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Pediatric clinics in Germany

Parents around the world trust the health of their children to German pediatricians Germany has about 360 clinics and departments of pediatric and adolescent medicine, and about 76 departments of pediatric surgery. Specialists from various medical disciplines closely cooperate in order to create the optimum conditions for efficient children treatment. Modern medical equipment is carefully designed and tailored to the needs of children.

Why are German children's hospitals so attractive for the international patients? The answer is simple - they offer

  • experienced staff (only board certified specialists work at pediatric centers)
  • the most advanced technologies of diagnosis and treatment of children are implemented
  • attentive and responsible approach to every child
  • reasonable price for treatment
  • state-of-the art equipment and the softest surgical techniques

Physicians, psychologists, highly qualified teachers work hand-in-hand in order to make the recovery of young children and adolescents at German pediatric centers as comfortable as possible.

More comfort for better treatment results

Children's hospitals are arranged with the view to the needs of young patients. Bright colors that accompany the child during treatment, toys, friendly attitude of the medical staff, delicious food create a special positive attitude, which contributes to better mood and a more rapid recovery. In pediatric clinics in Germany children forget that they are in a medical facility and take their medication as an exciting game. During an inpatient stay social workers can help organize the leisure of a child and explain to parents how to cope with anxiety and stress, which arose due to illness.

Children's clinics in Germany accept children of different ages. There are special sections for the youngest patients, adolescents and young adults. Medical staff is courteous and friendly. Pediatric clinics in Germany treat their child's problems with responsibility and seriousness.

Diagnostic and treatment of children

Pediatric clinicі in Germany offer an innovative diagnostic and treatment methods with proven efficiency and quality. Children's Clinic will undoubtedly take into account the fact that a child needs a different approach than an adult. Children's Hospital treats children both on an outpatient inpatient basis. Clinical Pediatrics in Germany is divided into the following sections:

  • Pediatric Hematology and Oncology - Pediatrics that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases, cancers;
  • Cardiology - diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of congenital and acquired heart disease, heart rhythm disorders, lesions of the heart muscle at pediatric clinics;
  • Neonatology - Pediatrics in neonatal period, including intensive care;
  • Children's medical genetics;
  • Pediatric Neurology;
  • Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology - treatment of diseases of the endocrine system, and children's diabetes;
  • Children's Gastroenterology - diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver in children, management of metabolic disorders;
  • Pediatric Nephrology - detection and treatment of childhood kidney diseases Pediatric Orthopedics - covers all the diseases of musculoskeletal system;
  • Children Pneumology and Allergology (in particular the diagnosis and treatment of children's asthma);
  • Children's Rheumatology;
  • Pediatric Immunology at German clinics;
  • Children Dermatology at pediatric clinics;
  • Child Psychiatry;
  • Pediatric Surgery – surgery on internal organs and bone structures
  • Pediatric Dentistry – dental treatment without pain and fear

Special Check-up programs for children are offered at the specialized clinics in Germany. This medical program includes: stay of a child with one parent in the private room for 3-5 days; constant supervision of the specialists; common physical and laboratory examination; CT and magnetic resonance imaging; development of recommendations and individual treatment plans for subsequent treatment on the basis of the results of diagnostics. Children’s Check-up helps to recognize the diseases in their early stage and prevent the negative consequences.

Highly professional and friendly staff German clinics with ultramodern equipment will undoubtedly help you solve your problems and make your stay in the clinic is not only useful but also enjoyable.

Children in Germany always get expert medical care and benefit from scientific advance. Don’t compromise the health of your child and come to Germany for safe and efficient pediatric treatment.

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