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Clinics of plastic surgery

Clinics of plastic surgery in Germany perform all types of plastic surgery in accordance with the world-class standards. Deciding for a plastic or aesthetic surgery in Germany, Switzerland or Austria you can count on safe surgical intervention, certified beauty materials (filler, implants) and expert knowledge of the specialists. The best European plastic surgeons endeavor to achieve optimal aesthetic results in a most cost-effective way without risk to the health of the patient.

European clinics of plastic surgery welcome the international patients

The clinics for maxillofacial, aesthetic-plastic and reconstructive surgery in Germany and Switzerland are especially popular among the international patients for a number of reasons. Safety and aesthetic results are the key issues, which make the difference for patients, coming to Germany for treatment. Based on years of experience, the specialists in laser and cosmetic surgery offer an individual treatment plan for each patient, taking into account all the physiological characteristics and clinical findings. The result of the plastic and laser aesthetic surgery will always be up to patient expectations.

Consider the most popular cosmetic surgery at the clinics of plastic surgery in Germany and Switzerland:

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Blepharoplasty - upper and lower eyelids correction;
  • Hair transplantation at German clinics of plastic surgery
  • Mastopexy - adjusting the shape and appearance of the breast, without changing the volume;
  • Facelift - adjusting the age-related changes of the face and neck with the help of minimally invasive surgery;
  • Cheiloplasty - permanent lip augmentation;
  • Liposuction - remove the fat deposits in different parts of the body;
  • Rhinoplasty (Big nose correction: changing the shape and proportion of the nose)
  • Otoplasty – shaping or re-shaping the ears;
  • Mammoplasty includes augmentation (breast enlargement), and the reduction of breast.

The most popular surgical interventions are liposuction (35%), breast enlargement (29%) and the correction of the form of nose (28%). To learn more about the variety of plastic surgery types and methods, please call our hotline or write an E-Mail.

Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at German and Swiss clinics of plastic surgery

The reconstructive plastic surgery aims at eliminating the defects of organs and tissues and restoring their function. The reconstructive surgery is also indicated in patients with congenital (birth) defects of appearance, i.e. facial and body abnormalities. Common restorative plastic surgery types are:

  • Reconstruction of the ear in patients with congenital ear hypoplasia
  • Eliminating cleft palate and cleft lip
  • Breast reconstruction after mastectomy
  • Compensation of the skin and mucosa defects after removal of tumors of the head and neck
  • Hand surgery

Aesthetic operations are performed to correct and improve a person's appearance. These interventions aim at restoring youth and attractiveness of the patient. At the same time, patients get rid of the stress associated with the age-related flaws appearance, which inspires the patient to start a new life.

New methods of plastic surgery, applied at German clinics

The main trend of modern plastic surgery is minimally invasive, high-tech procedures, which help patients to achieve the desired result without large incisions. Let us dwell on some of the most innovative and efficient methods of beauty enhancement:

Lipofilling is a new method, which presupposes correcting the certain face defects through the use of their own body fat tissue. Lipofilling, performed at German or Swiss clinics of plastic surgery is a safe procedure, which helps to improve the contours of cheeks, lips and temporal regions, the lower and upper eyelids, jaw, as well as smooth out the nasolabial folds. The cost of such a procedure varies from 8 000 to 15 000 €.

Silhouette Soft LiftTM is a new no knife procedure which dramatically enhances your natural beauty an rejuvenates appearance at German and Swiss clinics. Correction of age-related changes occur by fixing tissue strands attached to the subcutaneous layer. The threads are introduced through small incisions on the temples. The technique eliminates the appearance of scars. The procedure lasts about 45 minutes and is absolutely safe. The cost of silhouette lift makes up about 10 000-13 000 €.

Endoscopic face lift at German and Swiss clinics: Today it is one of the most advanced technologies in plastic surgery, widely applied at German and Swiss clinics of plastic surgery. Forget about scars on the edge of the hair growth, and behind the ears! Endoscopic lifting allows you to achieve the same results using subtle punctures. Through these punctures the plastic surgeon lifts the face zone and drooping eyebrows with. This operation takes about one hour, and the recovery period takes 3-5 days. The cost of the endoscopic face lift at German and Swiss clinics of plastic surgery makes up about 13 000 €.

Total makeover!

Simultaneous (cross-sectional) plastic surgeries imply a set of surgical procedures carried out by the surgeon in order to implement several corrections. This is a unique opportunity to combine the surgery for medical purposes and aesthetic correction. The main advantage of this method is that the several interventions are performed per anesthesia. This significantly reduces the stress. You do not waste time waiting for a full recovery after a single operation. After the surgery, the patient will be provided with the necessary medical care at the highest professional level. The cost of such a sophisticated intervention makes up around 20 000 euro – 25 000 euro.

You dream about rejuvenating your skin, getting rid of extra kilos or looking younger? Germany’s top plastic surgeons can help you to achieve the aesthetic perfection in a soft and safe way. Contact the GMG for more information about the top specialists and clinics for plastic surgery in Germany, Switzerland or Austria!

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