Rosacea is a disease caused by a violation of blood microcirculation, which occurs due to the expansion and fragility of small vessels of sensitive skin. If the skin is susceptible to external factors, it reacts to them with redness or inflammation. Owners of sensitive skin, which is a prerequisite for rosacea, often experience itching, burning, tingling of the skin with the slightest changes in air temperature, washing or touching.

The skin reaction in the form of uniform redness is most often manifested on the forehead, chin, nose and cheeks. Further development of rosacea leads to permanent redness caused by the expansion and fragility of blood vessels. Telangiectasia (dilation of small vessels) becomes so obvious that it is noticeable to others. The problem of rosacea is usually more familiar to women than men. Dark-skinned women are threatened by rosacea to a much lesser extent than owners of fair skin.

Rosacea, like any disease, can be associated with a genetic predisposition. To reduce the risk of this disease, it is necessary to avoid exposure to adverse factors that disrupt capillary blood flow and cause venous stagnation of blood.

  • Temperature differences. A sharp temperature fluctuation negatively affects the condition of sensitive skin predisposed to rosacea. It is necessary to protect the skin from excessively hot or cold exposure.
  • Spicy and hot food is an ally of rosacea, so it is better to avoid it.
  • Smoking is a vicious enemy of health. This addiction negatively affects the work of the circulatory system. It is better not to allow yourself such a harmful addiction.
  • Alcohol. The vasodilating effect of alcoholic beverages, especially red grape or mountain ash wine, will not slow down to affect the condition of the skin.
  • Ultraviolet rays cause vascular fragility, negatively affect metabolic processes in the body. Beware of prolonged exposure to the open sun.
  • Do not overuse coffee, bitter or hot chocolate. And even better, you should completely exclude these products from the diet, because they have a strong stimulating effect on blood circulation.
  • Stressful situations provoke the occurrence of rosacea. Emotional experiences are accompanied by an increase in pressure, as a result of which the normal functioning of blood vessels is disrupted, the walls of capillaries are destroyed.

If you have already encountered the problem of rosacea, do not despair. There are effective methods of treating this disease. Let's get acquainted first, what can be dangerous for rosacea.

If the signs of rosacea have already become your problem in the form of unwanted excessive blush, dry skin and noticeable vessels on the face, it is necessary to urgently apply medical measures. Recall that rosacea is a disease, and it needs to be treated. There is nothing more important for any woman than preserving the beauty and prolonging the youthfulness of the skin. Rosacea, with development, leads to aging of the skin, because it does not receive the necessary amount of nutrients and oxygen due to circulatory problems. The skin loses its healthy natural color, becomes pale, acquires a grayish hue.

Even the professional help of qualified cosmetologists can be nullified if you do not learn how to properly care for skin prone to rosacea. Here are some tips on how to do this.

  • Cleansing. For skin suffering from rosacea, dehydration of integuments and tissues is relevant. If soap or soap foam is used for washing, the lipid (special fat molecules) protective film is destroyed, which protects the skin from evaporation of water molecules. Already sensitive skin reacts quickly to moisture loss. You can avoid such a reaction by using only special mild cleansers. You should not use too hot or cold water under any circumstances. Only warm water for washing and removing decorative cosmetics. And it is even better to use cosmetic cream or make-up remover milk to cleanse dry skin. They contain vegetable oils, so they have a beneficial effect on the skin, nourish and moisturize it.
  • Hydration and nutrition. With rosacea, sufficient and timely hydration and nutrition of the skin is of particular importance. Creams containing film-forming (filmogenic) substances are the best suited for this. Well nourish and moisturize the skin with the inclusion of linoleic acid, vitamins C, K, E, which also fight the fragility of the walls of blood vessels. In summer, it is necessary to use special day creams to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, and at night you can treat the skin with a soothing serum.
  • Toning. Products containing alcohol should be completely excluded from the care of skin prone to rosacea. They cause dryness and irritation of the skin. There are tonics, which include components that have an action aimed at combating rosacea. Such components include Ussuri hops, chestnut, cypress, fir or pine, juniper, vitamins K, C and rutin.
  • Peels and scrubs. It is absolutely unacceptable to use hard abrasives in the care of skin suffering from rosacea. Preference should be given to mild exfoliating agents, masks made of white clay, very mild peels. The procedure should be carried out carefully, trying not to injure sensitive skin. Sponges, brushes and brushes for applying and removing the mask will not work. Only careful manipulations with the help of finger pads or sponge. The duration of the product's stay on the face should be 1-2 minutes.

The skin prone to rosacea, very thin and sensitive in structure, is susceptible to inflammatory processes. She requires increased attention and caring care not only at home, but also in beauty salons. The procedures carried out with rosacea are aimed at preventing the appearance of redness, irritation, and dryness of the skin.

With rosacea, the skin needs deep cleansing more than ever. But the skin cleansing procedure should be very delicate and gentle, and it can be carried out correctly only in a specialized beauty salon. It is categorically contraindicated in rosacea to conduct vaporization procedures (a kind of hardware steam baths), as well as peels carried out by mechanical and chemical methods. The exception is enzyme peeling using enzymes (biologically active substances, enzymes). It affects the skin very gently, loosening it and ensuring the penetration of medicinal preparations into deeper layers. To relieve inflammation in the conditions of a beauty salon, hardware irrigation with vapors of plant extracts – sage or lavender can be used.

Procedures aimed at nourishing the skin are carried out after its preliminary cleaning. Highly concentrated products containing active ingredients are applied to the skin of the face (with the exception of the eye area): vitamins (for example, fat-soluble vitamin K), skin moisturizing oils from grape seeds or mallow extract, multivitamin complexes (vitamins E, A, and K).

Masks for skin prone to rosacea

If rosacea is complicated by vascular rosacea (a combination of vascular skin lesions and pink acne), then such skin, as a rule, is thin and atrophic, prone to the early appearance of small facial wrinkles. The comprehensive care for her should include strengthening masks and sheets with collagen.

Most of the drugs and procedures aimed at strengthening blood vessels and increasing their tone have a symptomatic effect, i.e. reduces the visible manifestations of rosacea, but does not eliminate it at all. With significant manifestations of rosacea, measures for its treatment should be aimed at eradicating the causes of the disease. The basis of modern methods of treatment of rosacea is such an impact on the expanded capillary, which leads to its complete destruction and removal. At the same time, blood circulation in the vascular bed is not disturbed, since reserve capillaries are included in the bloodstream.

In modern cosmetology, the following methods of vascular correction are used for rosacea:

  • Electrocoagulation. It is aimed at destroying the expanded vessel by an electric pulse passed through a thin needle. Technically, the procedure is quite simple, but it has its drawbacks. If the area of the affected area of the skin is large, then the manipulation will be very long in time and will leave numerous traces of redness from the needle. A variant of electrocoagulation is diathermocoagulation using a hair electrode. The procedure is performed once a week in several stages, as the largest altered vessels are removed first, and then small telangiectasias. Sometimes micro-scars and pigment spots remain after it.
  • Photo and laser therapy. Various types of treatment of rosacea using laser (pulsed and long-pulse dye-based, continuous action) therapy and phototherapy are selected taking into account the type and severity of rosacea. The advantages of the laser include the possibility of treating a severe degree of couperosis, whereas with minor lesions, the expediency of its use is not justified - in this case it is better to resort to ozone therapy. Complications of photo and laser therapy are spot defects and pigment spots, or partial or complete discoloration of the skin in the affected areas. It is possible to avoid this if you responsibly approach the choice of a clinic and a cosmetologist. Before prescribing procedures, a competent doctor will conduct a test for skin sensitivity and determine its phototype.
  • Ozone therapy. The essence of the method is reduced to the introduction of an oxygen-ozone mixture through a microneedle into the lumen of the vessel. Due to the maximum saturation of skin cells with oxygen, their energy and functioning are enhanced, which leads to the disappearance of deformation of the vessel walls. The method is very effective and safe, does not leave scarring and pigmentation, unlike electrocoagulation, laser or sclerosing therapy. With rosacea-complicated rosacea, before ozone therapy, you should get rid of acne.
  • Radio wave coagulation of blood vessels. It is performed using a device that generates a high-frequency current (Fotek, Surgitron). The advantages of the method are an instant effect, no risk of skin burns, a small number of sessions (from 1 to 3 with a break of 1 month).

Even after carrying out any salon method of treatment of rosacea, the results obtained should be constantly supported by proper skin care at home. Regular intake of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) or ascorutin (vitamins C and P) will help to consolidate the result and take care of the prevention of relapses of rosacea.

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