Heart is the main engine of our body, the quality of life and longevity of a human directly depends on its faultless functioning. Cardiology is one of the most important areas of modern medical science in Germany. Cardiology in Germany offers a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services for treatment of cardiovascular diseases that help the patient to recover faster and return to their normal and active life. Cardiology in Germany has made great strides in treating diseases of coronary heart vessels, heartbeat arrhythmia, heart failure, valvular heart disease, etc.

Cardiology in Germany has the most modern medical equipment to perform precise and thorough diagnostics at its disposal.

Usefull Information About Cardiology

Noninvasive cardiological internistic diagnostics

These include all types of noninvasive diagnostic methods that are performed by cardiology in Germany, such as ECG, echocardiography, duplex sonography, that are a precondition for the correct treatment prognosis and planning.

Invasive cardiological diagnostics

Coronary arteriography, balloon dilatation, electrophysiological screening, high quality catheter ablation, etc.

Invasive/interventional electrophysiological screening

Diagnostic of arrhythmia and cardiac conduction disorder.

Modern and professional treatment of all kinds of cardiovascular diseases with the use of the most modern methods with proven efficacy is one of characteristics of cardiology in Germany.

One of the most important areas that cardiology in Germany is engaged with is acute and chronic heart diseases, inborn and acquired heart defects, disturbance of circulatory system functioning, narrowing of the coronary heart vessels, arrhythmia, lesions of epicardium, pericardium, myocardium, endocardium, valvular heart apparatus, heart vessels, etc.

Heartbeat arrhythmia

Cardiology in Germany has at its disposal a wide variety of methods for treatment heartbeat arrhythmia. Such methods include the use of heart catheter, system for digital 3D reconstruction to perform complicated invasions, such as ablation for atrial fibrillation treatment. Cardiology in Germany takes one of the leading places in performing ablation for atrial fibrillation treatment in the world.

Cardiology in Germany has a long and successful story of utilizing modern methods of performing surgical interventions for installing cardiac pacemaker to treat slow heart rate and methods of inner defibrillation that are used to treat increased heart rate attacks that directly threaten a person's life. Such interventions are usually carried out under local anesthesia. To find out the reasons for losses of consciousness of unclear etiology special devices called events recorders are implanted.

Heart failure (decrease of cardiac contractility)

In order to diagnose the decrease of cardiac contractility the cardiology in Germany uses all modern methods of medical examination, such as echocardiography. When carrying out drug therapy cardiology in Germany orients at the newest medical criteria. The combination of resynchronization therapy with the special triple chamber cardiac pacemaker allows to achieve the greatest success in treatment of left bundle-branch block.

Valvular heart disease

For patients with high degree of narrowing (stenosis) of mitral valve in absence of contraindications the cardiology in Germany can suggest performing a balloon valvuloplasty. Its essence lies in widening of a mitral valve thus restoring the normal blood flow. A sparring implantation that replaces the aortic valve destroyed as the result of stenosis becomes more and more widespread in German cardiology.

Cardiology in Germany offers high quality of treatment with the use of all types of modern equipment available today (cardiac catheterization laboratory, cardioangiography with electromagnetic control used for complicated heart rhythm disorders, hybrid heart surgeries, etc.) Cardiology in Germany is a widely recognized world leader in the field of diagnostic and treatment of cardiac diseases of different complexity using interventional, endovascular and open cardiothoracic surgery.

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