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Dental Clinics in Germany

Dental health has very strong effect on human body and thus presupposes sophisticated and holistic approach. Deciding to seek dental treatment in Germany, you need to carefully select the most professional dental clinic. Our company is pleased to help you in this choice.

German Medical Group offers the services of experienced professionals specializing in the dental implantation and prosthetics, restoration of teeth, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry. All the dental clinics, represented on our website have the latest dental equipment and implement the safest dental techniques in order to achieve the highest results. The best dental clinics in Germany are stuffed with outstanding specialists, who are specially trained for dealing with the most challenging dental issues. Knowledge and experience of dentists in Germany are valued by the patients from around the world. Each year, about 8000 international patients apply to German dentists. Innovation, precision, compliance with the strictest standards and certified quality are the key issues, which contribute to success of the dental treatment or surgery at the top dental clinics in Germany.

Major Services at German Dental Offices

Experience, modern technologies and extraordinary dentistry skills enable the dental clinics to reach excellent results in providing the following kinds of dental treatment:

  • quality implantation and prosthetics
  • laser dentistry
  • aesthetic dentistry (veneers, crowns)
  • restoration of injured teeth
  • parodontosis treatment, gum plastic
  • setting of all types of crowns
  • elite aesthetic dentistry
  • detailed diagnosis of dental pathologies
  • hygienic teeth brushing without injuring the natural enamel

The production of implants, crowns, bridges and frameworks is carried out with the help of the latest computer systems, what allows reaching a high level of accuracy. Thanks to the modern techniques and drugs, pain syndrome can be fully excluded.

Dental clinics in Germany: advanced medical technology

The modern diagnosis equipment helps to streamline dental examination and plan treatment in a most efficient way. Every dental office in Germany is equipped with the following devices:

  • Digital volume tomography
  • Digital X-ray equipment
  • Three-dimensional computerized navigation system
  • Functional diagnostics using computer control systems
  • Digital methods for determining the color of teeth and producing dental impressions
  • Intraoral camera

Clinics of dental and maxillofacial surgery in Germany occupy leading positions in the world in the field of reconstructive surgery due to the method of microvascular tissue transfer. This technique is successfully used in facial paralysis as a result of injury or surgery to remove the tumor. Dental clinics in Germany successfully carry out complex operations such as bone grafting, dental and soft tissue augmentation etc.

Advanced equipment, anaesthesia methods and soft rehabilitation period will save you from pain, stress, and the result will exceed your expectations.

The Cost of Dental Treatment at German Clinics

The dental clinics of Germany value their reputation, thus the price policy is maintained honestly. Before the treatment starts, the patient is informed about the cost of all stages of the forthcoming treatment. We’ll give only the price limits, which are supposed to help you plan out your budget for treatment at German dental clinics.

The prosthetic appliance for one tooth with an implant and ceramic crown will cost about 1.600 up to 2.200€. Bone augmentation makes up around 500-800€. The cost of one crown: 800-1.000€ (depends on the material). Fixation of a prosthesis with implants costs 4.000-8.000€. The cost of fixation of one bridge is about 2.500-3.000€. Modern restoration services, which allow the specialists to restore the natural tooth color and form, are especially popular. Ceramic dental veneer cost about €500- €700 (for one veneer).

At first sight prices at dental clinics in Germany may seem higher than in the domestic dental centers. However, on closer examination of this issue, we can safely say that “the game is worth the candle”, since you invest money in your health and will definitely avoid risks or side-effects. Thus, no matter what kind of treatment you choose at dental clinics in Germany – prosthetics, implantation, fixation of a bridge or a filling, you can expect an optimal result for a reasonable price.

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