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The best heart surgeon/ The best heart clinic in Germany


Annually the reputed weekly magazine FOCUS carries out the survey of the best heart clinics and surgeons in Germany. Being the most comprehensive comparative survey of medical services, “FOCUS List of top German clinics“ enjoys excellent reputation around the world and is viewed as a trustworthy quality report. Here we have collected some information about cardiac clinics and surgeons in Germany for the international patients who seek better quality of medical care.

The criteria, relevant for the independent FOCUS research team, include such crucial issues as sustainable treatment success of the surgery, complication rates, experience of the heart surgeons, clinical equipment, hygiene standards of the house etc. Besides each surgeon is due to recommend the surgeon colleagues, which, according to his or her opinion, deserve being applied to for qualitative treatment. An independent research team collects responses from 15,000 office-based physicians (heart surgeons) and quality reports of more than 1000 hospitals. After thorough comparative analysis the results are published in a special issue of the FOCUS magazine in December or January.

Top score: The best heart clinics in Germany

The lists of the best German heart surgeons and heart clinics address the international patients who are planning to come to Germany for cardiovascular surgery, but still have not found the suitable medical institution. The following heart clinics top the list of the “The best heart clinics in Germany”, according to the survey 2014/2015, carried out among the patients, who have already been treated in Germany.

Department/ ClinicThe total clinic scoreReputationMedicalService QualityHygienePatient satisfactionSpecial notes

Department of cardiovascular surgery surgery (Charitè University Clinic, Berlin); The “TOP national hospital of Germany”, according to the Focus 2016.

95 71 88 Annually about 3500 heart surgeries are performed at the Charitè department of heart (cardiovascular) surgery, headed by Prof. Volkmar Falk. Minimally invasive catheter-based procedures are widely implemented at this heart clinic. Close transdisciplinary cooperation with thoracic surgery and urology specialists. About 75 heart transplantation surgeries a year. More than 1000 pacemaker implantations were performed 2015.

Department of cardiology and angiology (University Clinic, Carl Gustav Carus in Dresden)

89 70 85 Transdisciplinary heart diagnosis center. Minimally invasive heart surgery. The operation range of the clinic covers the entire spectrum of modern cardiac surgery, thoracic aortic surgery and thoracic organ transplantation (heart). About 2 200 cardiac interventions are performed at the Department, headed by an experienced surgeon Prof. Klaus Matschke. Cardiac surgical intensive care unit with 23 beds. Special operating rooms for hybrid surgery.

Center of heart surgery (University clinic of Heidelberg)

79 63 78 The center of cardiac surgery at the University clinic in Heidelberg is headed by Prof. Matthias Karck, enjoys worldwide reputation for sophisticated interventions on heart. “Center for Heart Transplantation” in Heidelberg has already performed more than 450 successful transplantations of heart since 1989. Excellent interdisciplinary cooperation of heart surgeons; Hybrid heart surgery; Holistic treatment of cardiomyopathy. The department employs about 170 surgeons. Around 1800 surgeries on heart are performed annually at the “Heart center” of the University clinic in Heidelberg.

Clinic of cardiovascular surgery in Munich (LMU, University center)

76 78 75 The department is headed by an experienced heart surgeon Prof. Hagl. About 2500 interventions on heart are performed here annually. Heart transplantation surgery center, interdisciplinary cooperation of the best heart surgeons of the Bavaria region. Minimally invasive heart surgery with endoscopic techniques.

Heart, thoracic and vascular surgery in Freiburg

67 52 85 4D sonography equipment for heart diagnosis. Interventional cardiac valve surgery, using the endovascular techniques. Transdisciplinary heart diagnosis center. Minimally invasive heart surgery. About 25 surgeons are involved into the practical routine of the clinic.

Heart clinic and polyclinic department (University clinic Cologne)

73 71 76 The center is headed by Prof. Stephan Baldus and is one of the most efficient and well equipped heart clinics in Germany. Integrative (holistic) approach to heart diseases. Minimally invasive heart surgery. About 800 pacemaker implantations are performed annually.

Department of heart surgery (University clinic Bonn)

72 65 79 The best heart insufficiency treatment techniques; Hybrid heart surgery. Minimally invasive heart surgery. The best congestive heart failure specialists (heart surgeons) in Germany. About 1200 heart surgeries are performed annually at this department.
The highest “Focus” score: 100; Reputation: – recommended-patients recommendation, – frequently recommended, – highly recommended.
Hygiene standards: -good; -extremely good.

The list of the best heart surgeons

Heart surgery abroad is not an easy step. Making a good decision may determine the success of further treatment. The incorrect steps may prove to be fatal. The top priority for patients, suffering from cardiovascular diseases is finding the best medical expert and the clinic, tailored to his or her individual needs. To make the choice easier, we publish the latest list of the best heart experts, which includes those professionals who are selected according to strict criteria relating to the

  • level of professional qualifications,
  • scientific contributions
  • the number of successfully completed surgeries
  • the level of professional expertise
  • “feedback” of patients

We believe that the empiric approach is the most efficient and helpful one. In finding the best heart surgeon for you we judge from the experience of thousands of patients, who have already been treated in Germany and sent us their feedbacks. Further below we present you the best heart surgeons, according to the GMG nationwide survey (carried out among the international patients and the German cardiac specialists).

The best heart specialistsClinicsHeart surgeons recommended by our patientsRecommended by the medical colleaguesSpecial notes concerning medical specialization
Prof. MD. Ingo Kutschka

Prof. MD. Ingo Kutschka Medical Director of the Heart and Thoracic Surgery

University Clinic of Magdeburg. More than 20 years of practical experience in the field of heart surgery. Since 2013 – head of the department of cardiac surgery in Magdeburg. Prof. Kutschka and his professional team offer a wide range of innovative and complex cardiothoracic surgical interventions. These include, inter alia, minimally invasive procedures for heart valve repair or valve replacement, interventional cardiac valve surgery, coronary bypass arterial surgery with and without the use of cardiopulmonary bypass, aortic surgery including modern endovascular techniques and implantation of ventricular assist devices.
Prof. MD Detlev Jäger

Prof. MD Detlev Jäger (Chief physician of the heart surgery center at the Clinic of Friedrichshafen).

Clinic of Friedrichshafen Surgeon with more than 20 years of practical experience. Head of the cardiovascular center in Friedrichshafen for more than 15 years. Implantation of modern stenting systems; Therapy of morbid cardiac muscle growth; Modern techniques in atrial fibrillation; Balloon dilation and stenting in complex anatomy disorders; Prof. MD Jäger guides about 277 pacemaker implantation surgeries a year. About 150 bypass interventions are performed at the department, headed by Prof. Jäger.
Prof. MD. Werner Jung

Prof. MD. Werner Jung (Medical Director of the Heart Center in Schwarzwald-Baar Klinikum).

Schwarzwald-Baar Klinikum Heart surgeon/ angiology surgeon. Head of the biggest “Chest Pain Center” in Europe. Annually Prof. Jung performs more than 132 heart catheterizations surgeries in patients with CHD (coronary heart disease); Special diagnostics and therapy in advanced heart failure. Closure of arterial septum defects. Interventional therapy of arterial vascular diseases. More than 122 pacemaker implantations are performed under the guidance of Prof. Jung.
Prof. MD. Landmesser

Prof. MD. Landmesser (Chief Medical Director of the Heart Surgery Department at the Charité University Clinic in Berlin).

Charité University Clinic in Berlin Since 2012 Honorary Professor, Cardiovascular Science Institute, University College London. Since 2014 Head of the interdisciplinary “Heart surgery center” and “Stroke Unit” at Charité University Clinic. The team, headed by Prof. Landmesser performs all kind of minimally invasive heart surgeries Treatment techniques include: Minimally invasive cardiac catheterization. Treatment of constricted or blocked coronary arteries (PCI, PTCA) Acute myocardial infarction treatment. LAA closure and treatment of the congenital heart diseases Balloon dilation/ heart bypass surgery etc.
Prof. MD Klaus Amend

Prof. MD Klaus Amend (Chief heart surgeon at the “Diakonissen” Clinic Mannheim)

“Diakonissen” Clinic Mannheim Specialist with more than 25 years of practical experience. The best heart surgeon, Experienced specialist in angiology, invasive cardiology, phlebology, Additional qualification: Interventional therapy of arterial vascular disease. About 1150-1200 cardiovascular surgeries are performed a year under the supervision of Prof. Amend. Head of the best widely nationally recognized heart and arterial disease treatment. Prof. Klaus Amend and his team implement the whole scope of angiology methods: methods of vessel opening, balloon catheterization, implantation of stents, mechanical vascular opening by cutting with laser techniques (excimer laser angioplasty), etc.
Prof. MD. Wolfram Delius

Prof. MD. Wolfram Delius (Head of the interdisciplinary Cardiac center in Munich). Heart surgeon. Special qualification: rehabilitation after heart surgery.

Head of the interdisciplinary Cardiac center in Munich Prof. MD W. Delius and his team specialize in treatment of congenital heart diseases, blood vessels disorders and associated pathologies. Special fields of medical specialization includes: Hypertension and hypotension treatment. Treatment arrhythmias. Congenital and acquired Heart defects. Rehabilitation after heart attacks. Rehabilitation after strokes.
Prof. MD. Michail Dreher

Prof. MD. Michail Dreher The best German pulmonology specialist (According FOCUS 2015) Head of the surgery department at the State Aachen clinic.

State Aachen clinic. Prof. MD. Michail Dreher has been acknowledged as the best pulmonary specialist, according to the “List of top medical experts 2015”. The medical focus of the surgical department, headed by Prof.MD. Dreher lies in the field of lung and respiratory diseases. The areas of clinical research of the department include the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods for treatment of lung diseases.
Prof. MD. Karl Mischke

Prof. MD. Karl Mischke Top cardiology specialist, (According to FOCUS 2014) Head of the Cardiology Department at the State Clinic of Aachen.

State Aachen clinic. Clinical-scientific priorities of the cardiology department, headed by Prof. Mischke, are coronary heart diseases with particular emphasis on interventional therapy. The areas of scientific expertise include treatment of heart failure and arrhythmia, in particular by means of ablation and implants, noninvasive cardiac imaging and cardiomyopathy treatment. About 500 surgical interventions on heart are performed at this cardiac center.
Prof. Dr. Georg Fröhlich

Prof. Dr. Georg Fröhlich (Head of the Department of Interventional surgery at Charité (University clinic of Berlin).

Charité University Clinic in Berlin rofesional training in interventional cardiology at the University College London (England), as well as surgical training in aortic valve implantation (TAVI) at Leeds General Infirmary (Leeds / England). Main research interests: Clinical procedures (close scientific cooperation with the University College London), Deputy Editor of the "Open Heart - British Medical Journal". Since 2015 Senior Physician for interventional cardiology at Charité. Prof. Fröhlich supervises more than 2000 surgical interventions a year.
Special signs: Patient recommendation: -recommended, -highly recommended
Recommendation of the medical colleagues:-recommended,-highly recommended,

We endeavor to navigate you to the best heart surgeon, who has at least 15 years of practical experience and performs more than 150 surgical interventions a year. We have studied the market of medical services in detail in order to be able to advise you in a most reliable, competent and informative way. In our activity we are guided not only with the results of FOCUS survey and other “second hand information” sources, but rather proceed from the successful experience of the international patients, who have already had heart surgery at the best cardiac centers in Germany.

The brilliant German heart specialists want you to benefit from the high level of surgery expertise in Germany and contribute to your better quality of life.

We wish you a soft and fast recovery!

Your GMG Team!

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