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Proctology in Germany is an area of medicine specializing in proctologic diseases. The use of therapeutic and surgical treatment methods together with the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies allows German clinics to achieve excellent results.

The range of services of proctology in Germany includes the search of causes and the treatment of such diseases as:

  • Hemorrhoids, polyps, fistulas;
  • Rectal prolapse;
  • Anal abscesses and cracks;
  • Regular constipations;
  • Incontinence of urine and feces;
  • Cancer of bowel, anus;
  • Thrombosis or eczema in the anal area;
  • Coloproctological diseases.

Proctology in Germany as an area of medicine is able to help you if you experience the first signs of such proctological diseases, as:

  • Pain, bleeding, itching in the anal area;
  • Sense of discomfort and itching;
  • Burning sensation during defecation;
  • Proctorrhea;
  • Neoplasms in the anal area.

The following diagnostic methods are used in proctology in Germany:

  1. Rectum examination
    • proctoscopy Is used for diagnostic of polyps, inflammation in the rectum. Proctoscope is introduced into the anal orifice of the patient who is lying on the side. With the help of the proctoscope the doctor can easily examine the intestines and the anus. During proctoscopy drugs can also can be injected.
    • rectoscopy Is carried out with the help of rectoscope – the device with a long tube, a lamp and a lens. Rectoscopy is performed if pain in the anal area, constipation, bleeding and excretion of mucus are present. This method of diagnostic in the area of proctology in Germany allows the doctor to examine the anus at a depth of 30 cm.
    • colonoscopy This method of diagnosis in the field of proctology in Germany makes it possible to examine the entire colon up until the small intestine. An elastic probe is used as a colonoscope. It is inserted into the patient lying on a side. Sometimes colonoscopy is performed with anesthesia.
  2. Examination of the anus and rectal with ultrasound
  3. Computed tomography
  4. Dynamic defecography It is an examination method in the area of proctology in Germany where X-ray pictures of the defecation process are taken. A barium mixture is injected into the rectum with a special syringe for this procedure. The images, which are taken during the defecation, make it possible to reveal the abnormalities of the anal muscles.
  5. Anorectal manometry It is an examination method in the area of proctology in Germany which allows to reveal neuroreflectory anomalies of muscles and tissues of the rectum and small intestine. Two hours prior to the examination the patient is clysterized and is not allowed eat anything before the procedure. The diagnostic itself takes half an hour. Doctor inserts a catheter into the patient and starts pumping a ball thus creating pressure. This way it is possible to define the minimum volume of the bowel before the occurrence of feeling of fullness.

Modern proctology in Germany offers most innovative treatment methods, among which are:

  • Hemorrhoidectomy It is a method of hemorrhoids treatment in the area of proctology in Germany that represents a surgical intervention during which the hemorrhoidal knots are resected. The intervention is performed in hemorrhoids of various stages of development. If the disease reaches stage III, the scraping of knots using the Longo's technique is carried out. The operation is completely painless. At the end a suturing device is used, its working principle is very similar to that of a stapler.
  • Colonoscopy This method of diagnostic and treatment of diseases in the area of proctology in Germany was described above. Together with the diagnosis, polyps can also be removed during a colonoscopy.
  • Transanal removal of polyps Endoscopic techniques are used for the treatment of cancer with the transanal removal of polyps through the rectal lumen. Since the 80s this method has become widely spread in the area of proctology in Germany.

Surgical methods of treatment also include:

  • Condyloma elimination;
  • Correction in mucosal prolapse;
  • Elimination of polyps and tumors in anus;
  • Surgical intervention in case of a rectum prolapse;
  • Anal fissure surgery.

If you are interested in the methods of diagnostic and treatment in the area of proctology in Germany, please contact us in one of the described ways convenient for you. The specialists of German clinics will provide you with professional assistance.

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