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Neurology clinics

Nephrology attends to all kinds of diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic kidney diseases. You can find at our site information on the best German nephrological clinics and renal centres: Diakonissenkrankenhaus, Mannheim; GKH-Clinic, Bonn; Schwarzwald-Baar, Freiburg and more.

There are following directions in German nephrology clinics:

In case of kidney functions’ disorder human’s body accumulates waste and breakdown products. Person might be unsuspicious of kidney problems since one starts feeling bad when a disease have come to its final stage. Only professional nephrologists are able to detect kidney functions’ disorder timely.

Renal failure was considered lethal 40 years ago. German nephrology uses substitutive therapy (dialysis) or kidney transplantation for chronic renal failure.

German clinics have special clinico-diagnosis laboratories for diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders. German nephrology clinics and centers accomplish wide range of examinations: vasoactive hormones, pharmakokinetics, kidney functions’ and urinary tracts’ diagnosis.

German nephrology clinics offers full range services on diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders with modern methods including most recent approach in blood vessels examination. With the use of endocrinologic diagnosis German nephrologists provide treatment of hormonal diseases and hypertensive diseases (diabetes mellitus, chromaffinoma, Cushing's syndrome etc.)

German nephrology clinics are well recognized institutions, which stands out for a high competency in all aspects of modern medicine.

Nephrology in Germany provides the following services:

German clinics dealing with renal disorders offer ambulatory and hospital treatment for numerous diseases.

German nclinics work hard in the area of regenerative medicine using all up-to-date possibilities in transplantation including minimally invasive nephrectomy and organs transplantation with incompatible blood type. After transplantation surgery is completed patients stay under ambulatory care for some time.

Each German clinic has at its disposal intensive care units and multifunctional medical beds equipped with lung ventilators that allows German nephrologists to offer full range diagnosis and therapy services.

Nephrology outpatient clinics also offer treatment for obstructive sleep apnea and vascular diseases.

German nephrology clinics offers diagnosis and treatment for following diseases:

  • Acute and chronic kidney diseases ;
  • Immunity-related and autoimmune diseases;
  • Constitutional diseases;
  • Pregnancy-related diseases (eclampsia and preeclampsia)
  • Chronic hypertensive diseases;
  • Diabetes;
  • Hereditary diseases.

German nephrology clinics concentrate on following nephrology diseases:

  • Chronic insufficiency;
  • Retroperitoneal fibrosis;
  • Lupus erythematosus;
  • Hereditary cysts;
  • Diabetic nephropathy;
  • Chronic inflammation of blood vessels (vasculitis), microscopic polyangiitis;
  • Sarcoidosis;
  • Amyloid disease.

German nephrology (nephrology clinics) also provides following services:

  • Surgical nursing after kidney transplantation and treatment of possible complications;
  • kidney therapy (haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis);
  • Dialysis in the form of intensive therapy (intermittent and continuous dialysis);
  • Immune adsorption and detoxification;
  • Citrate anticoagulation;
  • Histological examination of kidneys;
  • Treatment of adrenal glands and parathyroid gland diseases;
  • Insulin therapy and insulin pump;
  • Bypass revision surgery;
  • Nephrology and diabetes consultations in the form of gross conference.

Child nephrology is very important field and a special area of pediatrics dealing with kidneys and urinary tract diseases as well as transplantation surgery. Child nephrology clinics in Germany provides treatment of congenital and acquired diseases.

Consult nephrologists at German clinics and see for yourself the highest level of nephrology in Germany. You will be impressed by capabilities of today nephrology, besides German nephrology features high level of comfort and certified quality.

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