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Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation

German plastic and aesthetic clinics offer the full spectrum of services for women including breast augmenation.

The reasons for mammary gland increase can be different. Some women want to restore firmness and volume of boobs after breast feeding. Others want to correct asymmetry of mammary glands. Women with small boobs wish to acquire a normal size and décolleté line Prior to breast augmentation operation, a doctor and a patient discuss many questions during an individual consultation. First, the desired size of boobs and the size of implants are defined. All implants used in our clinic have gel filling. Note that German plastic surgery clinics use high-quality prostheses of reliable producers. Besides, a woman is given the Implant Data Form lifetime warranty after the surgery.

The next question concerns implant position. During breast augmentation in Germany, it can be placed either under a mammary gland, or under muscles. The variant depends on the desired result and initial breast size and form.

The final size of breats depends on implant volume. Besides, prosthesis differ by their form: drop-shaped and round ones. Drop-shaped implants make breast look more natural and get bigger on their lower part, and round implants have push-up effect which attracts other women more.

Together with implantation, breast augmentation with patient’s own fat can be made. This type of surgery is called lipofilling. Prior to the operation, fat is removed from certain body areas and is transferred to mammary glands. The same way, breast augmentation can be added with face lipofilling for rejuvenation.

Breast augmentation in Germany can be combined with lifting, which can be discussed on an individual consultation. If mammary glands are sagging, mastopexy is performed to reach maximal effect.

  • Procedure is performed under general anesthesia;
  • Duration of surgery in Germany 1-2,5 hours;
  • Patient can go home the next day after the operation;
  • Drainage tube removal in 3-4 days;
  • Stitches are removed in 7-10 days after breast augmentation;
  • Patient can get back to work within 6 weeks;
  • Control bra should be worn during recovery period.

Breast augmentation is done under general anesthesia. A woman lies on her back. Three types of surgical access can be used:

  • Submammary access. The cut is made under mammary gland, and scar stays closed by breast. This is the most widespread type of cut since it allows accessing breast easily, and the surgeon can control implant position freely.
  • Periareolary access. Breast augmentation with this method is pretty complicated because it allows using small implants only. However, experienced surgeons can perform operations so that implants are placed correctly and breast stays symmetric.
  • Subaxillary access. Cut is made in axillary crease. As a rule, endoscopic instruments are used for such operations. However, it’s hard to define the right implant position via axillary crease, German doctors can easily perform this procedure. The main advantage of this approach is absence of scars on breasts.

When getting access to the inside of breast, a surgeon installs implants in a certain place. It’s important to have the space for implant to correspond with implant sizes. In this case, breast augmentation will be symmetric and high-quality. After implant installation, every layer of soft tissues is stitched with certain sutures. Drainage is fixed, and cosmetic sutures are made.

Period of hospitalization in Germany takes 24 hours. During this period, bandaging and drainage control are performed. To decrease pain, anesthetics are injected intravenously. After breast augmentation, a patient should not perform physical exercises during 6 weeks. Control bra is worn within this period, as well. Some women are also recommended to wear a compressive belt.

Showering is allowed within a few days after breast augmentation, but bathing and swimming are prohibited till final wound recovery. During at least 6 months, a patient should avoid being exposed to direct sun rays.

First results after breast augmentation are noticeable when swelling disappears within 6-7 weeks after the surgery. Final effect is achieved within half a year when patient’s body adapts to the implant, and all recovery processes are finished.

German plastic surgery clinics offer special ointments for faster recovery process of postsurgical wounds – they’re recommended individually. Leave your requests and call, if you need more information. We will discuss individual operation variants and perform efficient breast augmentation for you.

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