Infertility In Men

Infertility In Men

Men are almost as frequently affected with infertility as women. Strategy and tactics of male infertility treatment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are determined after a preliminary examination on infertility. The precise diagnostics (male infertility tests) with the most advanced imagining and microscopic tools will highlight the problem area and contribute to its elimination (treatment). The hope-invoking fact is: 90% of all international male patients, coming to Germany for infertility treatment, solve their problem (fertility disorder) within a year. These are excellent news for men, diagnosed with infertility. If you suspect infertility or are unsure about the infertility cause, consult our specialists for more information.

Usefull Information About Infertility In Men

Main fertility blockers in men: stresses, alcohol abuse, testicular overheating, chromosomal, physical or hormone disorders, etc. A method of medical intervention depends on the reason of the pаthology. Let’s dwell on the most frequent problems, leading to childlessness in men.

Varicocele and other fertility killers in men

Anatomical factors, for example, delayed treatment of cryptorchidism or varicocele top the list of infertility causes in men. Varicocele implies testicular veins expansion. It is diagnosed in 10-20% of all men and should be timely treated. The studies in patients with poor semen due to varicocele have demonstrated that the appropriate treatment of varicocele leads to better semen production and subsequently to better fertility. Varicocele should be treated individually by the experienced specialist.

Treatment of varicocele

The German specialists treat varicocele with minimally invasive surgical techniques. Sclerotherapy procedures proved to be extremely efficient in men with occlusive varicocele. In case of sclerotherapy the leg vein is punctured in the groin level. Through a catheter a special agent is injected and the vein is closed. Due to its non-traumatic implementation, sclerotherapy has become the most frequently used method to treat varicocele in men.

Approximately seven months after treatment of varicocele a semen analysis should be done in order to check whether an improvement in fertility has occurred.

Infections as a fertility killer

Infections can provoke infertility both in men and in women. Bacteria and viruses lead to an irreversible processes, leading to childlessness. Bladder infections, such as Coli bacteria, or chlamidia should be treated as soon as possible.

Treatment of chlamydia and other infections is usually uncomplicated. During the confidential consultation the German urologist will inform you on the best modern methods to treat infection. After 2 weeks of anti-infection course, the fertility markers get substantially improved.

Chromosomal infertility in men

Chromosomal disorders frequently lead to a decreased secretion of male hormones, affecting fertility. At least 1/3 of infertile men suffer from azoospermia or oligozoospermia due to chromosome abnormalities.

Chromosomal disorders! Is the treatment possible?

The chromosomal factor of infertility in men should not be taken as the verdict. The methods of assistant reproduction, such as intracytoplasmic injection (ICSI) help to solve the problem. The ICSI is a subtype of in vitro fеrtilization (IVF). The benefit of this procedure is that it can be used even in case of infertile sperms (with bad motility) in men.

Poor semen quality. Which treatment to choose?

Insufficient or immobile sperm are wide spread reasons of male infertility. Testing male fertility occurs with the help of semen analysis. The German urology or andrology specialists perform highly precise semen tests to exclude

  • Azoospermia (no sperms in ejaculate)
  • Oligozoospermia (poor concentration of sperm)
  • Asthenozoospermia (a pathological change of semen morphology).

To get the precise data, you should undergo at least two fertility checks during the month. The specialist will compare the results and make a decision about possible ways to improve fertility. If the results of semen analysis (testing male fertility) leave much to be desired, you should apply to the assisted reproduction methods. The sperm necessary for the artificial insemination can be collected in various ways.

There are many tips for male fertility improvement. If you plan to have a child you should refuse from alcohol and smoking. Try to improve your diet, make more sports and take special herbs for fertility improvement. Below we will highlight some assisted reproduction methods for semen improvement.

Assisted treatment: Modern ways of sperm extraction

The process of getting sperms with microsurgical techniques is called minimally-invasive epididymal sperm аspiration (MESA). During this minimally-invasive procedure specialists can obtain mature sperms of better quality to further use them for ICSI. During the procedure sperm is extracted from the epididymis with a hollow needle.

If the spermatogenesis in the testes is disturbed, i.e. no vital sperms can be detected in semen analysis, you should think about Semen Extraction from testicular parts (TESE). The process also comes into question if sperm cannot be extracted from the epididymis.

“Wash” for better fertility!

The revolutionary new method of “sperm wash” is widely implemented at German fertility centers. Prior to the so-called intrauterine insemination, it is recommendable to separate the cells from seminal plasma. The seminal liquid contains numerous so-called prostaglandins, bacteria and other substances that can result in infertility in men. Therefore, the sperm is washed off in the laboratory from the seminal plasma, which increases the fertility of men.

Top health provider for better treatment of infertility in men

Treatment abroad (in Germany, Austria or Switzerland) is financially affordable for many patients. But how to understand, which fertility clinic or department is the best for treatment of infertility in men? Being the biggest medical service provider, German Medical Group makes sure that the international patients, suffering from infertility get the same level of treatment service at German fertility centers as the local patients. We regularly estimate the capacities of German clinics and select the best ones with top success rates. We would be glad to consult you on infertility specialists, fertility tips, “spermcheck-ups”, success rates and modern methods. Please call us to learn more about infertility!

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