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Oncology clinics

Selecting the oncology clinic for accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of cancer is vitally important and not easy. In the area of cancer therapy and diagnosis, Germany holds a leading position, leaving behind the oncology clinics in the USA, Great Britain, Canada and other European countries. Today oncology clinics in Germany have achieved high results in treatment almost all kinds of cancer. The use of revolutionary techniques made it possible to save the lives of thousands of people each year and attract attention of the international patients to the German oncology clinics.

Advanced methods of dealing with cancer

New technologies helped to streamline the cancer treatment process at German oncology centers. In managing cancer in early stages there exist series of measures to prevent the development of metastases and avoid their penetration into lymphatic and blood vessels. A variety of combinations methods allow the German clinics promote holistic and highly differentiated approach.

Another example is the development of multi-drug inhibitors. Such drugs are successfully used to treat various types of neoplasia: a cancer of kidney epithelial cells, hepatocellular carcinoma etc. The following trends should be emphasized at German oncology clinics

  • Prevalence of non-invasive automated methods for determining the size and type of the tumor;
  • Soft but effective chemotherapy with drugs
  • Wider use of stem cell transplantation
  • More precise estimation of morphological development of a tumor
  • Early diagnosis

Cancer therapy at German oncology clinics implies is innovative technology, advanced equipment and high results of diagnosis and treatment!

Modern approaches to cancer treatment and diagnosis

German scientists have deciphered the genetic code of a number of malignant tumors. It is possible to separate many tumors for 230 additional subspecies and thus individualize therapeutic approaches. For example, many types of tumors can be caused by various genetic defects and have different causes. Therefore, the therapy should be different.

Another modern method of tumor diagnosis at German oncology clinics are:
  • analysis of the tumor at the cellular level at German clinics
  • puncture biopsy with the morphological study.
  • investigation of tumor immunology at German oncology clinics
  • general and biochemical analysis of blood, detection of tumor markers in the blood.
  • Endoscopy at German oncology clinics
  • bone marrow puncture at German oncology clinics
  • assessment of risk factors at German diagnosis clinics and centers.

German doctors pay special attention to the diagnosis and determination of disease stage, since correct staging predetermines the choice of treatment and its success. Cancer Diagnostics at German oncology centers lasts for about 5-6 days and will cost 3 500 8 000 euro.

Chemotherapy at German oncology clinics

Chemotherapy is one of the most common ways of treating cancer at German oncology clinics. It includes drug therapy aimed to suppress pathological processes in the body. Drugs, selected for the chemotherapy are administered in different ways:

  • subcutaneously or intravenously (via catheter or needle);
  • orally (tablet form);
  • topical application (suspensions and ointments).

This therapy is systemic in nature: for it reaches every cell in the body. Local methods allow focusing the action of drugs in a particular organ. Price 1 course of chemotherapy at German oncology clinics in 2014 makes up 1900 - 3400 €, depending on the drug. The total cost of the chemotherapy at German oncology clinic depends on the number of required courses and the price of the therapeutic agent.

"Gamma Knife" at German oncology clinics

Modern oncology clinics in Germany widely implement an innovative technique for treatment of oncology diseases. It is called "gamma knife". It was developed by a scientist Lars Lekselem and became a real breakthrough in the field of medicine. This method makes it possible to treat brain tumors (including metastases), without multi-day exposure to radiation cycles. In many cases it is a good alternative to surgical therapy.

Gamma Knife Unit is successfully implemented at German oncology clinics in patients with:

  • brain tumors of various etiologies:
  • pituitary adenoma;
  • meningioma, wherever located;
  • single or multiple metastases;
  • recur glial tumors or residual tumor formation after previously conducted treatment;
  • craniopharyngioma;
  • any stage of glioma malignancy medulloblastoma, ependymoma;
  • chordoma;
  • pinealoma;
  • melanoma (cancer) of the retina.

The method consists in the DNA damage of abnormal cells with radioactive radiation, after which uncontrolled growth of tumors gets stopped. Full recovery of the patient requires a certain amount of time: 18 to 24 months (when it comes to the treatment of cancer). The treatment course makes up about 7 000-8 000€.

Even if the diagnosis is confirmed, doctors can advise to make, for example, 3D-ultrasound or CT scan at the clinic where the treatment is carried out. It is necessary to make sure that since the last analysis of tumor status has not changed.

Alternative methods of cancer treatment

Along with traditional methods of cancer therapy, German oncology clinics actively introduce alternative cancer treatments that are based on current scientific achievements and give very encouraging results. One of the alternative methods of cancer treatment is hyperthermia, which presupposes heating the entire body or some of its sections with infrared waves (850-1300 nm), in which body temperature reaches 41,6 ° C and higher. Hyperthermia destroys cancer cells.

Electrochemical treatment of cancerous tumors also proved to be efficient in combat cancer.- This method, in contrast to hyperthermia, implies the introduction of DC and chemical substances directly into the tumor.

Cancer treatment in Germany can be performed both outpatient and inpatient basis. The type of treatment depends on the cancer type, the treatment protocol and the patient's general condition. We would be glad to give you all the necessary information, concerning the methods and costs of treatment at German oncology centers.

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