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Ophthalmic center

Ophthalmology in Germany embraces all advanced laser vision correction technologies and methods, keeping with the latest scientific standards and clinical research results.

Today’s modernized ophthalmic centers featuring cutting edge equipment, accept countless patients who undergo surgeries with or without anesthesia. Annually about 10 000 medical tourists from Russia and other countries visit German ophthalmic centers in search for eye diagnostic and treatment.

German ophthalmology demonstrates excellence in the use of laser technologies in the treatment of ophthalmic dysfunctions. Severe near- and/or far-sightedness can seriously impair your life. German ophthalmology uses cutting edge excimer laser correction methods, which in most cases eliminate ophthalmic disorders. In cases whereby laser vision correction is counter-indicated, German eye care centers offer intraocular lens implantation – an insertion of an optical lens inside the eye.

Ophthalmic centers in Germany strive to avoid highly invasive treatment to minimize the risk of aggravations and ensure quick post-surgery rehabilitation. Most operations conducted at our center are outpatient.

Using clinico-functional fundus examination and visualization methods, ophthalmic centers in Germany ensure top-quality vision diagnostics and build a complete picture of your eyes’ state.

Our ophthalmic center in Oberstenfeld meets the highest ophthalmic treatment standards, which reflect the latest ophthalmological achievements. We have a certification – a direct testimony to our adherence to quality and integrity. Eye care centers in Germany provide optimal conditions for safe and effective treatment of ophthalmic problems in keeping with contemporary technical innovations and hygienic standards.

Ophthalmic centers in Germany guarantee the best results and the most effective solutions to eye disorders. We are here to bring you back into the world of new bright tints of life!

Ophtalmic centers in Germany: Diagnostics and Treatment methods

  • All types of ophthalmic operations, including cataract and glaucoma surgery
  • Treatment of macular dystrophy
  • Laser therapy (laser correction of near- and far-sightedness)
  • Fluorescein angiography (FAG) – examination of retinal vessels
  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT) – prevention of blindness in maculodystrophic patients
  • Intraocular pressure diagnosis (tonometry)
  • Laboratory diagnosis through conjuctival and corneal swabs
  • Treatment of retinopathy in preterm infants through the freezing of the retina (criocoagulation) and laser coagulation
  • Treatment of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD): laser, pharmaceutical and photodynamic therapy
  • Treatment of dry eye syndrome (using tear substitutes)

Ophthalmic Centers in Germany

Landshut Ophthalmic Center

M.D. Bernhard Kölbl
M.D. Bernhard Kölbl

Head of the Landshut Ophthalmic center

Headed by Dr. Bernhard Kölbl, a skilled surgeon and ophthalmologist, the Landshut Ophthalmic Center hires the leading and most advanced ophthalmic teams in Germany, and conducts all types of eye surgeries.

Field of expertise: surgical treatment of glaucoma, cataract, retinal dysfunctions and retinal separation, transplantation of cornea, correction of near-, far-sightedness and astigmatismus.

Ophthalmic center run by M. D. Thomas Christman (Münich).

M. D. Thomas Christman
M. D. Thomas Christman

Medical Director of Opthalmic center AugenLaserteam

The Augenlaserteam ophthalmic Center in Munich (LASIK München) offers painless, safe, effective and affordable correction methods, which will spare you from having to wear spectacles and/or contact lenses.

This ophthalmic center is believed to be one Germany’s top laser surgery centers. LASIK, PRK, Femto-LASIK, LASEK and other high profile ophthalmic surgeries are performed by Germany’s most skilled surgeons.

Ophtalmic Center in Oberstenfeld

M. D. Folker Rummelt
M. D. Folker Rummelt

This ophthalmic center run by M. D. Folker Rummelt is one of the most advanced eye care center in Germany, which treats all sorts of vision disorders. The Oberstenfeld ophthalmic center specializes in clinic-functional diagnosis, laser correction, cataract (gray star) surgery, LASIK and glaucoma surgery, treatment of retinal and corneal malformations, as well as operations on the vitreous body, refractive surgery and aesthetic blepharoplasty.

Perfect eyesight guarantees high quality of life and positive perception of the world. Your website presents a selection of clinic centers, from which you can choose the most appropriate one. We are here to help you enjoy high quality treatment in Germany’s best ophthalmic center.

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