PD MD S. Baumeister
Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital

PD MD S. Baumeister

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Klinikstr. 11
78052 Villingen-Schwenningen
Nearest airport: Stuttgart (100 km)


  • PD MD S. Baumeister
  • PD MD S. Baumeister
  • PD MD S. Baumeister
  • PD MD S. Baumeister
  • PD MD S. Baumeister
  • PD MD S. Baumeister
  • PD MD S. Baumeister

The Clinic of Schwarzwald-Baar – innovation and competence

The Schwarzwald-Baar Clinic is one of the 10 largest non-university hospitals in the South of Germany. 26 specialized departments, including highly specialized centers and sub-departments, offer a range of services focused on the innovative medicine. Since July 2013 the clinic moved to a new building and, thus, is now the most modern hospital in the central German region.

Information about the clinic at a glance:

  • Number of branches: 26
  • Number of beds: 1,000
  • Employees: 2,900
  • Inpatients: 50,000 per year
  • Outpatients: 140,000 per year

Restoration of appearance and functionality

Welcome to the Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. The main task of plastic surgery is to restore the skin functions and its appearance - for example, by disfiguring tumors, burns, accidents or loss of weight. We deal competently and correctly with congenital or age-related changes. Our activity requires not only technical skill, but also scientific expertise, aesthetic sense and sensitivity for each patient. Our surgeons use delicate instruments, fine threads and operate with Loupe, which helps avoiding scars.

Skin Cancer Prevention

All doctors have decades of experience with a variety of skin tumors. The preventive diagnostics includes the scalp and mucous membranes with a special magnifying glass, a dermatoscope, conspicuous lesions can then be considered very carefully and deliberately. Another, even better diagnostic method is the computer-aided dermoscopy, when recordings can be made up to a 120-fold magnification. These images are then analyzed by the doctors accurately. So it can be determined precisely whether changes have occurred in the course, which may indicate the development or growth of skin cancer.

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