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Expert Opinion: Blepharoplasty

MD Georgios Hristopoulos MD Georgios Hristopoulos

Aging and environmental influences are also noticeable on the eyelids. In some cases, it then comes to a Blepharochalasis, the colloquial Schlupflidern.

This manifests itself by a skin slack (cutis laxa) with hanging excess skin. Above all, the outer upper third of the third is affected and in pronounced cases, it can sometimes lead to a visual field restriction. In addition, often arises a soft tissue bulge at the inner upper third - close to the inner corner of the eye - often arises a soft tissue bulge.

German clinics of aesthetic and plastic surgery offer a wide range of services for patients from all over the world, including rejuvenation procedures, body and face contour correction. All operations, among them blepharoplasty, are performed in highly equipped operating rooms by high-class surgeons who know exactly how to achieve the desired result.

One of the most popular services of the clinic is blepharoplasty, a plastic surgery on the upper and lower eyelids, designed to eliminate any of eyelid defects and age-related changes. In Germany blepharoplasty can be performed either as an independent procedure or can be combined with other aesthetic surgeries.

Folds, wrinkles, unesthetic bags under the eyes can be effectively eliminated using skilfully conducted blepharoplasty. Since beautiful eyes indicate youth and beauty, the elimination of eyelid defects can significantly rejuvenate the face, making the gaze fresh and open.


One should note that blepharoplasty in Germany is considered one of the most complicated types of cosmetological surgical intervention. Using blepharoplasty one can:

  • Perform a separate correction of the overhanging upper eyelid using the "blepharoplasty" surgery;
  • Correct the shape of the eyelids using the "blepharoplasty" surgery;
  • Eliminate excess skin in the overhanging eyelid using the "blepharoplasty" surgery;
  • Reduce or eliminate bags under the eyes using the "blepharoplasty" surgery;
  • Eliminate small wrinkles and tonify the skin around the eyes using the "blepharoplasty" surgery.

Several effective methods of blepharoplasty are actively used in Germany. Each method is selected depending on the patient's’ problem and their individual wishes:

  • Upper blepharoplasty with percutaneous or transconjunctival access;
  • Lower blepharoplasty with percutaneous or transconjunctival access;
  • Lower fat-preserving blepharoplasty preserving and redistributing the subcutis.

Before the blepharoplasty, the surgeon discusses the problem together with the patient and chooses the best methods to solve it. A number of tests are also conducted to exclude the possibility of contraindications for the blepharoplasty.

Ptosis or lowering of the upper eyelid is one of the main reasons that forces people to resort to upper blepharoplasty in Germany. This defect makes the face of any person gloomy and, moreover, makes them look significantly older. In addition, the overhanging tissues of the upper eyelid may obscure the normal vision. In such cases, blepharoplasty has not only aesthetical, but also functional significance.

Upper blepharoplasty is usually performed under local anesthesia and always begins with the surgeon determining the amount of excess skin using special techniques and applying specific markings. The discission in blepharoplasty is made along the natural fold of the skin. The skin excess is dissected out according to the previously applied markings. The fat tissue that forms a protrusion in outer corner of the eye can also be excised. Blepharoplasty of the upper eyelid usually takes about twenty minutes for each eye. At the end of the procedure the discission is neatly sutured to be invisible afterwards.

In the beginning of the lower blepharoplasty in Germany the surgeon also applies a special marking to the skin. Outside of the lower eyelid, just below the eyelash growth line, a small incision is made. After that the excess subcutaneous fat and the excision of skin are removed. Surgeon uses a special suturing technique, thanks to which the scars remain virtually invisible.

Lower blepharoplasty is also performed under local anesthesia and takes very little time. It is worth noting that this operation is very common among men over fifty, for whom bags under the eyes, spoiling the appearance, are an actual problem.

In order to evaluate the final results of the blepharoplasty performed in Germany, you may need about four to six weeks. During this period, the eyelid tissue completely recovers its flexibility, the seams dissolve and the swelling subsides. In the first few days after the blepharoplasty, it is necessary to visit the doctor so that they can evaluate the progress of the recovery and remove the stitches.

Throughout the rehabilitation period after the blepharoplasty, it is recommended to sleep with a slightly raised head and not to tilt it. The doctor may also advise applying cold compresses to the eyelids. During the first few weeks after the blepharoplasty, bruises can form and visual acuity can be reduced. These phenomena are considered to be normal and will subside on their own. With the proper care the positive effects of the blepharoplasty can last for more than ten to twelve years.

So, blepharoplasty can help achieve excellent results, returning the patients the youthfulness and freshness of their face. With lifted eyelids, an open look and the absence of pronounced wrinkles you will look much more attractive and feel more confident and comfortable. Experienced specialists from German clinics will do everything possible to make blepharoplasty give the expected results and even more.

If you are interested in a blepharoplasty made in Germany, you can contact the specialists of our clinic through the contacts page on our website.

Author: MD Georgios Hristopoulos on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Jameda.

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