Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers

Aesthetic dentistry has been developing latest years by leaps and bounds. Cosmetics correction of dentition, whitening, and reconstructive dentistry are in high demand. Veneers, or plates laid on the teeth surface to protect them or improve their appearance, recently became one of the main means to make your smile magnificent. Bad shape of tooth, unevenness, chips, stain or improper color – all of those defects could be covered with veneers. In any medical center in Germany, which works in field of cosmetic dentistry, you find service of placing the veneers at very reasonable prices.

Usefull Information About Composite Veneers

There different classification of veneers depending of the type of attaching, method of producing and material. At method of production veneer could be divided as:

  • Indirect: required two visits for placements. First, image of the teeth are taken and, then, veneers are produced and placed.
  • Direct: new technology allowing to produce veneer immediately in ‘chairside’ process.

The materials are used for veneers are:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain (Lumineers and Da Vinic)
  • Acrylic
  • Composite

There many discussions which of veneers is better – porcelain or composite – but the question is still unanswered. Everyone has a choice, as both types have their pros and contras.

Porcelain veneers

Pros: more durable and last longer, more stable color, do not stain and fracture easily

Contras: very expensive; could not be repaired but only replaced; could not be placed in one visit

Composite veneers

Pros: significantly chipper than porcelain; could be produced in one visit; when damaged could be repaired; your natural teeth remain undamaged.

Contras: less durable, the color is not so stable, not stain resistant

Often composite veneers are recommended for younger people who have healthy and unworn teeth with some cosmetic defects or chipped. Unlike porcelain plates composite veneers do not need removing of natural enamel and drilling so they do not affect the teeth. It is, especially, important for teens who still growing and probably are not ready for long lasting solution. As composite veneers are not eternal, in future, they easily could be replaced with that porcelain if needed.

German dental clinics produce both types, so it is your choice what to wear. In any case, you may need a consultation beforehand. Please make a call via GMG and aesthetic dentistry specialist will explain you everything in English. Probably, if you are travelling and looking for budgeting option the composite veneers are better.

Price*, EUR USA UK Germany
Porcelain veneers, per one tooth From 1100 € From 725 € From 475 €
Composite veneers From 420 € From 580 € From 290 €

*All the prices are based on a few estimations from different sites and could not be an offer. Please enquire to clinics for precise pricing

When inquire please check quotations carefully to be sure, which services are included, as consultations, material, service fee, dentist work etc.

Berlin Munich Frankfurt am Main
New York from 489 EUR return flight from 489 EUR return flight from 521 EUR return flight
London from 45 EUR return flight from 71 EUR return flight from 125 EUR return flight

If you travel and do not have much time, composite veneers is simpler solution for you. They could be sculptured while you are sitting in chair directly on your teeth that provides good fitting without problem.

Composite veneers do not required any beforehand treatment of teeth and your natural enamel stay untouched so you could put them off and/ or replace anytime you want. No foreign substance used.

It is absolutely painless procedure. You could continue your travelling and enjoy sightseeing immediately after treatment.

US and UK citizens not need visa to Germany, when stay less than 90 days. If you are interested in treatment in Europe please apply through GMG. We have many highly qualified dentists in Germany and could speak your language. And we guarantee you beautiful smile.

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