Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

The web site of German Medical Group provides information about German clinics that offer the most modern methods of treatment of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, muscular neuropathy and other pathologies of the central nervous system.

Usefull Information About Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

In the first place German neurologists use a number of medications that have a beneficial effect on the patient's immune system in order to induce a persistent remission of a diffuse nervous disease. The course of drug therapy is selected individually considering the physical and psychological condition of the client.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis always begins with the scheduled use of immunomodulators and immunosuppressants. In Germany, interferons are one of the most popular type of immunomodulators. They control the reproduction activity of immune cells, helping to reduce the recurrence of the disease. The group of immunoglobulins, stopping the destruction of myelin sheaths of neurons, is considered the most effective.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis in Germany can not obviate the use of these immunosuppressants: Cytostatics and Glucocorticosteroids. Each one of them reduces to a certain degree the inflammatory processes and reconstructs the conductivity of nerve impulses through the retained neuron fibers.

Speech therapy is a popular rehabilitative method of therapeutic algorithms widely used in neurological clinics in Germany. Treatment of multiple sclerosis using speech therapy techniques prevents the development of speech disorders, that can later lead to a serious deterioration of thinking, memory, attention, perception. Pathology of hearing, speech apparatus, swallowing functions can be effectively treated using following popular methods:

  • F.O.T.T. (Facio-Orale Trakt Therapie, Therapy of the Facio-Oral Tract);
  • PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, method of corresponding the motor reactions and the neural impulse);
  • TAKTKIN (Treatment of speech disorders by combining motor and sensory sensations);
  • Padovan (neurofunctional reorganization of the brain), etc.

Such systematic treatment of multiple sclerosis makes it possible to stop the degradation of person's higher psychic functions and allows him to remain socially active. Speech therapy of multiple sclerosis in Germany is closely intertwined with the physiotherapy program. When patient performs special exercises the microcirculation of blood in his body increases, carrying the necessary substances and hormones to the brain structures. Thus, it improves the nervous impulsation, and motor disturbances get corrected.

Since 2000, the neurological department of the University Clinic of Tübingen, closely cooperating with the innovative Institute of Clinical Studies of the Herti Foundation, is considered the largest neurological center in Germany. Ambulatory department for treatment of neuroimmunological diseases led by Professor Ulf Zimann, offers a complex interdisciplinary treatment of all types of inflammatory pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system (multiple sclerosis), as well as of skeletal muscles (muscular neuropathy). The Neurology Center consists of a number of modernized subdivisions: Epileptology, cognitive neurology, treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, functional diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, etc. All of them offer the most modern technologies for a complex treatment of neurological diseases of different genesis and manifestation forms. In particular, the treatment of nervous system impairments is carried out in accordance with the world's best rehabilitation, diagnostics and therapy programs.

The Augustahospital Universal Clinic in Isselburg annually provides impeccable medical support for more than 1500 patients. In 2006, the medical center was completely modernized. The clinic has at its disposal the newest equipment for diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis and inflammatory pathologies of neurological character, as well as for therapy of Parkinson's disease.

For 25 years the specialists of Augustahospital clinic were directing their efforts to the creation of unique conditions to develop independence of their clients. Treatment of multiple sclerosis is one of the priority specializations of the neurological institution. Modern diagnostic methods, such as MRI and differential analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, as well as the use of medications of an exceptional quality have made the treatment of multiple sclerosis effective and fast. According to the evaluation results by the respectable weekly medical journal The Focus, this year the Augustahospital clinic led by Dr. Michael Haupt was among the 14 best clinics of Germany, offering the most effective treatment of multiple sclerosis.

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