Tooth Repair

Tooth Repair

Chipped or broken tooth is always a trouble, especially if it is in a front, but, currently, when it is so many solutions how to reconstruct damaged teeth, it is not real problem. The cosmetic dentistry easily could repair your healthy but damaged tooth in one of following way.

Usefull Information About Tooth Repair

Bonding is a placing resin or composite on the damaged teeth. This restoration is perfectly good for chipped or fractured teeth and allows replacing missing piece with tooth colored restoration. The material is composition of plastic and glass that give it the features the both component – elasticity and flexibility of resin and durability and glossing appearance of glass. Composite is bounded to the teeth on the level of micro structure and joint hardly could be seen. Restored tooth will look absolutely naturally. There are also some disadvantages of bonding: it does not last forever and could became dull with time. And it is only good for very small damages, otherwise composite not strong enough to replace bigger portion of the tooth.

Veneers are the plates to cover the damaged, crooked or badly shaped teeth. They made of porcelain or composite. Porcelain veneers are more expensive, but they worth their price. Porcelain is durable and natural looking material, it does not stain and could withstand pressure. They have only one problem: it is necessary to remove a part of enamel to attach them and not all the people think, it is a good deal. As a rule, they are not recommended to very young people as theirs jaw still growing and mouth is changing.

Composite is less expensive and does not need any preparations to be applied, but it wears out and stains with time. Composite veneers do not affect tooth enamel.

In any case, you have a choice. The most of German dental clinics provide both options and you could consult what is better for you before treatment.

Before development of aesthetic dentistry a crown was the only way to cover a crooked tooth. And in many cases, it is still applicable, for example, when you have broken a significant part of your tooth. Bonding or veneers could not help in this case as they are not so strong to replace a missed part. The dentistry could offer a choice of crowns made of composite, porcelain, gold. The ways of applying is also different from traditional to one time CEREC treatment, when a crow is produced immediately after digital diagnostic. The crown is a good option when you have a half of your tooth lost.

If you have your whole tooth lost, a crown could not help. Even if you have a healthy roof, it is worthless. You need implantation. In this case, modern digital technology is very helpful. If you choose traditional implantation, you first need to remove the rest of your tooth together with a root and, then, to wait while a gum have been cured that could take a few months. CEREC 3D technology simplifies a process significantly. After computer imaging of your situation, restoration is produced and implantation can be done immediately after the root extraction.

The same method could help not only to repair a single tooth but for restoration a whole dentition does not matter if it was damaged mechanically of as result teeth disease. The process is exactly the same. CEREC could design any project involving restorative works, single implants bridges, inlays, onlays, or veneers. If you do not have any chronicle diseases of gum or need of bone graft, you could have a whole mouth of new teeth in one visit to the dentist.

Here you can find some estimations based on average prices for the main restorative works

Price*, EUR USA UK Germany
Porcelain veneers, per one tooth 1.100 € 725 € From 475 €
Composite bonding, per tooth 180-620 € 105-300 € 85-240 €
Inlay, per piece 220-1.300 € 80-200 € 100-250 €
Onlay, per piece 310-1.300 € 80-200 € 100-250 €
Dental Crown, Composite from 800 € from 950 € from 597 €
Dental Crown, Gold from 900 € from 800 € from 598 €
Dental Crown, Porcelain from 1.800 € from 1.800 € from 1.100 €
Dental implantation cost, one tooth from 1.300 € from 1.500 € from 697 €
Bridge cost from 1.200 € from 1.600 € 800-1.000 €
Low-cost dentures, per arch 550-900 € from 760 € from 400 €
Partial dentures, per piece 600-1.600 € from 490 € from 400 €
CEREC 3D on request on request on request

*All the prices are based on a few estimations from different sites and could not be an offer. Please enquire to clinics for precise pricing

For individual project calculation please call via GMG to any clinic on your choice. The German clinic provide all of possible methods of repair and reconstruction if the teeth at affordable prices. The dentists and other staff could speak English. With technologies like CEREC you could finish your treatment in one day and enjoy sightseeing.

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