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CEREC 3D CAM/CAD is groundbreaking technology in dentistry that has raised tooth restoration process on state-of-art attitude. As far back as 30-35 years ago, it was impossible to imagine having a whole mouth of teeth treated in one visit to a dentist. But now it is reality and more and more dental clinics worldwide and in Germany particularly starts using progressive CEREC technology to make a restoration more precise and reduce its time.

Usefull Information About CEREC Restorations

The CEREC treatment includes a few consecutive stages related, accordingly, to the full set of CEREC equipment consisting of the following parts:

  • Scanning camera
  • Computer block with CEREC software
  • Grinding/milling device
  • Sintering furnace.

Using those blocks it is possible to complete restoration in a couple hours.

During chairside diagnostic a dentist use a digital camera to scan patient’s oral situation. Currently, there are two types of cameras suggested by developer Sirona: CEREC Omnicam and the CEREC Bluecam. The first one is powder free cam allowing imaging in natural color, and the second one uses powder for scanning. Both of them have some advantages, so it is a matter of the dentist choice which to use, as the final purpose of those cameras is the same – to give accurate information to the computer for further imaging.

After scanning, visual information comes to designing unit. By means of CEREC Software 4.4 (the latest version) the design of restoration is produced. But literally it hardly can be called ‘design’ as it is a whole restorative project. The computer base has a whole lot of different materials and restorative technologies and, after analyzing a current situation, the program suggests the better solution for the final restoration. With CEREC technology it is possible to produce crowns, bridges, and implants depending on what is actually needed. Having a ready project the dentist initiates the next stage – fabricating restorative compounds.

To produce the restoration CEREC grinding or milling devices are used. There is a choice of them, so dental clinics could use any modification fitting to their purposes. For example, CEREC MC milling device allows anatomical restoration of a single tooth, does not matter if it is a inlay, onlay, crown or implant. 100 % preciseness is guaranteed. After receiving the ready restorative material, it should be finalized with sintering.

The final stage is sintering and glazing of produced restoration. CEREC SpeedFire furnace, which makes an appearance of coffee machine, can do this impressively fast – just a few minutes and restoration is ready for placement which is the only thing made manually on a whole process.

Implantology is a biggest area for using CEREC allowing to produce and fit ready implants in one visit. There is no more need for exhausting adjustment and trying, as both stem and crown are tailored to the patient mouth on the stage of designing. The only thing the dentist need to do is a simple placing of the ready implant to the cavity.

Unlike the many other modern technologies CEREC cost is rather affordable. It is achieved by optimization all the processes, saving time and material. Dental clinics do not need to order the restorations at third parties labs, everything could be produces on site in minimal time. The average cost of CEREC restoration in Germany pleasantly differs comparing with overseas prices. As it is tailored technology the prices are given on request but cost of the crowns and bridge is approximately the same as for classical restoration. You pay some additional cost for imaging but due to the process optimization your overall profit is obvious: you receive quality and fast treatment for relatively same money.

Berlin Munich Frankfurt am Main
New York from 489 € return flight from 489 € return flight from 521 € return flight
London from 45 € return flight from 71 € return flight from 125 € return flight

The citizens of US and UK do not require a visa to Germany for staying not longer than 90 days.

Nowadays, you easily could combine travelling with having a medical treatment, especially, if you are going to use CEREC implantology procedure. With help of this progressive method the tooth treatment have become simple, fast and not boring. All the personnel in German dental centers could speak English so you have not any risk to meet misunderstanding. And CEREC language is international language, it could speak equally understandable in any point of the World. You only need to try and find your German dentist with help of GMG – no delays, no difficulties – positive experience only. Good luck!

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