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University hospitals

University clinics in Germany represent modern medical institutions, which work under the auspices of medical universities and offer a maximum range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. Currently there are more than 30 university clinics in Germany. Each of them has long tradition and are stuffed with excellent physicians and scientists.

In addition to providing medical care, university clinics are dedicated to research and the training of future skilled medical professionals. Funding of the university hospitals in Germany is carried out mainly at the expense of the university. However many funds view it as their concern to give financial help to the university clinics and to enhance the research. One of the most important characteristic of Germany's University clinics is the unique combination of science, education and treatment.

Conducting outstanding research in the field of health and medical care, excellent teaching and high-end medical services - all these are the most important characteristics of a university clinic in Germany. Qualified personnel of German university clinics pay maximum attention to physical and mental health of each patient.

Why is it worth to come to a German university clinic for treatment?

Science “married” with tradition

The combination of a rich experience and high innovation are the key features of medical concepts at a university clinic in Germany. New achievements of targeted medical research and innovative learning concepts are immediately introduced into medical practice of a university clinic.

The university clinics can boast a wealth of medical experience, which has been successfully combined with the use of advanced science. One of the oldest university clinics in Germany is considered to be the Charité in Berlin, which was founded in 1710.

Modern equipment as a precondition of more efficient medical care

Operating rooms at German university clinic are equipped with the most modern medical equipment. For example, the use of modern endoscopic techniques allows all kinds of surgical interventions in the field of thoracic and cardiac surgery in the safest possible way and in optimal conditions.

All university clinics in Germany have valuable experience in the field of transplantation surgeries. Specialists at the university clinics conduct transplantation of vital organs of the human body, such as the kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart and lungs.

Cooperation with leading medical communities in Europe

University clinic in Germany cooperate with German medical communities and centers. Interdisciplinary cooperation and cooperative organization of treatment are key factors in successful treatment of cancer patients.

Basically University Clinics in Germany are engaged in research in the field of genetic medicine, immunology, infectology, oncology, cardiovascular disease and organ transplantation.

Areas of specialization of German university clinics include

The specialization areas of ophthalmology departments at German university clinics include: implantation of the vitreous body, the application of molecular biology for the treatment of choroidal melanoma, the use of nanoparticles in ophthalmology, refractive and retinal implants. New laser techniques are implemented in the field of glaucoma and cataract treatment.

Gynecology department and centers at German university clinics achieved extraordinary success in gynecological oncology, gynecological endocrinology and treatment of infertility. Gynecology in Germany has long been associated with innovative treatments, the latest equipment and highly qualified specialists.

Dermatology departments at German university clinics dedicate much attention to treatment of skin cancer, regulation mechanisms of inflammation in atopic dermatitis, promotion of protective immune responses in melanoma, etc.

Dentistry and periodontology at German university clinics successfully perform dental implantation, according to the newest concepts of European dentistry. New teeth in a day is not a science-fiction. The technique “All on 4”, which is widely implemented at German dental offices, helps to restore the natural teeth arrangement as quickly as possible. Safer and quicker treating of periodontal disease, dental caries, infected root canal system are also in the focus of German dentists at university clinics.

Gastroenterology and hepatology centers at German university clinics deal with molecular hepatology and gastroenterology. They implement the newest methods of treatment of chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases, chronic viral hepatitis, short bowel syndrome and gastric cancer.

Oncology centers in Germany contribute to molecular oncology, stem cell biology and cellular technologies as well as improve the methods of treatment of multiple melanoma and sarcoma. About 150 000 international patients come to Germany for cancer treatment.

Cardiology departments at German university clinics have helped thousands of previously hopeless patients to regain their health. The most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular diseases help to enhance the treatment process and to increase the success rates. Modern interventional cardiology in Germany is second to none in management of atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction, heart rhythm disturbances, heart valve surgery, coronary artery reconstruction and bypass surgery.

Departments of orthopedics at German university clinics engage in treatment of joints and joint replacement, spine stabilization techniques, tissue engineering, intervertebral disc repair, conservative treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatisms.

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