Risk of coronary heart disease and hypertension for women.

03.03.2016 14:19:07

Physical activities increase a risk of coronary heart disease and hypertension for women.

Women with high blood pressure, whose life and work are connected with high physical activity, have a big chance to get hypertension and heart disease, then those, who also have high blood pressure, but lead a relatively quiet life.

Such conclusion was made by scientists from the Danish University. The conclusions of this work were published in one of the most popular journals of Cardiology.

The first leading cause of death in the USA is heart disease. Statistics show that one in three women, who died from disease, one died due to heart disease.

Medical works, published long before this study, suggest that heavy physical activities may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease of any gender.

Experts from the Danish University organized a medical examination and physical activity analysis among twelve thousand nurses from different clinics of Denmark to find out the link between high physical activity and heart disease.

There are two groups of nurses depending on physical workload:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle (sitting job, physical inactivity).
  2. High activity lifestyle (heavy work with constant movements, standing, pulling heavy objects and other physical work).

Individuals were under the supervision of doctors for 15 years. During this time, about 600 women get sick of coronary heart disease, at the same time nearly 13% had high pressure. Based on the test questionnaire, 47% of girls said they have jobs with high physical activity, another 35% has moderate activity during the working day, and the remaining 18% has a sedentary job.

The results of the study, which lasted fifteen years and included thousands of women, show that women, who have high blood pressure and the work with high physical activity have a risk coronary heart disease in several times more chances than women with the normal blood pressure and relatively quiet lifestyle.

According to this study heavy work together with high blood pressure have negative effects on the heart health and the cardiovascular system.

High blood pressure affects the heart disease for extra 15-20 cases per ten thousand people, at the same time the high physical activity adds to this figure another five cases.

Pay attention to your heart and don´t increase physical activity too much!

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