MD T. Muller
Heilig Geist Hospital

MD T. Muller

Main Focus

    • Leading expert in cardiology
    • Internal medicine
    • Treatment and diagnosis of inborn and acquired heart defects
    • Heart valve disease treatment


Graseggerstraße 105
50737 Cologne
Nearest airport: Cologne / Bonn


  • MD T. Muller
  • MD T. Muller
  • MD T. Muller

About MD T. Muller

The Hospital of the Holy Spirit in Cologne was established in 1964, and now is one of the biggest multidisciplinary hospitals in Germany that has a great reputation outside its borders. The hospital helps people from all over the world both on stationary (12.000 clients annually) and outpatient (28.000 clients annually) basis providing more than 300 beds. The hospital specializes on general and visceral surgery, urology and oncology, neurology, emergency help, radiology, cardiology, etc. It’s equipped with state-of-art devices including Da Vinci robot for minimally invasive operations. The team includes doctors speaking foreign languages, which eases communication and understanding.

Welcome to the Department of Cardiology

The department of cardiology specializes on diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases including narrowing or coronary arteries (angina and Myocardial Infarction), weakness of heart muscle, arrhythmia and defects of heart valve).

Another direction our doctors work at is angiology: it focuses on treatment and diagnosis of diseases in vessels (arteries, veins and lymph nodes). Most often, we deal with disorders of blood flow, vein thrombosis, varicose veins and swelling in legs.

Our doctors use a lot of minimally invasive diagnostic procedures. Our specialists pay particular attention to methods that ensure precise diagnosis and fast therapy performance.

Sometimes further diagnosis and operative measures are required, such as coronary arteriography or implantation of a cardiac pacemaker. We perform coronary arteriography and electric-physical examination of heart to diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmia in tight cooperation with cardiac department of Saint Vincent Hospital in Cologne.

Our services:

  • Electric cardiogram with loading, daily monitoring of electric cardiogram, daily monitoring of arterial pressure.
  • Ultrasound examination of heart, stress ultrasound examination with pharmacological loading.
  • Ultrasound examination of stomach via the esophagus.
  • Diagnostics of arteries and veins of all vessel areas with the help of ultrasound duplex scanning.
  • Electric shock cardio stimulation (elimination of cardiac arrhythmia with the help of electric shock under sedation).
  • Examination of patients with electric stimulators.
  • Implantation of one and two-chamber cardio stimulating systems together with surgery department.

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