Hepatitis Treatment

The clinics of internal medicine in Germany offer the highly efficient methods of hepatitis treatment. German doctors have huge experience and have achieved impressive results in hepatitis treatment. The German specialists affirm that chronic hepatitis C is curable. And this is a scientifically proven fact.

In the world practice 50% of patients with such serious disease as hepatitis B successfully respond to treatment, but in the remaining 50% of cases German doctors manage to stall the disease. The pathology becomes inactive, has no further development.

The first and the most important condition for successful hepatitis treatment is timely and highly qualified medical assistance. Only a competent doctor can see the real picture of patient’s liver condition and prescribe the correct treatment after precise diagnostics by the newest laboratory methods.

Hepatitis С, В, D treatment in Germany is highly efficient, but the patient should be ready for longstanding therapy. The recovery process takes months, in some cases even years. Taking into account the character of the disease, there is no quick cure. The early stage implies complex treatment by antiviral medications with 40-50 weeks course of intake. However, none of the clinics in the world can provide better treatment results than German medical centers. German experts have proved that hepatitis C is fully curable in 95% of cases.

Usefull Information About Hepatitis Treatment

Complex hepatitis diagnostics in Germany is based on modern laboratory methods that help to detect the disease on the earliest stage. There are three main hepatitis types – A. B and C, and some subtypes. The major diagnostic procedures for this disease include:

  • test for hepatitis markers;
  • clinical blood test;
  • clinical urine test;
  • biochemistry of blood;
  • immunogenotypic analysis;
  • Liver biopsy;
  • Ultrasonic examination. Doppler imaging.

The cost of hepatitis C diagnostics in Germany is 2500-4000 EUR. It varies due to the applied diagnostic procedures.

If the performed procedures do not provide the clear aspect of disease, a liver biopsy is additionally taken. Its results help to define viruses in liver precisely.

The liver treatment demands the highly accurate diagnosis. This is the main factor for finding an appropriate treatment method. By now the standard hepatitis C treatment method in Germany was antiviral therapy by alpha interferon and ribavirin. In about 75% of cases the one year treatment course gave significant therapeutic results. The major disadvantage of such treatment is bad tolerance. Anemia, deep depression, leukopenia and heart failure are possible complications. These side effects are primarily related to the intake of alpha interferon. This fact made scientists search more efficient and safe medications for hepatitis treatment.

In April 2012 the German scientists have reported about the invention of new hepatitis C treatment scheme without interferon. This scheme implies daily intake of two medications. The first one is NS3/4A protease inhibitor used by a virus for neutralizing proteins related to activating the inborn immunity. The second medication is an inhibitor of viral polymerase responsible for genomic material synthesis. Both medications can be used combined with ribavirin or without it. Recently these innovative medications became admitted for use in Germany.

The cost of hepatitis C treatment in Germany with the use of modern antiviral medications like Sofosbuvir, Daclatasvir, Simeprevir is about 65 000 EUR. The cost of medications is 85% of the entire treatment cost.

The treatment of hepatitis С В D in Germany attracts a lot of patients from various countries. We will be happy to consult you about the diagnostics and treatment of all hepatitis types and offer our services for maximally effective therapy for this disease.

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