MD U. Radlow
Friedrichshafen Hospital

MD U. Radlow

Main Focus

    • Seizures, mostly associated with epilepsy
    • Long-term care of paediatric patients and youths with epilepsy
    • Clarification of headaches
    • Clarification of nerve function disorders (paralysis, unusual movement, spasticity, disorders of the senses)
    • Slow or unsatisfactory development, both physical and mental
    • Checking of neurological development - neonates
    • Neurological examinations
    • Neurological development examinations (up to the age of 2)
    • EEG
    • Waking EEG with hyperventilation and flickering light provocation
    • Sleeping EEG (with tranquillisers)
    • Sleep deprived EEG
    • MRI of skull and spinal cord with the Radiology Clinic


Rontgenstrasse 2
88048 Friedrichshafen
Nearest airport: Zurich (130 km)


  • MD U. Radlow
  • MD U. Radlow
  • MD U. Radlow
  • MD U. Radlow
  • MD U. Radlow
  • MD U. Radlow
  • MD U. Radlow
  • MD U. Radlow

About MD U. Radlow

The clinic for children and adolescents in Friedrichshafen Clinic treats children from very small premature babies to teenagers. A multi-professional team sees it as its highest concern to treat small patients in a most efficient and careful way.

As a recognized Level II perinatal center the Friedrichshafen clinic takes care of the premature babies. Sick newborns and preterm infants (less than 35 weeks of pregnancy) are taken to the premature and newborn station. The obstetric and neonatal care unit is a certified center providing highly professional medical support. Children who need a surgery are supplied in age-in close cooperation with colleagues from the general and trauma surgery, the women's clinic and pediatric urology. In the specialist outpatient pediatric neurology, pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric sonography serve approximately 1,500 children annually.

General Pediatrics

We perform the diagnostics and treatment of different diseases, such as croup, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections, unexplained fever, impaired consciousness, concussion done by experienced pediatricians. The diagnostic spectrum of the clinic extends from laboratory tests in collaboration with the Institute of Microbiology and the Institute of Pathology at tissue studies, modern diagnostic ultrasound, and x-ray, CT and MRI diagnosis on lung function testing, to weld testing and usual allergological investigation procedure.

To exclude nocturnal sleep-related breathing disorders and nocturnal seizures we provide the extended examination in the sleep laboratory. A special attention is attached tp the treatment of respiratory diseases, in addition to the medical and nursing care and intensive physiotherapy. Frequent sudden loss of consciousness (syncope) is in addition to the studies mentioned above, the possibility of the stress test by a test or a Schellong tilt table.


A supra-regional focus of the clinic is the diagnosis and treatment of children with neurological disorders. These include, besides epilepsy, neuromuscular and metabolic diseases neuro, inflammatory diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, movement disorders, phacomatoses complex, perinatal damage to the nervous system or congenital malformation syndromes.

The diagnostics at the pediatric center of Friedrichshafen

The clinic has a fully equipped lab with EEG waking and sleep EEG, 24-hour EEG, video camera and double polysomnography. Besides we also perform electrophysiological studies (e.g., evoked potentials, nerve conduction velocity). There are modern imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography and Doppler investigations. Chemical laboratory tests, metabolic and CSF are carried out to clarify unclear neurological syndromes.

In addition to specific laboratory tests, musculoskeletal sonography and muscle biopsy can be performed for the diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases.

Should your child have any health problems, please call us for further support.

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