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The vascular and venous system disorders need extremely delicate, technologically advanced and sophisticated approaches. Last year the German weekly magazine FOCUS has carried out a nationwide investigation in order to define the top phlebology specialists in Germany. Among the FOCUS responders there were 500 chief physicians and senior physicians of the most successful phlebology centers: Each of them has submitted written responses of recommended colleagues and departments. Besides, about 50 self-help groups have participated in the survey. The members of these groups have helped to learn more about the experiences of patients who have undergone vein treatment in Germany.

All the phlebologists, participating in the survey, were asked to give detailed information on the quality management techniques, applied at their clinic or department. The resulting average score was transferred to a three-point scale, reflecting the efforts of a clinic’s division.

The FOCUS “List of top German phlebologists” thus features those recognized specialists, who are appreciated in scientific circles and are strongly recommended both by the colleagues and the patients. We have analyzed the results of this survey as well as some other ratings, performed by the renowned information portals, such as Jameda, Sanega, Arzt-Auskunft, compared them with our own rating of the best phlebology specialists and want to introduce the GMG version of the most successful phlebology experts to you.

Top score phlebology specialists. The best vein treatment centers

SpecialistClinicRecom. by the colleguesScien-tific contributionPat. recommendationTechnological advanceFocus area
Prof. MD. h.c. mult. T. Ruzicka

Prof. MD. h.c. mult. T. Ruzicka

Phlebology and Dermatology Department at the University clinic of Munich (LMU)

Vein surgery; Thrombosis therapy; Ulcer surgery Foam sclerotherapy of large varicose veins as well as Sclerotherapy of small varices and obliteration of the spider veins: Laser therapy of varicose.

Research focus: Dermatology, Photo dermatology, phlebology, eczema treatment (Atopic eczema).

Awards and awarded memberships: Since 2012 Honorary Member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the USA; 2010 Medal of Honor, Vilnius University, Lithuania; Since 2008 Member of the National Academy of Sciences, the USA; 2008 Honorary Member, Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, the USA; Since 2007 Associate Member of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences; Since 1999 honorary doctorate of the University of Szeged, Hungary; 1991 Honorary Member of the Hungarian Dermatological Society.

Prof. MD. Richard Brandl

Prof. MD. Richard Brandl

Private phlebology Center in Munich

Foam sclerotherapy of large varicose veins Sclerotherapy of small varices and oblite-ration of the spider veins. Throm-bosis- detection, treatment and coun-seling Conserva-tive treatment of venous disease. Ulcer management.

Since 1990 phlebologist and vascular surgeon, recognized by the Bavarian Medical Association. Following his surgical training at the Clinic of Grosshadern and many years as a senior physician and senior physician at the University clinic Regensburg, he headed since 2002 the Department of Vascular Surgery at the Klinikum München-Schwabing.

Since 2012, he leads his vascular surgery-phlebology consultation in his own private practice.

Scientific activity: Regular contributions to the professional medical journals, lecturing at the University; Participation at the scientific conferences.

Dr. Thomas Weiler

Dr. Thomas Weiler

Phlebology center in Pforzheim

Catheter procedures. Celon method / RFITT, Laser (Elves Radial) and Venefit (VNUS Closure ™) Sclerotherapy

Dr. Thomas Weiler, Head of the private phlebology clinic in Pforzheim


  • German Society of Phlebology (DGP)
  • Professional Association of German phlebologists
  • Board member of the Association of sclerotherapy DGP
  • Board member of the Association Endovenous treatment of the DGP
  • Professional Association of German Dermatologists.

Scientific activity: Regular participation in the international medical conferences; contributions to the renowned scientific journals.

Prof. MD. Günter Germann

Prof. MD. Günter Germann

Clinic of aesthetic surgery“Ethianum”, Heidelberg

Varicose vein treatment. Radio-frequency ablation, bypassing, lаser techniques; Wound treatment; Сompression therapy; thrombotic therapy Duplex ultrasound (esp. diagnosis of blood flow).

Plastic surgeon with the additional qualification in phlebology. More than 12,000 surgeries have been performed under the guidance of Prof. Germann. Extraordinary wealth of experience in minimally-invasive vein surgery and aesthetic surgery.

MD Norbert Frings

MD Norbert Frings

Phlebology center “Capio Mosel Eifel Clinic” in Koblenz

Radio wave therapy. Catheter technique Stem vein-pre-serving surgical procedure - the Extraluminal valvuloplasty (EXVP). Crosse-ctomy and vein stripping.

Since 2007 Medical director of the phlebology clinic in Koblenz. Dr. Norbert Frings supports the German-vein League with his volunteer medical consultancy.

Scientific and academic activity: He is the author of the journal magazine "Venenspiegel", which appears twice a year with the circulation of 25,000 copies. Moreover Dr. Frings supports through his expert advice the German veins Academy and the International school of the vein medicine. Dr. Frings tops the FOCUS List of “100 best physicians in Germany”

Prof. Dr. med. Eberhard Rabe

Prof. Dr. med. Eberhard Rabe

Phlebology Department/Der-matology clinic, University of Bonn

Arterial occlusive disease treatment Radio wave method• VNUS® "Elastic stocking" Outpatient varicose vein surgery

Since 2002 President of the German Society of Phlebology Association (DGP). Member of the Advisory Committee of the International Forum for Surgery of Varices

Since 2013: Board Member European College of Phlebology; Editor-in- Chief: “Reviews in Vascular Medicine”; Member of the Honorary Board “Veins and Lymphatics”. Dr. Rabe and his team perform about 2500 vein surgeries a year.

Dr. Heiko Raude

Dr. Heiko Raude

„Ullstein-haus“ Clinic in Berlin

VenaSeal closure system; Vein stripping; Laser treatment (Elves radial) and radio-frequency therapy (VNUS closure) CHIVA technique

Head of the „Vein competence center“ in Berlin. Scientific focus: Minimally-invasive and non-invasive phlebology and lymphology treatment techniques. Since 2010 Head of the Vascular in Berlin / 2013 Re-certification of the Vascular Center. Since 2014 Deputy Head of Vascular Surgery.

Memberships: Member of the Аdvisory Bоard “Phleblogy and Lymhology“. Regular contributions to the International Journal “Phlebology Digest“. Dr. Heiko Raude and his team perform about 3000 vein interventions a year.

Special signs:

Recommendation of the colleagues: -recommended -highly recommended; -strongly recommended

Scientific contributions: -regular contributions to the professional editions -participation at the conferences, books authorship and numerous scientific contributions to professional journals

Patient recommendation: -recommended; –highly recommended; -strongly recommended.

Technological advance: -a well-equipped center -highly equipped center, advanced laser and ultrasound technologies.

It important to know: Venous disorders are not just a cosmetic problem but the frequently underestimated health hazard. It can cause permanent skin changes, persisting ulcers or even lead to venous thrombosis. The German vein centers offer the latest treatment options from classical operation on veins to the most advanced treatment methods. We want to make your choice of the best phlebology clinic as easy and successful as possible and would be glad to consult you about the modern vein therapy in Germany.

We wish you quick recovery!

Your GMG Team!

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