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Breast Augmentation with Patient’s Own Fat

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Many women resolve to augment breast to become satisfied with their body again. Sometimes the willing to increase boob size to improve aesthetics of their young and firm breast, while others want to correct breast after pregnancy, breast feeding and aging processes.

Some patients doubt whether they should increase boob size. They don’t know whether presence of silicone material will create the feeling of foreign object or whether the material it’s made of will be rejected by body. Other women are afraid that further complications are possible (for instance, cover fibrosis), so the time for implantation will be postponed several times in a row.

In this case, breast augmentation with patient’s own fat (autogenous material) is a great alternative variant. If a person has excess adipose tissues on legs, hips, buttons or belly, surgical invasion will be combined with liposuction. Later on, fat is cleaned, prepared and injected in certain breast areas.

  • Treatment: About 2-3 hours, a night in hospital.
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia.
  • Postsurgery care: 4 weeks of compress treatment.
  • Recovery: A person gets back to normal activities in 2-3 days.

If a patient needs additional information about breast augmentation with liposuction, she should consult with a doctor and inform about her demands and needs. In some cases, several transplantations of her own fat are required to reach the desired results.

The same applies to two other operations: about liposuction and breast augmentation with filteres autogenic fat. When breast is increased with patient’s own fat by adipose tissue transplantation, breast can be increased by one size or one cup.

Only your doctor can consult you and decide whether such form will comply with patient’s demands. We readily combine this method with many others, even facial rejuvenation to correct its form. To perform this operation, fat obtained during liposuction is processed and used for facial tissue.

Together with breast augmentation, our surgeons can perform breast lifting.

Breast augmentation surgery with liposuction takes 2-3 hours depending on patient’s state and the combinations of surgical invasions. It’s performed under general anesthesia. During the first bonding, a control bra is put on that should be worn during 4 weeks.

After breast augmentation surgery with liposuction, the surface of wound is regularly controlled. During 4 weeks after the operation, a patient should obtain from physical loads and sports. Control bra should be worn around the clock during this period. A patient can shower at the same day after the operation, while bathing is allowed only after full recovery. After the surgery, small scars up to 5 mm can stay.

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