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Top vascular surgeons in Germany


Vascular disorders, both chronic and acute, are fairly common throughout the world. The biggest proportion of vascular patients is traditionally registered in the USA, Great Britain and Canada. In the past four years the vascular surgery clinics in Germany have witnessed a significant increase in patients who need the highly sophisticated vascular surgery.

With the view to this fact, the German weekly magazine FOCUS in close cooperation with the German Cardiovascular Society has recently published the list of the “Top vascular surgeons” in Germany.

The major parameter, which have been paid attention to during the comprehensive comparative survey were the following:

  • Treatment success rate and complication rates
  • “patient volume”, i.e. the number of treated patients (a year)
  • practical experience of the vascular surgeon
  • scientific excellence
  • recommendations

The rate of the best German vascular surgeons addresses the international patients who are planning to come to Germany for vascular surgery and are looking for the top medical services and the best angiology specialists.

Top score: The best vascular surgeons in Germany

You suffer from arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, vascular occlusion or diabetic foot or other vascular disease and are in search of an experienced vascular surgeon who specializes in vascular bypass or stenting? Please find some selected specialists for vascular surgery in Germany in the table below. All the surgeons on this list are certified specialists of the highest level and have been selected, according to the strictest criteria of an independent GMG Team.

SpecialistClinicScienti-fic contrib.Technological advanceMinimally invasive surgery/ reconstructive proceduresRecommended by other specialistsRecommended by patients
Univ.-Prof. MD Hans Scholz

Univ.-Prof. MD Hans Scholz

Evangelical Hospital in Berlin (Vascular department)

Special Treatment Areas

  • Treatment of aorta diseases;
  • Aortic dissection;
  • Treatment of narrowing of the carotid artery;
  • Surgery and interventions in aneurysms patients;
  • Peripheral revascularization;
  • Treatment of malignant tumors of the vascular system;
  • Minimally invasive reconstructive venous surgery;
  • Carotid endarterectomy (CEA).

Prof. Scholz and his team perform around 3120 surgical interventions a year. The state-of-the- art hybrid operating theatre, launched in 2009, contributes to higher precision of the therapeutic procedures.

Prof. Dr. Heiner Wenk

Prof. Dr. Heiner Wenk

Clinical Community “Gesundheit Nord” in Bremen

Special Treatment Areas

In the year 2013 the “Vascular Surgery Center”, headed by Prof. Heiner Wenk, has successfully undergone the certification of the German Society for Vascular Surgery and is ranked as the fifth center in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Special qualifications:

  • Bypass or endovascular treatment
  • The acute vessel closure - preclinical and clinical management
  • Aneurism surgery;
  • Peripheral “Bypass-surgery”
  • Varicose vein treatments

Prof. Wenk is a world known scientist and the author of numerous contributions and publications. He and his team perform around 800 aneurysm treatment a year. More than 1000 reconstructive vein surgery are carried out at the Vascular surgery center in Bremen. Close interdisciplinary collaboration with the Department for tumors in the abdomen as well as with the Bremen Cancer Society and the Cancer Center of the Cancer Society.

Dr. Thomas K. Weiler

Dr. Thomas K. Weiler

The Phlebology center in Pforzheim

(Since January 2005 Head of the Iterdisciplinary Phlebology Center in Pforzheim) Jameda Note: 1,2. 20 years of experience in the field of vascular surgery and phlebology. Training authorization in the field of Phlebology. National and international lectures


  • Professional Association of German Surgeons (BDC)
  • German Society for Vascular Surgery (DGG)
  • Professional Association of phlebotomists (BVP)

The major focus is the cosmetic-aesthetic aspect, both in surgery and in the non-surgical procedures. The special focus is gentle endovascular therapy in the treatment of varicose veins. The catheter treatment method CELON / RFITT, Laser (Elves Radial) and Venefit (VNUS Closure ™) are applied under the guidance of Dr. Weiler.

Prof. MD Christiane Bruns

Prof. MD Christiane Bruns

The Cardiovascular center in Kassel

Specialist for surgery, vascular surgery and phlebology at the Diakonie Hospital in Kassel Chief physician of the vascular surgery department

Qualifications: The endovascular specialist and endovascular surgeon (DGG) Full training authorization for vascular surgery Training authorization Phlebology.

Publications 302 presentations at the international scientific conferences Author and co-author of 87 national and international publications.

Memberships: Member of the German Society of Surgery, the German Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, the German Society of Visceral Surgery, Member of the International Society of Endovascular Specialists

MD. Malte Gerbig

MD. Malte Gerbig

Head of the Center for vascular surgery at the Clinic of Friedrichshafen

Special qualifications:

  • Treatment of closures / restrictions of
  • Cerebral arteries
  • Clavicle arteries (subclavian-steal-syndrome)
  • Visceral arteries
  • Pelvic arteries.
  • Groin and leg arteries

More than 5000 interventions (vascular surgery) are performed at the clinic.

Special techniques, applied at the department of Dr. Gerbig:

  • enucleation (endarterectomy, desobliteration), surgical removal of the blood clot (embolectomy)
  • Minimally invasive treatment of aneurysms
  • Prosthetic replacement or stent (inner stents) management
  • Vascular access for dialysis (renal replacement therapy)
  • Special arterial reconstructions
  • Revascularization (improving blood flow to undersupplied tissue by vascular surgery) in case of erectile dysfunction
  • Removal or reduction of arteriovenous malformations ("hemangiomas")
  • Management of complicated varicosity (varicose veins)
  • Acute vascular occlusion (embolism, thrombosis)
  • Vascular injuries (cuts, injuries, pseudoaneurysm)
  • Aneurysm rupture

2009 the Clinic has been certified as the Vascular Surgery Center with the special Qualification in minimally-invasive surgery.

Prof. MD. Werner Jung

Prof. MD. Werner Jung

(Medical Director of the Heart Center in Schwarzwald-Baar Klinikum). Heart surgeon/ angiology surgeon.

Special focus: Operation of the pelvic and femoral arteries Vascular constrictions management (Dilations) on vascular punctures or small incisions Besides the classical surgical procedure for the treatment of vascular problems, modern minimally invasive methods are implemented at the clinic, headed by Prof. Jung.

Special Awards: “TOP heart and vascular surgeon”, according to Jameda and Sanego survey 2015. Annually about 4000 patients with cardiovascular disorders are treated at the department of vascular surgery in Schwarzwald-Baar Klinikum.

Dr. Stefan Schulte

Dr. Stefan Schulte

“Am Neumark” — A private center for vascular surgery in Cologne

Focus Areas:

  • Vascular diagnosis
  • Thrombosis management
  • Minimally Invasive Varicose (laser method, radio wave therapy);
  • Arterial vascular Surgery of the cervical, abdominal and leg arteries;
  • Minimally invasive catheter procedures of the arteries (balloon dilatation, stents, stent grafts)


  • German Society of Surgery (DGCH);
  • German Society for Vascular Surgery (DGG);
  • European Society for Vascular Surgery (ESVS);
  • International Society for Vascular Surgery (ISVs);
  • International Society of Endovascular Specialists (ISES);
  • International Neuromodulation Society (INS);

Scientific and public activities

  • Numerous publications and scientific lectures;
  • Orientation and organization of vascular surgery workshops;
  • Congress secretary and organization of vascular surgery congresses;
  • Supporting international, clinical trials;
  • Co-author of technical books in vascular surgery;
  • Participation in the preparation of medical guidelines
Special signs:

Scientific contributions: -many contributions; - regular contributing to medical journals and participation in scientific conferences.

Technological advance: -well-equipped; - highly-equipped center.

Minimally invasive surgery/ reconstructive procedures: -highly efficient -state of the art technologies.

Specialists recommendation: -very recommended; -highly recommended;.

Patient recommendation: –very recommended; -extraodinary recommended.

Chronic and acute vascular constriction and closures as well as pathological expansions of vessels can not only significantly restrict the well-being, but also endanger the functionality of limbs and organs. Don’t postpone your visit to the vascular surgeon.

The pages of our website feature the diagnosis and treatment options of vascular diseases (surgical, conservative catheter-controlled etc.), available in Germany. You'll also get an overview of the research activities and diagnosis opportunities in the best European angiology centers. We wish you quick recovery!

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