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Germany’s top urology specialists/ Best urology clinics


Every year the famous weekly magazine FOCUS performs the survey of the best urology clinics and surgeons in Germany so that the patients could make a conscious choice and benefit from being informed We have studied the recent ratings (2015/2016) and summarized the most relevant information for those international patients who seek advanced treatment of urology problems.

How is the score of the best urology centers and specialists estimated?

The December issue of the German weekly magazine FOCUS published the current rating of the best urology specialists and clinics in Germany (2015/2016). This list features 65 top urology surgeons and 35 top-scoring urology clinics, which managed to meet the strictest quality criteria of an independent FOCUS team.

In order to get included into such a reputed list, the specialist or the clinic should provide the safe urology services (urology treatment and urology tests) at the highest level of modern European medicine. The key criteria are:

  • The reputation of urology surgeon or urology clinic: more than 1400 German urology specialists had to estimate the services of their colleagues as well as to name the urology experts, which, in their opinion, can be trusted to.
  • The number of scientific publications: Only those urology specialists who introduce the scientific innovations and breakthroughs into their practical routine as well as regularly contribute to scientific journals or conferences are included into the FOCUS rating of “Top German Urology specialists”.
  • The number of treated cases (the so-called “Patient-volume” criteria): The best urology specialist should not only be scientists, but also practitioners. They should treat at least 300 patients a year and perform or guide at least 120 surgical interventions annually.
  • Level of technological advance, employed at the urology clinic during the urology treatment or surgery is also important. The best clinics should be equipped with the newest laser and ultrasound devices, the digital endoscopes for minimally invasive surgery, powerful microscopes and modern robotic surgery devices etc.).
  • Efficiency of treatment: Most severe forms of urology diseases can be effectively treated at the best German urology centers. Best urologists implement minimally invasive, sparing technologies, which help to eliminate the health problem as soft and quick as possible. The FOCUS team studies the success rates of treatments and takings this ratio into account during the estimation of the quality profile.

The best urologists in Germany have achieved extraordinary high results in prostate and kidney tumor treatment and other urogenital diseases. Such technologies as robotic surgery, green laser and other achievements and innovations of modern German medicine have already helped hundreds of thousands of international patients to overcome their disease and to restore health.

We want to make your choice of the best urology specialist as efficient as efficient and easy as possible. For this reason we have analyzed the health market situation in Germany as well as patients’ feedback and publish the list of the GMG rating “TOP Urology Surgeons” (2015/2016).

Top 10 urology specialists you can trust your health to!

SpecialistClinicScienti-fic contrib.Technological advanceCancer treatm.Prostate surgeryRecommended by patients
Priv.- Doz. Dr. Ahmed Magheli

Priv.- Doz. Dr. Ahmed Magheli

“Vivantes” Clinic in Berlin,
Member of the “Prostate Center” at the Urology Department at Charité.

European expert in prostate cancer treatment, prostate surgeon.

Tops the list of the “Best German Urologists 2016”, according to FOCUS and JAMEDA rating.

Dr. med. Ali Barnhoum

Dr. med. Ali Barnhoum

The Private Urology clinic “Uro-Clinic” Mannheim

Specialist in minimally invasive prostate surgery, andrology, holistic (medicinal) tumor therapy and palliative care. Special accreditation 2009 in “Robot-assisted urologic surgical procedures (Da Vinci)” Dr. Barnhoum is included into the JAMEDA “List of 10 top urology experts” 2016.

Dr. med. Walter G. Müller

Dr. med. Walter G. Müller

The private urology clinic in Wiesbaden

Awards: Dr. Müller is on the JAMEDA and SANEGO List of the “Top urology specialists 2015” in Germany. “The best urology surgeon”, according to FOCUS rating 2013 and 2015.

The scope of services, offered by Dr. Müller includes the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the kidney, bladder, testis and prostate, urinary incontinence, the erectile and sexual dysfunction, of urolithiasis, cancer prevention and outpatient surgery.

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Stief

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Stief

The Urology Clinic and Polyclinic (LMU), Munich

Department at the University Clinic in Munich, Head of the “Prostate Cancer Center” (DKG), Member of the urological “Tumorboard Munich”.

Performs surgery with the newest robotic surgery device “Da Vinci Si HD”.

This operating system was first installed in Europe in the Urological Clinic Munich Grosshadern and is the most sophisticated and advanced operating system available today.

MD Claus F. Fieseler

Prof. MD Claus F. Fieseler

The Urology and Nephrology Center at the Clinic of Friedrichs-hafen.

His professional team provides highly accurate diagnosis and treatment of all the diseases of the urinary tract, including malignant tumоrs, male sexual dysfunction, urinary incоntinence, pelvic pain, urinary stone disease, male infertility and prostate disorders. Special qualifications: Robot-assisted laparoscopy, reconstructive urological surgery, particularly urethral reconstruction surgery in children; Laser surgery of prostate enlargement (prostatitis).

Dr. med. Matthias Schmidt

Dr. med. Matthias Schmidt

The Urology Clinic at the GKH, Bonn

Specialist in urology, proctology and visceral surgery at the GKH Bonn. Since 01/2006 Founding partner of the Medical Centre Bonn – Friedensplatz (Urology center).

Special Qualifications: Robotic surgery with DaVinci system; Urologic Oncology; Pediatric Urology Neuro Urology; Harnsteinanalytik

Membership in professional associations: Member of the German Society of Urology – (DGU). Member of the Working Group of urinary cancer treatment - (DGU). Member of the Société Internationale d'Urologie –( SIU).

Special prizes: 1998 MSD Prize for scientific activity; 2000 Paul-Mellin Prize for innovative techniques of cancer treatment (NRW Urology Society).

MD Friedmann Meisse

MD Friedmann Meisse

Urologicum clinic in Munich

Awards: “TOP prostate cancer specialist”, according to the FOCUS ratings 2012, 2013 and 2016. Since April 2012, chief physician at Knappschaftskrankenhaus / Westfalen Clinic in Dortmund. About 30 years of practical experience in the field of prostate surgery.

Special Qualifications: Prostate cancer treatment, bladder infection management, vasectomy, infertility treatment, urodynamics assessment, cancer prevention, fertility treatment, shockwave treatment, incontinence treatment, laser therapy, chlamydia management, brachytherapy, syphilis management, anti-aging medicine, stress incontinence, brachytherapy, urethral stricture

The clinic of Dr. Meisse was one of the first clinics who launched PCA3 test (Prostate-cancer-Gen3 test). It is a new method of a molecular genetic test with excellent specificity for prostate cancer.

Prof. MD. Alexander Lampel

Prof. MD. Alexander Lampel

Urology and Pediatric Urology, Clinical center, Stuttgart

Awards: “Top Urology Specialist” 2015 and 2016 according to the FOCUS rating.

Special qualifications: Minimally invasive kidney stone treatment, DaVinci surgery, treatment of tumоrs of the urinary tract, male sexual dysfunction, urinary incоnt inence, pelvic pain, urinary stone disease, male infertility etc. Honorary member of the Southwest German Society for Urology (SwdGU).

Special signs:

Scientific contributions: -numerous contributions; - regular contributing to medical journals and participation in scientific conferences.

Technological advance: -well-equipped; - highly-equipped urology center.

Prostate surgery: -good, -extremely good.

Cancer treatment: -highly efficient; -cancer treatment at special “Cancer center”.

Patient recommendation: –very recommended; -extraodinary recommended.

These are only the few experts from the list of the best urologists in Germany. Currently the GMG analyzes the feedbacks of international patients, who have had a prostate surgery in Germany. We will gladly publish the nationwide survey of the “TOP PROSTATE CENTERS” in Germany as soon as we get all the necessary information from the patients who have experienced surgical intervention on prostate in the period of 2012-2015.

We wish you soft and quick recovery!

Your GMG Team!

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