Fertility? ILO! - Founder interview

13.11.2018 12:28:42

Prof. MD. Ludwig Wildt and MD. Horst Rüther have developed a new device that allows women to track their fertile days and increase the likelihood of pregnancy. The device is super easy to use - and currently available through the ILO Crowdfunding campaign with strong discounts.

In the following you will learn more about the innovative invention of the two and the founding of the company.

Women can track their fertile days with the ILO Breath Air Analyzer. How does the device work?

The woman breathes 60 seconds per day into the breathing air analyzer ILO. The course of the CO2 partial pressure is observed over the cycle. With the help of a self-learning algorithm, the fertility of the woman can be determined in a simple way.

How reliable is the tracking technology of the ILO?

We define the fertility of the woman with 6 days. On average, ILO recognizes 5 out of 6 fertile days of the user.

What is special about the ILO breathing air analyzer?

Unlike other methods, ILO determines the fertile days of the woman in real time and not in retrospect. The technology of breath analysis for determining the fertile days is a world first. Here we have the patent for the EU and the USA.

How long can the device be used? Does it have to be exchanged at some point - if so, when?

The device is designed for several years. There are no parts that need to be rebuilt. The mouthpiece can also be washed in the dishwasher. The app can be updated regularly.

When was the company founded - and with what goal?

Carbomed was founded in 2014 by Prof. dr. Ludwig Wildt and his co-founder Dr. Horst Rüther founded to develop a device for couples with children. Prof. Dr. Wildt has already published in the 90s, the first studies on the detection of fertility via breathing air.

What has changed since the company was founded? Which achieved milestones are you particularly proud of?

In the 4-year development period, 4 studies were carried out with more than 100 test persons and the measuring system was continuously developed. We succeeded in making a technology that was previously only used in the professional sector accessible to the end user. We are particularly proud to have brought the device to production maturity and to enter the market next year.

How long did you need to develop the product?

Due to extensive user studies and complex technical challenges, the development of ILO took four years.

What were the biggest obstacles during the start-up?

To design a breathing air analyzer as appealing as possible for women and to develop the algorithm especially for women with irregular cycles.

Why did you choose the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo? Can you recommend the platform to other startup founders?

It is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the world. In addition, you can see exactly where our potential lies. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Indiegogo lets you analyze where buyers come from.

You have already reached your crowdfunding goal. How did you market your product and the campaign in recent weeks and months?

We have marketed ILO through various social media channels and our website. In addition, we were able to inspire some journalists for our product.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Our vision is to establish a true lifestyle product worldwide that is automatically integrated into everyday life like brushing one's teeth. We want to be the first point of contact for children's desire and natural prevention on the market.

Do you plan to launch more products in the future?

There are many interesting areas in the field of respiratory air analysis. Among other devices would be conceivable especially for competitive sports or for health.

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