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Proctology clinics in Germany

Proctology clinics in Germany offer the whole scope of methods for treatment and diagnosing the disease of colorectal intestinal and anal area. As a rule, proctology clinic in Germany functions as part of a multidisciplinary clinic, where the patient can obtain a comprehensive medical care. Complex cases, the treatment of colon and rectal cancer is the prerogative of the university clinics, which offer the advanced services in radiology, oncology, nuclear medicine and intensive therapy.

The main symptoms of colon diseases are pain in the anus, bleeding, constipation, diarrhea, obstruction. It should be emphasized that the majority of colon cancer signs have latent nature, and can be identified only at the specialized proctology clinic. If you suspect a proctology disease in yourself or in your family members, please don’t hesitate applying to one of the German proctology clinics for professional proctology diagnosis.

As a rule, proctologists in Germany also specialize in minimally invasive abdominal surgery, which helps to guarantee a more holistic approach during the surgical treatment of proctology diseases. In most cases the operations on the gastrointestinal tract are performed using the minimally invasive "keyhole surgery". Becoming a patient at one of the proctology clinics in Germany, you can expect the comprehensive assistance of the multidisciplinary team of specialists. German proctology clinics appreciate confidentiality. This means that only you and your doctor know about your proctology problem.

Diagnosis of the proctology diseases at German centers and clinics

The main advantage of proctology diagnosis at one of the clinics in Germany is the highest professionalism level of medical and paramedical staff. The diagnosis process is well organized, which helps to determination the treatment strategy within 1-3 days stay in Germany. The diagnostic methods applied at German proctology clinics are:

  • Examination of the anal canal with a 10 cm measuring digital endoscope
  • Rectoscopy: Examination of the rectum (up to 22 cm depth)
  • Allergy testing
  • Microbiological evaluation
  • Estimation of the bacteria, fungi, viruses
  • Fine tissue diagnostics
  • Sampling of skin or mucosal tissue

Modern visualizing techniques help to diagnose diseases of the rectum and colon, such as polyps, cancer on the early stage. The endoscopic method allows the doctor visualize the tumor, as well as to take a small piece of it for subsequent cytology analysis.

The cost of comprehensive proctology diagnostics is calculated individually and makes up about 600 to 3,500 euro, depending on the clinical situation and needs of a patient. The cost of surgical procedures may range from 3 000 to 20-25 000 euro. The cost of medical treatment usually includes hospital stay, all the necessary procedures and manipulations.

Surgical proctology at German clinics

Modern proctology in Germany is one of the highly developed medical fields, successfully practicing both conservative and surgical methods of treatment. Relying on the most advanced techniques and innovative equipment, proctology in Germany is able to offer patients all kinds of therapeutic and diagnostic programs at the highest level of European standards. The following conditions are successfully managed at German proctology clinics:

  • Anal fissures
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Abscess and fistula of the rectal area
  • Perianal warts
  • Colon polyps
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Crohn's disease
  • Cancer of the colon and rectum.

The treatment at German clinics and centers, specializing in surgical proctology, implies significant benefits for the international patients:

  • Minimal post-operative pain
  • Shortened hospital stays
  • Lower risk of complications after surgery.

Currently more and more international patients come to Germany for treatment of hemorrhoids. The minimally invasive management of hemorrhoids help not only to eliminate the problem, but also prevent its relapses. These modern methods of hemorrhoids treatment include:

  • Photocoagulation therapy
  • Sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids
  • The ligation of hemorrhoids latex rings
  • Ligation of the hemorrhoidal vessels under the ultrasound control

The aim of our project is to provide information about high-quality medical care at German proctology clinics for patients from other countries. Our page features the list of independent proctology facilities, which successfully manage all type of colorectal diseases. We also comprehensively consult the international patients about all the opportunities of treatment abroad, help to get the “second opinion”, translate the medical documentation and negotiate between you and the appropriate proctology specialist. Through exercising a personal and dialogical approach, we always match your individual case to the proctology with the most extensive experience and all the necessary qualifications. Apply for treatment in Germany now, and we will help to organize your medical travel to Germany in a most cost-effective way. Do not waste your time and call us for more information about modern treatment options at German proctology clinics!

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