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Fertility clinic “360°“

In case of infertility, it is important not to give up hope and try new methods to restore your reproduction health. If fertility centers at home didn’t stand up to your expectations, it is worth considering IVF treatment abroad.

Being the world leaders in modern reproduction technologies, Germany, Austria and Switzerland are the top destinations for medical tourists. Cutting-edge innovations, unprecedented quality in therapy services, no waiting lists and high pregnancy rates are those key factors, which attract a growing line of international patients to European reproduction health centers.

Treatment abroad is not an easy decision to make. To avoid the unnecessary stress and pressure during your treatment you should be well informed before making the first step to your future child.

Pregnancy rates above the international average

The most obvious reason for going abroad for treatment is higher pregnancy rates at European fertility centers. According to a report presented by the Europe Scientific Community in 2013, the pregnancy success rates in the target group of women under 45 after the first IVF at German clinics made up the whole of 45%-50%, which is 1.5 to 2 times as high as in the USA or in Grеat Britain.

IVF prices in Europe: Is the game worth the candle?

laboratory fertility clinic
Laboratory fertility clinic “Dr. Zech“

Before making your choice, you should consider that a high quality infertility therapy in Europe is not cheap, but cost-effective. An IVF course at a European reproduction health center costs about 6 000- 7 000 euro. The artificial insemination accounts for 1500 euro. The frozen embryo transfer makes up about 2 500 euro. Preimplantation screenings would cost about 500-1000 euro. If you take the quality-price proportion, you will see that such an investment is worth thinking of, since the chances to get pregnant after IVF are substantially higher in Germany that in the US or Great Britain.

Please note that if you and your partner are EU citizens, health insurance companies generally cover the costs of three IVF / ICSI attempts. In case of further protocols or other methods the state insurance may refund half of the costs. However, the decision of cost reimbursement depends specifically on an individual situation of a couple. An easy way to enquire, whether or not your case could be supported with the state insurance, is to contact our experts. If you have questions, concerning the financial matters or organizational procedure, please, fill in the contact form on our website and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What services do I obtain for my money?

Strong fertility centers in Europe always promote the differentiated and customer-centered pricing system. Services included in the IVF price package are versatile. Among them are the fertility counselling, professional medical support, detailed infertility diagnosis, clinical care, blastocyst culture, embryo maintenance and transfer. To cut the infertility treatment costs, you may prefer to use the frozen or donated material (eggs, sperms or zygote). When investing money into your health, you invest into your future child!

Higher hygiene standards

The German, Swiss and Austrian embryologists pay a special attention to hygiene standards, which eliminates the risks of the improper IVF treatment. The laboratory hygiene level is accessed with the special visual bioluminescence system, which detects all the organic matter including bacteria.

Science and technology for higher chances

The efficiency of private fertility treatment in Europe is second to none due to the state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

Better selection of eggs is achieved with powerful polarizing microscopes, which are presented at the best European fertility treatment centers. The microscope procedure promotes the results of ICSI, since it defines the most vital and appropriate cells.

The biological and molecular biological methods of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) help to profile embryos before their transfer to the uterus. The most commonly performed investigations are genetic screening for numerical chromosomal abnormalities, aneuploidy risk screening or PGS (preimplantation genetic screening).

Embryo monitoring at European fertility clinics

Waiting room in fertility clinic
Waiting room in fertility clinic “Dr. Just“

The European IVF centers possess the most modern equipment for the continuous monitoring of the embryos. Each egg (and later the embryo) in the incubator develops under a constant temperature in a nutrient environment which is perfectly adapted to the needs of the embryo. A special camera monitors the cell division process. The images are transmitted onto a computer and can be viewed by the competent embryologists in a chronological order as a time-lapse recording. The technological breakthroughs allow the specialists to minimize the risk of miscarriage.

The top fertility clinics and centers in Europe also offer concomitant treatments such as psychological counseling, minimally invasive surgery or alternative healing methods which positively support the effect of the treatment.

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With our constantly growing database of top fertility clinics in Germany, Switzerland and Austria we are eager to help you in finding the fertility center, tailored to your treatment individual needs. The profiles of reproduction clinics and fertility centers on our website are called to present you only the general information, concerning the range of methods, treatments, specialists, medical concepts and philosophies. Call us and arrange a free consultation with a medical specialist to get more information about the top fertility centers in Europe.

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