Breast Cancer is Increasingly Common in Pregnant Women

14.12.2018 15:34:06

Approximately 2% of patients with breast cancer have been diagnosed during pregnancy. At the same time, over the last 20 years, an increase in the number of cases has been clearly visible. Along with the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer, breastfeeding is an issue for sick women during pregnancy. “In principle, you can breastfeed after surgery, as well as after radiation therapy and chemotherapy. However, it often leads to inflammation or a small amount of milk in the mother. Therefore, observation by an experienced obstetrician-gynaecologist is recommended,” says Johannes Berge, Head Physician of the Breast Centre in Salzkammergut.

According to him, it is also important to explain any changes and suspicious indurations in the breast during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding, in principle, has a protective effect on the female breast. The more children the woman has given birth to, and the longer she has breastfed them, the more insignificant the risk of getting breast cancer is. Breastfeeding does not have a positive or negative effect on prognosis for existing cancers.

Regular exercise and movement reduce the risk of breast cancer. Undoubtedly, nicotine, especially in the first years after the first menstruation, has a detrimental effect on the female breast.

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