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Aesthetic plastic surgery

It is possible to improve your appearance and emphasize your individuality by the means of plastic surgery. The plastic surgery clinics in Germany are on the leading positions in the world. Wide experience of the German specialists in this field and the newest technologies provide excellent results. Modern methods of plastic surgery allow to perform small operations of high accuracy that help patients to change their appearance and maintain natural look without risking their health.

The most popular plastic and reconstructive operations in Germany are the following: face and neck lift, blepharoplasty (eyelids correction), rhinoplasty (nose correction), breasts size and shape correction including usage of implants, wrinkles filling, body modeling (liposuction, abdominal area plastic surgery, waist, belly, hips and upper part of hands correction). Also, face procedures and surgeries are of high demand too in Germany.

The clinics in Germany offer a wide range of services.

Aesthetic surgery

  • liposuction (excessive adipose tissue removal)
  • rhinoplasty (nose shape correction)
  • mimic wrinkles elimination
  • blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
  • lips correction
  • forehead and neck lift
  • own fat cells reimplantation to eliminate wrinkles and other defects
  • sweat glands removal
  • face contour and face correction modeling
  • (auricle correction)
  • hair transplantation
  • cellulite elimination
  • making men’s breast smaller
  • dilated capillaries correction
  • spots and birthmarks removal
  • tissue debridement
  • breast lift and correction (bigger or smaller)
  • abdomen lift, adipose fold removal (abdominoplasty)
  • skin tightening in the upper part of hands, on the inner side of hips
  • genital organs operation, etc.

Skin defects surgery

  • benign and malignant skin alterations removal
  • pathologically changed or deformed vessels correction, etc.

Restorative surgery

  • women breast recovery after breast cancer removal
  • correction of genetic defects of body parts in children and adults
  • Correction of scars that appeared as a result of an accident
  • Micro- and reimplantation operation on extremities, etc.

The plastic surgery specialists in Germany use sparing minimally invasive methods and laser technologies that allow to shorten the rehabilitation period and achieve better results.

High professional level of the specialists and medical personnel in Germany is guaranteed. They use the newest equipment, integrated approach and individual programs of the treatment procedures and ideal conditions for rehabilitation.

List of some plastic surgery clinics in Germany and their services:

The “Marienhaus” clinic in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler offers the plastic and aesthetic surgery services like lips shape modeling, face wrinkles correction (Botox and Xeomin injection), skin rejuvenescence, face mesotherapy, skin dermabrasion/regeneration, skin laser treatment, etc. Besides that, the clinic offers its patients the following services: eyelid plastic surgery, lips shape correction, auricle correction, nose shape restoration or correction, forehead and neck lift, breast correction (bigger or smaller), making nipples smaller, sunken nipples correction, belly lift, hip plastic surgery, liposuction, etc.

The „Am Sonnenberg“ clinic in Wiesbaden offers you a full range of plastic and aesthetic surgery. The clinic is mainly specialized in:

  • reconstructive medicine
  • hand surgery
  • tissue shape and function restoration

The “Mang Medical One” clinic in Wiesbaden offers you the following services:

  • hair transplantation
  • hair transplantation using the sutureless FUE method
  • breast correction surgeries
  • making breast bigger or smaller
  • breast lift
  • making breast smaller in case of gynecomastia
  • implants replacement
  • and the upper part of hands lift
  • hip plastic surgeries
  • liposuction
  • genital organs surgery
  • sweat glands removal
  • eyelids, auricle and nose plastic surgery and also facelift

The “ProMed-Baden” clinic in Baden-Baden is the leading plastic surgery clinic in the field of face and body correction using the non-invasive method. Usage of this method helps to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, to lift the belly skin and the skin of the upper part of hands, to eliminate cellulite. Also, they perform the liposuction procedure with the LipoSonix method (a non-operative method that is based on use of ultrasonic waves). Besides that, dental surgery services are in the list of the clinic's fields of activity.

The “Klinik im Zentrum” in Baden-Baden offers such services as:

  • aesthetic dentistry
  • body correction and modeling
  • cellulite elimination
  • liposuction
  • swelled eyelids and “bags” under eyes removal, etc.

The chain of the “C-Tetik Klinik” in Dusseldorf, Munich, Hamburg provides professional services in the field of plastic surgery, such as swelled eyelids and “bags” under eyes removal, hyperhidrosis treatment (sweat glands removal), scars elimination, tattoo removal with a laser, permanent epilation, the Macrolane method to make breast bigger, thermic facelift, eyelids and nose shape change, hair transplantation. The “C-Tetik Klinik”s range of services also includes some aesthetic dentistry services and intimate surgery.

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