patient, surgical lifting is often indicated. There are many different approaches, for example, lifting of eyebrows, temples, upper and lower eyelids, of the middle part of the face, neck, full face lifting, etc. At the same time, eyelid lifting is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery interventions.

What lifting technique will be applied, and what it will be combined with: these questions are discussed with each patient individually. First of all, doctors want to achieve an optimal results (short and hardly noticeable scars) and aims for shortest recovery period. Most of the interventions are performed by transplantation of your own fat which results in an even better and more natural rejuvenation.

In some cases not the rejuvenation of the face but improvement of its form or the form correction of the head/neck comes into foreground. German surgeons also offer you to perform a nose correction, treatment of the protruding ears and improvement of the face profile, and much more.

German clinics also specialise on feminization (giving femininity to the face) and will gladly consult you about it. Together with maxillofacial surgery specialists we also perform feminization of transsexual women.

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