Parkinsons Disease Treatment

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Usefull Information About Parkinsons Disease Treatment

Neuroprotective (drug) therapy

Modern drug treatment of Parkinson’s disease in Germany is able in a short time to improve the patient’s condition significantly. Drug treatment of Parkinson’s disease includes two major strategies, without which it is impossible to obtain good results:

  • The first stage is to eliminate the deficit of dopamine in the body, provoked by the death of neurons. The neurologists in Germany prescribe levodopa drugs, inhibitors, which stimulate the formation of dopamine hormone;
  • The second stage is blocking the death of brain cells with the help of antioxidant substances, amantadine and others.

Drug treatment of Parkinson’s disease is considered to be successful, if the patient’s motor responses have improved and the side effects haven’t developed after a course of drugs.

Though surgical treatment of Parkinson’s disease in Germany is considered to be an additional way, but its effectiveness in many cases significantly exceeds the conservative treatment. The operation is prescribed after the main drug therapy.

Traditional treatment of Parkinson’s disease in Germany, using surgery, is called stereotactic. For patients, it means an improvement in motor abilities: decrease of muscle tremor, elimination of movement defects, and decrease of muscle stiffness.

Operational impacts are subject to two main tasks that determine the course of procedures:

  • The destruction of some subcortical brain structures leads to the direct elimination of certain symptoms. For example, cell destruction of the thalamus causes the tremor of limbs;
  • Deep stimulation of the brain blocks, which are responsible for motor coordination of the body. An electrical pulse is fed into a desired area of the brain by special electrodes. After this surgery, the patients feel better, they take fewer medications that return them to a more fulfilling life much faster.

An integral component of the operational and medical intervention in Germany is a well-developed program of physical activities. Only this combination may lead to the highest therapeutic results.

Comprehensive, interdisciplinary, individually selected treatment often helps to minimize a number of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and significantly improve the quality of the patient’s life.

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