Macular Degeneration

Unfortunately today many people have problems with eyes. It starts with losing the ability to see little details, and little by little the situation becomes worse and worse until one day one can’t drive or read. In many cases it’s caused by the macular degeneration. Very often people understand what is macular degeneration only when they come to the doctors with serious eyes problems.

Usefull Information About Macular Degeneration

But preventing macular degeneration (AMD) or starting treatment when it just begun is much easier than deal withneglected cases. For this it’s important to know the early signs of macular degeneration:

  • loss of visual acuity;
  • loss of contrast sensitivity;
  • blurred central vision.

The main sign of AMD is seeing everything distorted in the center.

Doctors distinguish two different types of this disease: wet macular degeneration and dry macular degeneration. Wet and dry macular degeneration symptoms are almost similar, although there is a slight difference between them.

People with dry AMD see things blurred, things they see are much less defined and usually they need the light to be brighter to be able to read. People with wet AMD usually have blind spots that become bigger and bigger if they have no treatment. Wet acute macular degeneration also can cause hallucinations. But it is important to know that the dry type of this disease is 20% of cases is followed by the wet type if there is no medical treatment.

Sometimes the diseaseis bilateral which means it occurs in both eyes, sometimes it occurs to one eye only. Moreover, there are cases when there is one type of the disease in one eye and another type in the other eye. That is why it is necessary to make the eye test for macular degeneration before the beginning of therapy.

Anyway, when you get the macular degeneration diagnosis, it is highly recommended to get an emergency appointment with a doctor. Doctor should make macular degeneration test to find out the type of the disease and then start therapy as soon as possible. If no, vision will be getting worse and worse and it almost cannot be treated.

German quality of medicine is worldwide known. That is why many people today prefer getting macular degeneration treatment in clinics in Germany. There one can find specialized Optometrists with a huge work experience that have all the knowledge and medical equipment necessary tomake a quick recovery real. If need, the team of other specialists, such as Therapists and Surgeons, is ready to make a complete health test. If needed, they will make injections for macular degeneration or other medical manipulations prescribed by doctors.They will also tell everything about the disease, explain what is dry macular degeneration and the wet one. Modern medicine even says that macular generation and driving are compatible when treatment is being done and the state of vision affords it.

In Germany they use these methods to treat the AMD:

  • Pneumatic retinopexy;
  • Laser therapy;
  • Cryosurgery;
  • Surgical treatment.

In most clinics in Germany personnel can speak good English so no translators are needed to communicate with doctors and read papers related to your health and costs. All the tarifs for AMD treatment are fixed and you can get them on your request.

At the same time, prices for medical service in Germany is two times lower than in the USA or in Canada.

Diagnostics – 200-2500 EUR (Germany), 500-4000 EUR (the USA);

Treatment of the AMD – 3000-8000 EUR (Germany), 4500-9000 EUR (the USA).

Prices for tickets from the USA to Germany are also lower than to most European countries:

Tickets from New-York to Frankfurt – from $540;

Tickets from New-York to Berlin – from $650.

Tickets from New-York to Munich – from $700.

Our life now gives us a possibility to choose where to live, where to go studying, where travel and even where to get medical treatment. It doesn’t take long time to make all the arrangements necessary to get an appointment with the best health professionals in Germany. You can even choose the most convenient for you clinic there so that the time that you pass there isn’t just beneficial for your health but also pleasant for you. Many clinics are equipped with modern gyms and other facilities so that no one would have to give up on their everyday activities.

GMG will help you to organize your trip and stay in German clinics. You will appreciate not just the results of treatment but the whole trip!

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