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Abdominoplasty in Germany

Abdomen loses its elasticity because of many factors that include pregnancy, weight fluctuations, aging and individual anatomical peculiarities. After abdominalplasty, patients feel younger and slimmer which positively influences personal and professional spheres. Depending on the initial state of the front abdomen, abdominalplasty in Germany can be combined with abdominal liposuction.

During abdominal plastic surgery, abdominal skin and adipose tissue are stretched. After examining the patient, his doctor selects one abdominal plastic technique to reach optimal results. Depending on the initial state of the abdomen, the doctor can decide whether umbilicus should be moved, and anterior abdominal wall should be stabilized. In special cases, stretch marks after pregnancy and scars caysed by caesarean section or appendectomy can be removed during abdominalplasty. German doctors try to avoid leaving visible scars moving them along bikini line.

  • Abdominal plastic is performed under general anesthesia;
  • Duration of procedure 1-2,5 hours;
  • Hospitalization period – 1 day;
  • Early recovery period – 6 days;
  • Full recovery after 6 weeks.

Surgical access for abdominalplasty is made along bikini like: incision starts from pubis and goes to hip bone in the zone of inguinal fold. After that, the skin is separated from muscles and is moved to the chest. Weakened muscles and fascia are stitched to reach the desired effects of abdominal plastic surgery.

When muscles are strengthened, excessive skin of anterior abdominal wall is fixed when it’s returned to the optimal position. This is how the main effect of abdominal plastic is reached. An incision is made on belly-button projection, then it’s stitches in the area of primary cut.

Together with classic abdominalplasty, German reconstructive surgery clinics use advanced methods of abdomen lifting.

  • Mini abdominalplasty.
  • Endoscopic abdominalplasty.
  • Backward abdominalplasty.
  • Dual-track abdominalplasty.
  • Transumbilical abdominalplasty.

Mini abdominalplasty

Mini abdominalplasty is recommended for patients with minor amount of excessive skin tissue. During operation, excessive skin is removed. Since cut soft tissues are located in the lower part of abdomen, belly button is not moved, and the procedure is made with a smaller cut. Besides, mini abdominalplasty causes less stress for patient’s body due to minor surgical invasion: abdominal skin layer separation is not required in this case.

The main advantage of mini abdominalplasty is lower injury rate. It means that patient will recover quicker, and post-surgery period will be easier for a person.

Endoscopic abdominalplasty

Endoscopic abdominalplasty means that only weakened muscles of anterior abdominal wall will be lifted: it is usually performed in patients with pretty firm skin. Endoscopic abdominalplasty is performed via small incisions with endoscopic instruments which poses lower stress for patient’s body, makes up for faster recovery and great cosmetic effect. After endoscopic abdominalplasty in Germany, scars become unnoticeable within a few months. Besides, they’re located in bikini zone. Together with liposuction, this type of surgery renders better aesthetic result and corrects patient’s body considerably.

Backward abdominalplasty

In German plastic surgery clinics, backward abdominalplasty is performed to lift several groups of muscles and remove excessive subcutaneous fat. A surgeon accesses the area in the underbust fold which makes scars invisible for the others.

Dual-track abdominalplasty

Dual-track abdominalplasty combines mini abdominalplasty and backward abdominalplasty. During such operation, muscles of anterior abdominal walls are strengthened via incisions in bikini zone, and abdomen skin is lifted with access via the underbust fold to reach the best results.

Transumbilical abdominalplasty

Transumbilical abdominalplasty is performed to strengthen abdomen muscles, and is recommended for patients with firm skin. This operation is performed with endoscopic instruments via belly button. The basic stage of incision presupposed stitching of straight abdominal muscles above and below belly button. Transumbilical abdominalplasty allows reaching stunning results: you get firm abdomen without scars.

Right after abdominalplasty, abdomen is restricted with a special belt that should be worn day and night within the following 6 weeks. Bandages should be changed regularly, and the state of wound should be checked after surgery. Within two days after abdominal plastics, a person should not shower and wet the stitches. Bathing and swimming are prohibited until a person recovers fully.

As for physical loads, abdominal muscles can be tensed within 2-3 month only, when patient’s body fully recovers. During the first days after abdominal plastics, a patient should walk more and perform exercises for physical therapy. It promotes faster recovery and prevents formation of blood clots in the vessels of lower limbs.

You can always get an ample consultation in German plastic and aesthetic surgeries. Specialists will readily answer your questions and make an individual plan for abdominalplasty.

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