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Breast reduction

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Breast reduction

German plastic and aesthetic clinics offer the whole gamut of operations for breast plastics including reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction).

Too big mammary glands are problematic not only from aesthetic standpoint – this is a danger to person’s health. Heaviness during walking, postural abnormalities, pain in back and intertrigo under mammary glands are the main problems of ladies with big boobs.

Breast reduction in German plastic surgery clinics helps to get rid of these problems and acquire firm mammary glands of optimal size. The size of breast is made according to patient’s demands and body proportions. You will get positive effect after operation – breast becomes younger, firmer and lifted.

Breast reduction in Germany: fast facts

  • Duration of operation 2-3 hours;
  • reast reduction is performed in hospital;
  • General anesthesia;
  • Hospitalization takes 1-2 days;
  • Recovery of work ability within 6 days;
  • Full recovery within 6 weeks.

Breast reduction: surgery

Breast reduction in Germany is done in three stages: mammary gland reduction, skin lifting and moving of nipple. Depending on patient's initial state, the following techniques can be used for breast reduction:

  • Plastics of mammary gland with a T-cut;
  • Plastics of mammary gland with a vertical cut;
  • Plastics of mammary gland with a periareolary cut;
  • Plastics of mammary gland with liposuction;
  • Plastics of mammary gland with inner fixation.

Breast reduction with a T-cut

Plastic of mammary gland with a T-cut is the most widespread method for breast reduction. To cut mammary tissue, an incision is made around nipple areola, then skin is cut vertically down to the underbust fold.

This technique allows removing pretty considerable volumes of mammary gland and cut a big skin area. As the result, a woman gets reduced, firm breast without need of inner fixation. In German plastic surgery clinics, breast reduction with T-cut is performed with the newest spare methods, so you get hardly noticeable scars.

Plastics of mammary gland with a vertical cut

Breast reduction with a vertical cut causes smaller scars in comparison with the above mentioned procedure. In this case, no incision is made in the underbust fold. However, a vertical cut is stitched with a purse-string suture: small creases are formed on breast after the surgery, but they gradually disappear during skin contraction. The main advantage of this operation is that there’s no need to move nipples, but such approach is not recommended for cutting big amount of tissue.

Breast reduction with a periareolary cut

Breast reduction with a periareolary cut (around the nipple) is performed to cut a minor amount of mammary gland tissue. In Germany, this kind of operation is typically used when one mammary gland is reduced to correct asymmetry.

Breast reduction with liposuction

Plastic of mammary glands with liposuction is performed when the skin is firm enough, and no lifting is required. This technique is often used in young women and allows reducing breast insignificantly. Breast reduction with liposuction is less stressful for patient’s body than reduction mammoplasty.

German plastic surgery clinics use the newest liposuction techniques that leave unnoticeable scars. Besides, breast reduction can be performed together with lipofilling of other body areas.

Breast reduction with inner fixation

Interior fixation for reduction mammoplasty is made to increase breast stability and improve lifting effect. Besides, inner fixation allows removing load from the suture which boosts regeneration.

Moving of nipple for breast reduction

During surgery on mammary glands, nipple is moved due to areola transplantation. If a nipple can be fixed in normal position, it doesn’t have to be moved.

Recovery periods after breast reduction

During hospitalization, patient’s wounds are regularly checked and bandages are replaced. At home, woman should wear a control bra day and night during 6 weeks. She can get back to daily activities within 6 days, but bathing and physical exercises should be avoided within 1,5-2 months.

The process of scar regeneration after breast reduction lasts several months. To make scars mild and hardly noticeable, direct sunlight should be avoided. In German plastic surgery clinics, you will be recommended products that boost regeneration.

German plastic surgery clinics are always ready to help. Here you will get high-quality services, modern equipment in wards and operational rooms. Comfort and safety are guaranteed.

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