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Dear patients, the association of clinics in Germany “German Medical Group” offers you comprehensive information about the medical institutions services in the hepatology field. We will help you to choose the most appropriate clinic that meets your needs and demands to diagnose and treat pathological disturbances of the digestion system organs and liver – pancreatitis, hepatitis C or liver cirrhosis. If you trust high-class professionals in Germany to treat these diseases, you will restore your health and get back to normal life.

In this article we want you to read about the services of the Hepatological center of the Deaconical clinic in Stuttgart. You can read more about other clinics, that specialize in liver treatment, navigating through the different sections of our menu: Gastroenterology in Germany and hepatology.

The Hepatological center of the Deaconical clinic of Stuttgart in Germany offers you its services, which focus on liver treatment. The center’s specialization is acute and chronic liver diseases, including liver cancer. The united complex includes the Deaconical clinic of Stuttgart and the University clinic of Tubingen

Up-to-date liver treatment methods practiced by the clinic involve the help of independent experts that is often important, especially when there is a severe disease. The cooperation between Deaconical clinic of Stuttgart and University clinic of Tubingen gives good results in complex approach to each patient. Liver treatment in Germany is made according to the international standards and using the newest scientific data.

The head doctor of the the Hepatological center of the Deaconical clinic of Stuttgart in Germany, professor, M.D. Klaus-Peter Mayer is a member of national and international associations.

His learned works are translated into many languages. Klaus-Peter Mayer specializes in treating the following diseases: tumor, acute and chronic diseases, cirrhosis and cirrhosis complications, hepatitis B and C. The main areas of liver treatment in Hepatological center of the Deaconical clinic of Stuttgart in Germany:

Disease diagnostics is made in the clinic of Stuttgart in Germany where they have the newest necessary medical equipment. The liver treatment methods are actively discussed with the Tubingen clinic’s specialists and that allows making the most efficient decision. Apart from that, this integration makes the decision making process faster that is very important for the patient who can’t wait long.

Usefull Information About Liver Treatment

In the case of acute hepatitis, the patient should undergo the necessary tests that will help to determine if the patient requires surgical procedure or if the disease can be treated using therapy and constant supervision.

If hepatitis takes the chronic form of hepatitis B or C, then the innovative liver treatment methods are used that are constantly developed by the leading specialists of the Hepatological center. We want to mention that chronic hepatitis is in the limelight and we don’t stop to search for the best treatment method of this disease.

The second area of the clinic’s activity, that is connected with spare-part surgery, is treating patients affected by cholestatic liver disease which is considered the first stage of cirrhosis.

Speaking about the patients who suffer from chronic liver diseases related to adipopexia, their treatment is performed with the help of endocrinology clinics because of the concomitant endocrine system disorders.

In the case of neglected liver cirrhosis, when a malignant tumor develops, treatment is carried out in cooperation with the University clinic of Tubingen. If the diagnostics results show that the tumor is in its early stage of development, then surgical operation and further liver transplantation is needed. If the operation is performed in time, the patient has good chances to restore his health.

If you or one of your family members have a liver disease, then our specialists will be glad to help. You will receive professional, high-class treatment from doctors who have wide experience of successful treatment procedures and surgeries in this field.

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