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Big nose correction

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Big nose

Nasal disproportion (a big nose and a small chin) is a common problem: every third person in the USA is not satisfied with his/her nose shape. The most easy and efficient method to enhance your appearance is a plastic surgery. Specialists of the plastic surgery clinics in Germany offer the whole range of operations, including rhinoplasty (“a nose job”, big nose shaping). The rhinoplasty (a nose surgery) requires a wide area of expertise. The German plastic surgeons provide the unsurpassed work and perform about 40 000 nose correction (including the reduction of a big nose) procedures annually, which is twice as many as their peers in Switzerland or France do.

The modern surgical techniques allow making nose smaller just in an hour. Aesthetic nose correction gives a unique opportunity to harmonize the face proportion and make you look more attractive. A prominent (long, big hooked or Roman) nose doesn’t always look aristocratic. The patients report that after the operation they felt more confident and happy.

The functionality of the nose can also be improved within a surgical correction of big nose. A nose disproportion may result in breathing problem. This is due to the fact that the nasal septum is too thick, which can lead to difficulty with nasal breathing. The septum gets corrected within 15 minutes, which makes a person forget about nasal breathing problem forever.

With the modern surgical techniques, it is possible to change the shape and the size of the big nose, make the wide nose narrower, the long one – shorter. There is no limits to perfection.

The aesthetic rhinoplasty in Germany offers the following services:

  • Correction of a hump nose (big nasal hump correction)
  • Correction of the tip of the nose
  • Giving the proper form, shape correction of a big nose
  • Correction of the nose wings (can be done with local anesthesia)
  • Correction of the nasal septum – the alignment of the nasal septum: most often carried out in case of nasal breathing disorder in children
  • Correction of the length (making the big nose smaller)
  • Big and hooked nose reconstruction

The nose correction (making big nose smaller) normally takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the scale of deformation. A small operation can be performed with local anesthesia. The rhinoplasty, which involves the correction of cartilage, bones and other structures, is under general anesthesia. The recommended hospital stay after the nose correction (getting nose smaller) is at least 24 hours.

A rhinoplasty is carried out to correct the disproportion. It often implies a reduction of cartilage skeleton. The operation sometimes involves removing the “extra” bone. If necessary, also the nostrils can be reshaped. The rhinoplasty (making nose look shorter) is often done together with the chin correction (with or without the implant).
In most cases, the necessary changes in bone or cartilage volume can be made through invisible incisions inside the nose. Only in few cases, there is a need for an outer section. The corrected nose needs rehabilitation. It usually takes 2-6 weeks before you really see the result.

Advantages of nose surgery in Germany. Cost for plastic surgery

  • highly skilled and responsible surgeons with extensive experience;
  • modern technical equipment and medication, which makes the operation more effective and safe;
  • carefully selected medical staff;
  • detailed diagnostics with computer imaging
  • natural look after nose reduction: the German specialists don’t let the nose look “overreduced”

The cost of the operation (making the nose look smaller) in Germany varies, according to the scale of the nose correction. The average price for “nose job” ranges from 4 000-12 000 euro.

Nose surgery, performed at the German clinics, would surpass your expectations. A new way of looking at yourself is worth making such a long trip. If you dislike your profile, our company will help you organize the top quality plastic surgery at the most reliable clinics in Germany. Please call us for more information about organization of treatment in Germany

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